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Thirsty smiling 35s woman standing alone in domestic kitchen start new day with healthy life habit, holding glass drinking clean mineral natural still water close up view. Lifestyle healthcare concept
Serene attractive young woman resting on couch taking deep breath of fresh air holding hands behind head, healthy calm lady relaxing on comfortable sofa napping feel stress free at home lounge alone
Calm young woman having healthy daytime nap dozing relaxing on couch with eyes closed hands behind head, peaceful girl sleeping breathing fresh air resting leaning on comfortable sofa at home
Yogi girl is sitting in lotus pose in front the sea in summer on sunset, healthy lifestyle, movement concept, meditation concept
Funny african family young healthy mom teaching cute little kid daughter meditate together sit on sofa at home, calm mindful black mother and child girl do yoga exercise relax together in lotus pose
Happy afro american man wear glasses relax with laptop looking away dreaming resting on sofa at home, smiling young mixed race guy lounge on couch with notebook feel satisfied concept, close up view
Mindful single mother meditating sitting on sofa while active energetic child daughter jumping playing, calm young mom doing yoga exercise at home for stress relief relaxing with naughty little kid
Smiling satisfied young business woman finished computer work stretching sitting at workplace desk. Happy relaxed businesswoman feeling stress relief after job well done putting hands behind head.
Happy family young dad lifting cute little kid daughter up fly as airplane having fun enjoying weekend sunny morning in bed, carefree adorable small child playing with parent father in modern bedroom
Mother working from home with baby toddler. Crying child and stressed woman. Stay home
Healthy young lady holding glass drinking fresh transparent pure filtered mineral water, adult woman hydrating thirst keep diet nutrition weightloss health care natural balance concept, close up view
Calm happy healthy young man resting holding hand behind hand eyes closed lean on comfortable armchair, relaxed serene guy breathing fresh air lounge on chair enjoy stress free peaceful nap at home
Happy relaxed dreamy middle aged older woman relax hold hands behind head sitting at home, calm mature adult lady smiling face rest dream alone enjoy comfort stress free peace of mind, close up view
baby boy learning to walk toddler exploring home curious infant walking through house enjoying childhood
Young indian business woman worker relax sit at office desk finished laptop computer work put hands behind head feel satisfied with work well done stress relief peace of mind concept chill at work
Mixed race Indian woman sit cross-legged on comfy sofa in living room closed eyes do meditation practice feels inner harmony and balance, improve self-conscious, mindfulness state, no stress concept
Group of five sporty women practicing yoga lesson with instructor, workout in summer park doing exercise outdoor in meadow. Teamwork, good mood and healthy life concept.
Happy relaxed young woman rest lounge lean on couch enjoy peaceful mood, healthy lazy calm girl dreaming breathing fresh air sit on comfortable sofa in living room on stress free cozy day at home
Serene young woman relaxing on comfortable sofa with eyes closed wearing headphones. Pretty lady enjoys listening chill music audio sound meditating feeling no stress at home. Close up side view
Serene attractive young woman resting on couch taking deep breath of fresh air, healthy calm lady relaxing on comfortable sofa napping feel stress free at home lounge alone sunny day sunlights
Calm young woman taking deep breath of fresh air relaxing meditating with eyes closed enjoying peace, serene tranquil girl doing yoga pranayama exercise feel no stress free relief, profile side view
Calm young woman sleeping well in comfortable cozy fresh bed on soft pillow white linen orthopedic mattress, peaceful serene girl resting lying asleep enjoying healthy good sleep nap in the morning
Happy young asian mommy playing with cute small adorable toddler child daughter wear crown holding lifting funny little vietnamese kid up having fun fly in mum arms doing gymnastics exercise on sofa
Funny cute little kid daughter meditating in lotus pose laughing with young mom at home, happy healthy family mother and small child girl having fun doing yoga exercise relaxing together sit on couch
Happy sleepy young adult woman waking up lying in comfortable white bed. Positive pretty girl stretching enjoying early good morning in cozy bedroom. Fresh lazy lady awakes after healthy sleep at home
young mother teaches little child to keep balance while sitting bicycle. view from back. childhood dream ride bike. happy family life. kid mom family. baby care. drive bicycle. parent support.
Healthy calm tired attractive young woman serene face relax on comfortable sofa taking deep breath of fresh air rest on couch enjoy welfare peace of mind and no stress concept at home, close up view
Funny happy cute boy preschooler playing plane game laughing having fun with young adult mother, happy mum lifting little child up fly enjoying family leisure airplane game relaxing on couch at home
Calm young adult lady lounging on comfortable sofa in modern living room interior. Relaxed tired woman napping on couch hands behind head. Smiling girl feels no stress enjoying peaceful chill at home.
