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Sad Couple Embracing, Comforting Each other in Difficult Times. Family Overcoming Difficulties Together, Tender Moment. Atmosphere of Sadness and Tragedy. Cinematic Moment of Human Drama
Female nurse doctor wear white uniform hold hand of senior grandmother patient help express empathy encourage tell diagnosis at medical visit, older people healthcare support concept, close up view
A view of a down stock market ticker. Numbers are fictional and do not represent any particular stock.	Bear market concept.
Shocked frustrated african mixed race business man student feel stressed look at computer screen worried of problem read bad online news receive failed exam results concept sit at home office table
Concerned frightened elderly male get official bank notification read about bankruptcy debt feel confused worried. Stressed middle aged man retiree troubled with unexpected bad news from paper letter
Angry upset young woman user customer using laptop feel frustrated mad about computer problem, stressed about mistake software error, worried reading bad news in social media sit on couch at home
mixed race frustrated exhausted businesswoman works at computer from home,young middle eastern woman entrepreneur upset stressed typing at the laptop reading bad news on social media
Young Asian woman read bad news on laptop look desperate, feels stressed due unsaved document, important data loss, notice form bank about debt, device malware, file error, work down the drain concept
Close up of stressed and upset african man with laptop working at office. Portrait of afro-americna businessman receiving email with bad news feeling frustrated sitting at desktop in office
Close up hands of therapist GP and patient, doctor strokes arm of ill woman consoling after news about incurable disease, touch palm express empathy, showing care provide psychological support concept
Annoyed angry millennial Black male hipster hold mobile phone feel outraged by low wifi internet signal bad connection application crash. Concerned worried young guy deal with software problem on cell
Stressed nervous young woman looking at cellphone screen, feeling frustrated of receiving message or email with bad news. Unhappy millennial female user dissatisfied with bad electronic device work.
Sad Young Woman Sliding Down the Wall of Her Apartment, Covering Face with Hands. Atmosphere of Depression, Trouble in Relationship, Death in the Family. Dramatic Bad News Cinematic Slow Motion Moment
Mad unhappy businessman feeling annoyed using smart phone. Angry businessman having problem with mobile spam message. Male user frustrated by low battery or bad signal concept sitting at office desk.
Old TV Set with Green Screen Explodes. You can Replace Green Screen with the Footage or Picture you Want with “Keying” effect in AE (check out tutorials).
Business woman caucasian girl lady female looking in mobile phone feels shock upset worries about bad news problems of refusal financial notification mistake holds head with hand from stress in city
Frustrated senior lady reads bad news in mobile message concept. Sad depressed 70 years old woman looking at smart phone feels shocked. Worried elder female user customer lost money on scam fraud
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Upset young woman sitting on couch, holding smartphone in hands, received message with bad news. Stressed 30s lady thinking over sudden problems or relations break up after reading sms on cellphone.
Upset shocked diverse business team people worried about problem with bad contract mistake in paperwork discuss documents at emergency office meeting, sad partners disappointed in corporate failure
Head shot close up displeased young woman looking at smartphone screen, dissatisfied with bad news message, spam or scam sms. Unhappy stressed female mobile app user getting phishing link in email.
Angry stressed businessman opening envelope reading bad news in mail letter. Mad man feels frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice, bank debt, tax invoice or mistake sits at home office desk
Closeup upset business man reading bad news on mobile phone at home office. Worried guy looking on phone in slow motion. Portrait of disappointed man feeling sad from negative news on couch.
Newsroom TV Studio Live News Program: Caucasian Male Presenter Reporting Bad News, Green Screen Chroma Key Screen Picture. Television Cable Channel Anchor Talks. Network Broadcast Mock-up Playback
Worried young couple wearing face mask against infection with coronavirus while waiting news from doctor. Wife crying from unfavorable news during covid-19.
Upset man reading bad news on laptop computer at coworking space. Serious afro man stressed at office workplace. African male professional making mistake working on laptop in office.
In this close up type of shot you can see young woman holding Apple Ipad touch screen tablet device in her hands. She is scrolling the screen while searching for pictures or reading news feed online.
Live News Studio with Professional Male Newscaster Reporting on the Events of the Day. TV Broadcasting Channel with Presenter, Anchor Talking. Mock-up Television Channel Newsroom Set
Stressed young man hearing awful news at mobile phone call conversation. Unhappy entrepreneur worker looking angry, listening complaints from client talking on smartphone or having business failure.
Close-up upset young woman gets bad news feels stressful anxiety frustrated muslim girl suffers from headache grabs head with hands migraine unresolved problems feeling sorrow grief divorce job loss
Man sitting with laptop received badly news feels frustrated cover face with palm looks very disappointed lost document works unsaved project, problems with device, unpleasant news by e-mail concept
Economic crisis - Red stock market price board chart showing economic crisis of world stock. Bad economy and negative price down stock market situation. Traders are panic and selling their stock.
