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Mint leaves flying on green background in slow motion. .
Slim young beautiful Caucasian woman with light hair in white top turns to the left touching jaw line and smiling wide for the camera on white background | Moisturizer commercial
Podology concept. Young unrecognizable lady applying pampering cream on foot sole, making feet skin smooth, close up shot, slow motion
Cosmetic oil drips from a pipette into a glass bottle against a background of blurred green leaves. The drop shows the reflection of green leaves. Hemp oil dripping from a dropper.
A woman takes a white hand cream from a pink jar with her finger. The concept of beauty and health and skin care for the body, face and legs. Macro. Close up
Transparent serum cosmetic gel texture smudging by brush with sunlight shadows. Hyaluronic acid, beauty jelly surface. Liquid skincare cosmetics background. Macro studio footage
Close up head shot attractive young woman with bowel on head, applying moisturizing balm creme after morning shower in bathroom. Happy beautiful lady hydrating skin, enjoying daily skincare routine.
Super slow motion of flying mint leaves. FIlmed on high speed cinema camera.
Super macro of a plant of mint bathed by drops of water. Concept: healthcare, nature, plants, beauty
Focused young african american woman applying toner, feeling excited with skin condition. Happy millennial biracial girl using cotton disposable pads, clean moisturize skin before starting makeup.
Focused young african american woman applying toner, feeling excited with skin condition Black lady using cotton disposable pads, moisturizing skin before starting makeup.
Back view of naked attractive middle aged 50s woman pampering herself doing daily routine applying nourishing smoothing body cream lotion after shower. Advertising of bodycare treatment concept.
Woman washes her hair with shampoo in the shower with, hair care, ceratin mask, rinse shampoo and balm, strong hair, washing hair
Female beauty model lifts her hand with a drop of moisturizer on forefinger up against beige ripple background | Moisturizer commercial
Close up head shot young well-groomed lady looking at mirror in bathroom, touching face, feeling satisfied with perfect healthy skin condition after professional cosmetics, moisturizing treatment.
Close up of an african woman's mouth, applying lip gloss on her top and bottom lips. White background.
Portrait Of Affectionate Young Woman On A Dark Background.
Closeup Woman's Hands Applying Hand Moisturizing Cream At A Beauty Spa.
close-up, female lips. Hand, in medical glove, applies soothing lip balm to the lips with a cotton swab after lip augmentation procedure with hyaluronic acid injections.
Close up attractive 35s woman in white bath robe standing in bathroom reflected in mirror touch curly brown hair looks pensive thinks about color or hairstyle change, morning routine, haircare concept
Hair care. Oil drops intense nutrition of dry damaged hair and hair follicle. 3D animated commercial shampoo, balsam, oil, conditioner, serum or other hair care products.
gorgeous sensual sexy slim tender Caucasian woman in black bikini swimsuit swimwear shake head loosens ruffles touching hair setting sun on beach care cosmetics products long straight blond hair
Asian girl sit on sofa put cell on tripod record new vlog, make overview of anti acne cream hyaluronic acid serum effective beauty treatment share opinion feels happy with purchase, vlogging concept
Close up of an african woman's mouth, applying lip balm on her top and bottom lips. White background.
Crystal Clear Gel With Bubbles Flowing On A White Surface. - macro shot
Closeup Of African American Lady Applying Lipstick Moisturizing Lips Looking Aside Posing On Beige Studio Background. Side View Of Black Female Making Makeup And Using Lip Balm. Cropped
Mirror reflection beautiful young 20s woman applying collagen moisturizer on cheek, feeling excited of skin condition. Head shot close up teen lady in bathrobe enjoying doing morning skincare routine.
3d animation hair coloring , professional coloring and hair care, beauty business. Hair coloring.
close-up. dry tangled hair with the ends sieved, drop out and remain in the hands, when gently carrying her hand through her hair. 4k, slow motion.