Calm relaxed african american young man resting napping on sofa with eyes closed at home, happy healthy guy breathing fresh air lounge on couch hands behind head enjoy stress free peaceful day
The healing energy of life and the radiant energy of the human body
Happy young businessman wears suit taking break leaning on comfortable ergonomic office chair. Relaxed male executive puts hands behind head at workplace feels no stress after computer work well done.
Carefree loving family adult dad hold cute little kid son pretend superhero plane having fun lying on floor, happy father lifting small child boy up flying enjoy lifestyle playing funny game together
Drop of Water - Slow Motion
happy baby girl learning to walk toddler exploring home curious infant walking through house enjoying childhood
Athlete training yoga. Young healthy girl having a yoga meditation session in mountains during sunrise - healthy lifestyle, zen concept 4k footage
Close up pretty african little girl with curly afro hair sitting at dining table in domestic kitchen eating dry breakfast cereals corn flakes with milk. Balanced meal for child healthy growth concept
Young athletic man is training at home, using gadget, doing mountain climber exercise, working hard to maintain body shape in isolation, Zoom out, Slow motion.
Woman in meditation, symbol flower of life
Young woman wearing glasses inhaling and exhaling fresh air, taking deep breath, enjoying practicing breathing pranayama exercises indoors, calming down, reducing stress, close up face side view
female butt workout squats at home. Athletic Woman squats workout in living room. Female gymnastics. Glutes workout motivation. Fitness at home concept.
Woman's Feet Walking on the Green Summer Grass with Field Flowers. Close-up Shot. Summer Time
Calm businesswoman professional taking break meditating at work ignoring angry colleagues disturbing clients, mindful healthy female boss doing yoga feeling no stress zen balance at office workplace
Group of girls on the water simultaneously rowing the oars on the SAP Board
Cute excited child girl play plane game fly in fathers arms spend leisure time with parent at home, happy dad lifting little kid daughter up bonding together lounge on sofa enjoy lifestyle activity
Pensive Pretty black female freelancer with curly short hair working online at laptop and taking notes. indoor at kitchen home. language learning, online education, work concept.
Close up view thirsty young woman holding glass make sip drinks still water enjoy natural aqua standing in home kitchen preventing organism dehydration, skin and health care, healthy lifestyle concept
Happy lazy young man relax daydream meditate sit on comfortable sofa at home in living room, calm guy rest breathing fresh air having nap with eyes closed feel peace of mind, no stress free relief
Relaxed businessman takes break to relieve stress. Satisfied happy male employee meditating sitting at workplace desk holding hands behind head. Office worker finished work feels peace of mind concept
Asia adult people enjoy workforce life hybrid digital work anywhere turn off close log out laptop after end job done. Stop learn good time rest sit at cozy cafe workation place rural river park lake.
Healthy serene young woman leaning on cozy sofa taking deep breath of fresh clean air. Calm lady relaxing on comfortable couch, napping, enjoying no stress concept at home, close up side face view.
Business man's hand putting wooden with concept new or next normal. New normal life after COVID crisis impact around the world business. Changing human lifestyle after the world economy is disrupted.
Happy healthy family kid daughter and young mother having fun doing yoga exercises together sit in lotus pose on sofa, smiling mindful mom teaching little cute child girl to meditate laughing at home
Happy positive young woman fallen on cozy couch, enjoying lazy weekend relaxation time alone at home. Smiling millennial female resting on sofa, raising arms stretching muscles, reposing indoors.
Serious couple talking holding papers discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, young family having problem with online banking payments disputing over high taxes expenses worried about loan debt
Happy mixed race girl waking up in morning after good night sleep, feeling energetic, stretching arms and back. Smiling millennial woman sitting on bed, feeling refreshed, full of energy in bedroom.
Close-up face asia people or latin lady take daily omega essential cod liver fish oil or calcium pill sitting relax at home sofa help refresh benefit life balance for sick patient, body weight loss.
Mother teaching baby boy in diapers how to walk 1960
Young couple calculating bills, taxes and expenses, counting mortgage rate making savings concept. Millennial husband and wife considering taking bank loan, investing money. Family financial economy.
Girl opening eyes to sky and smiling. Young woman opens eyes with HOPE and FAITH
Pine conifer seedlings are planted at the site of industrial deforestation in order to restore the natural balance, use this renewable resource. The hand of the forester lowers the seedling into a pit
Calm young woman relax with eyes closed take deep breath of fresh air dream nap on couch, healthy girl rest on sofa enjoy meditation do yoga exercises feel stress relief peace of mind lounge at home
Athletic girl meditating during sunrise. Fit girl training in mountains, sitting in lotus yoga pose - healthy way of life, zennism concept 4k footage
Asia woman wear smartwatch for sugar tracker, blood pressure tracking, resting sleep rate on arm IoT tech collect data app device relax body on cozy bed in future life at home.
people in the park. happy family a playing in the park in summer. dad keeps whirling son and hands have. happy family kid dream concept. fun dad and son silhouette whirling green park
Businessman at the table doing a lot of things. Shaves, speaks on the phone, takes notes. The concept of multitasking at the workplace in the office. Home office in self isolation COVID 19.