Woman holds her dry brittle hair in a hand, hair care, shampoo and cosmetics for strong hair, brittle tips
Lip Balm Natural Homemade Vegan DIY Treatment
Closeup Shot Of Young Woman Applying Lip Gloss With Makeup Brush, Unedited Footage Of Unrecognizable Female Doing Makeup While Standing Over Pink Background, Using Volumizing Lip Balm, Slow Motion
Chinese Young Woman Applying Lip Balm Moisturizing Lips Making Makeup In Bathroom At Home, Cropped Shot. Unrecognizable Lady Using Lipstick Moisturizing Skin. Closeup
Portrait Of Affectionate Young Woman On A Dark Background.
Writing balm printed on the wet glass blown off with air stream on grey background | balm commercial concept
Word balm printed on the wet glass blown off with air stream on black background | balm commercial concept
Top view of different opened body/face creams on white background. Cosmetic products concept
Close-up portrait of young black woman applying lipstick on her lips on white background
African american woman applies hair spray care balm styling cosmetics on damaged dry ends, makes hairstyle in front of the mirror at home.
Unrecognized man apply sunblock lotion on body on sea coast background. Tanning process at beach. Skin darkened or tanned. Healthcare and medicine. Passive recreational activity of sun bathing
Smearing cream on white background, using spatula. Moisturizing balm texture close-up. Makeup and beauty products concept, cosmetics.
Smearing cream on white background, using spatula. Moisturizing balm texture close-up. Makeup and beauty products concept, cosmetics.
Lip Care. Beautiful young blonde woman applying pink lipstick at home, attractive millennial female using moisturising chapstick while making daily makeup, closeup shot, slow motion footage
Attractive young woman using cotton pad, removing make up, cleansing skin, looking in mirror. Smiling beautiful 20s lady enjoying natural beauty healthy skin, moisturized with lotion in bathroom.
Natural face care routine, young woman applying moisturizing lip balm on her lips, organic oil and smoothing gloss as essential cosmetic product, wellness and beauty look
Extreme close-up shot of good-looking fit female beauty model with long red hair touches her chin and cheek smiling wide for the camera on white background | Face skin care concept
Creamy skincare lotion mousse product closeup footage. White cream, shampoo texture, sunscreen cosmetic smear background video. Moisturising beauty creme swatch motion with spatula. Macro
Female hand is mixing a face mask into the container. Close-up.
Cyan liquid with tiny grey transparent bubbles is injected into transparent one against pale blue background  Shot of skincare balm with hyaluronic acid for its commercial
Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), balm, common balm, or balm mint, is perennial herbaceous plant in mint family Lamiaceae and native to central Europe, Mediterranean Basin, Iran, and Central Asia.
Cosmetics bottle, natural beauty product on green background. White tube shampoo or lotion with golden cap, hair and body care, eco mock up container. Realistic 3d animation promo ad empty packaging
Wormwood extract in a small bottle. Selective focus.
Blossoming lemon balm plants. growing densely in a private herb garden.
Texture of a pink soft cream.Cosmetic white brush smears the cream.Advertising a mask or face cream. The composition of care cosmetics.
lemon balm grass bush grows on the field at sunset
Gorgeous fit Caucasian woman with dark hair and naked shoulders touches her jawline with hand turning body, looking at the camera and smiling wide against beige ripple background | Skin care concept
Young woman looking at mirror and applying lip balm isolated on white
Lips of a young girl close-up. Dry and cracked lips. Illness and vitamin deficiency.
Awakened fresh female standing in home bathroom look in mirror hold cream jar applying anti-aging moisturizer caring about skin health and elasticity deep hydration skincare of women after 30s concept
Portrait Of A Sensual Young Woman On A Dark Background. Black Shiny Blouse With A Deep Neckline.
man's hands cut mint leaves with scissors HD
Attractive European woman with golden hair in white crop top applies moisturizer on her cheek smiling for the camera against pink ripple background | Moisturizer applying shot for face care commercial
Lemon balm leaves moving in the gentle breeze; daylight natural setting. The lemon balm leaves are used as a herb, in teas, and also as a flavoring. It is grown as an ornamental plant.
Female waxing or sugaring master applies warm wax strip
Close up female arms applying moisturizing cream on hands sitting at desk at home or office. Healthy woman putting nutritive sanitizer organic lotion for dry fingers hydrating skin care treatment
Head shot close up attractive happy young mixed race woman with towel on head looking at mirror touching skin, satisfied with its condition. Smiling millennial girl enjoying healthy moisturized face.
Mirror reflection head shot smiling charming young mixed race bare man self encouraging in bathroom. Happy shirtless african ethnicity guy doing confidence exercises, getting ready in morning.
extract and tincture of chamomile in a small bottle. Selective focus.
Close up of beautiful woman washes her long dark hair in shower, care, keratin mask, rinse shampoo and balm, strong hair, washing.
Hair care 3d animation. Procedure of restore structure, smoothness, silky, elasticity and saturated hair color as a result of the use of shampoo, balm, mask, serum, oil, conditioner, rinse or hair-dy?
Little model. Cute cheerful asian girl shaking her hair and smiling at camera, orange studio background
São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil, December 2021. Branches, leaves and flowers of lemon balm (scientific name: Melissa officinalis), also popularly known as true lemon balm, or just lemon balm.
Beautician picks up cream with plastick spatula. Beauty, health and skin care for body, face and legs. Top view. Beauty procedure in modern salon. skincare treatment in cosmetology clinic. Natural
Happy older senior retired woman sitting on bed, moisturizing elbow arm skin with hydrating lotion or body cream. Smiling mature lady applying cosmetics, enjoying doing morning skincare routine.
Mens body care. Man in bath. Guy washes in shower. Morning routine. Shower gel, shampoo, body balm.
Side view of a mixed race woman wearing hijab in the city on a sunny day, standing and putting on lip balm, in slow motion
A cute long haired girl chooses shampoo opening the red tube and sniffing it in the store close-up
Confident bearded sexy shirtless man holding lotion bottle applying moisturizing balm on face and neck after shaving looking in bathroom mirror. Aftershave skin care treatment concept. Close up view
Close up shot of pouring shampoo to the woman's hand in the shower, hair cosmetics, hydration and nutrition, hair care and health
Women are lip balm, it adds moisture to the mouth
Woman applying cosmetic moisturizing cream on her legs on a white background, close up
Melissa herb bush. Melissa officinalis. Lemon balm sheets.
African american woman applies hair care balm styling cosmetics, makes hairstyle in front of the mirror at home.
Close-Up on Bruise on Woman's leg
cute little girl puts balm on her lips. cosmetics for children. remedy for dry skin of the lips.
4k Medicinal herbs grow in italian garden. blossom of lemon balm Melissa officinalis with wind
Extremely close up footage makeup artist making final touch with brush on lips young woman. Process application lip gloss to makeup model. Sensual pursing. Front view
Animation of slow motion cosmetics set, hand cream and toilet water. Animation of seamless loop.
Melissa plant. Lemon balm in the garden. with purple flowers
Girl Lady Applying Lip Balm With Sun Protection, Sunblock Skin Moisturiser.
Natural face care routine, young woman applying moisturizing lip balm on her lips, organic oil and smoothing gloss as essential cosmetic product, wellness and beauty look
woman applies moisture on her body while taking a shower in bathroom
slow motion of Medicinal herbs grow in italian garden. blossom of lemon balm Melissa officinalis
Blank black, white, amber glass pump bottle mockup, looped rotation, 3d rendering. Empty cosmetic container with oil or cream mock up, isolated. Clear cleanser can for bathroom template.
Woman slowly combing wet hair with a wooden hairbrush. She leads the comb from top to bottom. Close-up. Beautiful, healthy hair
Pink face roller and jade roller laying on white background. Beauty roller tools.
Closeup of woman taking care of her foot skin applying moisturizing cream, skin care
Female make-up artist apply purple glitter on pink lipstick with brush on a client’s lips, close up.
Young Woman Applying Face Cream. SLOW MOTION. Woman performing Beauty rituals after shower in front of bathroom mirror. Healthy Skin hydration and moisturising.
Woman applying analgesic cream on bruised knees.
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