Smiling healthy thirsty fit mid aged 50s woman holding glass drinking water. Happy mature lady hydrating body with clean filtered fresh mineral water for skin care, beauty, diet nutrition hydration.
young girl looks at sunset and prays, religious person, her hair is flying in wind in glare of the sun, to believe in goodness, a woman's dream of love, to think and ask for forgiveness from heaven
Mindful business man meditate at meeting ignore angry annoying colleagues clients argue at workplace keep mental balance patience, calm executive reduce pressure do yoga in office feel stress relief
Mindful calm beautiful business woman sit at work desk do yoga exercise take break relax eyes closed at home office, young female worker meditate at workplace feel zen no stress peace of mind concept
Foods High in Protein. Healthy eating and diet concept
Healthy Active Lifestyle. Digital animation with Visual Effects.
Yoga exercises in detail and close-up, classes at home. The girl in the short topic does stretching and tilting. Exercises for beginners to practice yoga. Beautiful brunette, fitness girl, with a
Serene young adult african american woman relaxing on comfortable sofa eyes closed hands behind head wear wireless headphones enjoy listen chill music audio book meditate relax feel no stress at home
A black woman sits in a lotus position. Place hands on lap, fingers folded, eyes closed, and meditate. Doing yoga at home. Anxiety reduction concept, no stress, healthy habit, mindfulness lifestyle.
A woman holding a baby and operating a laptop
baby boy learning to walk toddler exploring home curious infant walking through house enjoying childhood
Compass Pointing to Balance, Work and Life
Calm serene young couple relaxing sitting on sofa at home with eyes shut. Smiling lazy husband and wife breathing fresh air, enjoying comfort, no stress in cozy living room holding hands behind head.
Retirement life is great. Happy smiling contented grandfather looking at camera posing outdoors. Attractive, intelligent, elegant elderly mature man in shirt enjoying good weather on weekend Close-up
Low section of female legs walking along the edge of a pool
Female practicing yoga exercise at home together with dog on floor
Mother working from home with baby toddler. Crying child and stressed woman. Stay home
Calm young man relaxing sitting in comfortable wooden chair enjoying lounge lifestyle on peaceful summer day holding hands behind head, breathing fresh air in cozy apartment. Rear back view.
CIRCA 1960s - Sheikh Zayed struggles to balance the old and new ways of Arab life in 1967 Abu Dhabi.
childhood dream. woman mother teaches child to ride bike in the park. Driving lesson for kid from mom at sunset. parent helps child to keep balance and pedal. Kid learns steer bike sun. happy family
Legs Of Woman Gymnast Walking Gracefully On Balance Beam Closeup In The Gym Physical Strength Motivation Gymnastics Competitive Mindset Concept 4k
Yogi girl is sitting in lotus pose in front the sea in summer on sunset and meditating
Calm young woman taking deep breath of fresh air relaxing meditating with eyes closed enjoying peace, serene tranquil girl doing yoga pranayama exercise feel no stress free relief, profile side view
Cinematic shot of young sweaty sporty brazilian woman with athletic body wearing bra and leggings is practicing high intensity cardio exercises at home during covid-19 pandemic lockdown.
Peaceful man pose aside near window background closed eyes breath fresh air feels calm. Anxiety relief, brings internal state in order exercise, close up side view face. No stress, mindfulness concept
Colleagues working from home on video conference call and enjoying virtual drinks on Friday afternoon
Young woman her little daughter meditating seated in lotus position on sofa. Mum teach small kid do meditation yoga practice, share knowledge to control emotions and reduce anxiety. No stress concept
Young woman in bodysuit practicing yoga on the beach above sea at amazing sunrise. Fitness, sport, yoga and healthy lifestyle concept. Girl doing a bridge, Slow motion.
Fit sporty couple practicing acro yoga with partner together on bed, performing front plank bird pose, young man holding flying womans arms balancing on his feet, doing acrobatic exercise at home
Happy refreshed middle aged woman waking up in morning, stretching back sitting in bed, welcoming new day alone at home. Smiling mature elderly lady feeling energetic after good night sleep rest.
Young asian woman yoga outdoors keep calm and meditates while practicing yoga to explore the inner peace. Yoga and meditation have good benefits for health. Yoga Sport and Healthy lifestyle concept.
Workaholic Asian businessman working on computer late at night in the office feeling tired and having back pain from overwork
Happy healthy young adult woman waking up on early pleasant lazy weekend lying in cozy bed on soft pillow orthopedic mattress stretching raising arms enjoy good morning concept feel fresh and rested
girl prays looking at sunset, long hair is flying away in glare of sunlight rays in strong wind, looking at dawn, lonely hike of brave girl, looking into sky with her eyes, believing good
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