Female doctor in white uniform sit at desk read news on laptop learn information statistics of coronavirus infected patients feels stressed, problems at work, professional failure, dismissal concept
Sad woman working laptop computer at kitchen. Unhappy person use computer technology at home. Worried girl stress at freelance work at home workplace. Upset woman looking at laptop screen
Man sit at table in kitchen feels annoyed having problems with laptop. System error, bad e-mail, negative news, data loss, backup battery issues, password wrong, unsaved, lost info need repair concept
Emotional stressed unhappy young businessman in eyeglasses looking at laptop screen, feeling anxious of getting email notification with bad news, dismissal notice or dissatisfied with bad device work.
Reflection in the Eyes of TV news. Senior Eye Close-up, Watching the News. Media Deception. Anxiety of People.
Angry annoyed young business man holding using texting on smartphone frustrated by stuck broken phone missed call bad service, stressed mad male customer outraged having problem complain on cellphone
Indian woman sit at desk work on laptop feels upset has problem with device. System error, receive bad news, data loss, backup battery issue, unsaved lost important information, need pc repair concept
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Confused unhappy indian businesswoman feels frustrated about broken phone problem in office. Annoyed female worker reading bad news in message, perplexed by mobile spam sms notification at workplace.
Closed Going Out Of Business Sign Placed At Store Front Window, 4K Recession.
Young stressed married couple sit on couch hold papers reading bad news in legal document, got warning notice feel shocked looking frustrated. Pay penalty, unpaid debt, eviction notification concept
Fired corporate executive crying on stairs of office building outside. Depressed young businessman receiving dismissal note. Crisis. Unemployment.
Middle-aged man sitting thinking before looking up at the camera registering disbelief and surprise, starting backwards and then staring.
Shocked African-American man holding a smartphone, feel astonishment with a bad news, fired from work, irritated guy looks at phone screen and does not understand what happened
Upset business woman using phone in cozy studio. Depressed businesswoman calling phone in office. Female manager business calling at workplace. Angry girl at workplace in evening
African female doctor holding hand supporting caucasian woman patient. Kind ethnic professional physician give empathy concept encourage reassure infertile patient at medical visit, close up view.
Upset stressed indian ethnic girl feel frustrated open envelope at home reading bad news receive paper post mail letter about financial problem, bank debt bill, failed exam test results or subpoena
Indian ethnicity woman sit at desk holding smart phone feels unhappy negative emotions upset by receiving terrible news by sms. Device damaged, lost internet connection, need gadget fix repair concept
Frustrated African American guy look at cell phone screen reads bad news in mobile message concept, feels shocked. Worried businessman lost money thinking over sudden problems after reading sms
Young caucasian woman carrying paper box with personal stuff while leaving office center. Multicultural business people walking on background.
Real old black people, face expression and emotions, portrait of authentic sad elderly african american man with glasses looking away
Aid workers provide urgent aid to displaced families fleeing the bombing of Idlib. The Syrian war. Syrian refugees.
Aleppo, Syria 17 April 2018
Sad woman sitting on couch at home reads received bad news holds documents paper letter feels desperate about financial problems, domestic bills or debt, girl student worried college expulsion concept
Serious couple talking holding papers discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, young family having problem with online banking payments disputing over high taxes expenses worried about loan debt
Closeup of stressed businessman working on laptop, taking off glasses, looking shocked after reading bad news, covering face with hands in despair. Chief executive manager made mistake, lost job.
Shocked girl and guy are watching TV with serious faces touching face expressing astonishment at night sitting on sofa in apartment and looking at camera.
Worried nervous young woman reading bad news in message on smartphone at home. Stressed anxious lady feeling jealous upset holding mobile phone thinking of problem receiving sms sitting alone on sofa.
Young man sit indoor talking on smartphone hearing bad news, office employee holding cellphone listen client complaints during phone conversation looking disappointed feel stressed, close up face view
African woman working on laptop feels stressed about system virus, important data loss, outraged with website mistake, close up. Slow and stuck computer, malware, broken device, need repair concept
Close up portrait of shocked amazed asian woman touching face in astonishment and wonder, blue studio background
Close up of young woman wiping tears from her face with paper tissue while looking at phone screen. Upset girl cant believe bad news reading on her smartphone and crying.
African woman sit at workplace desk holding papers reading bad news in letter feels frustrated concerned due high taxes, loan debt, dismissal, staff cuts notice, debt eviction notification concept
Angry stressed businessman wearing suit feeling mad about broken stuck laptop. Frustrated executive using computer outraged by financial market crash concept reads bad online news sits at office desk.
Stressed young female therapist feeling under pressure, worrying about professional mistake, working on computer at workplace. Overworked physician regrets wrong diagnosis or received bad news email.
Upset Asian woman looking at smartphone screen feels sad and disappointed with bad news messages on phone. Unhappy Asia Female Receive bad news while sitting in living room at home
911 Police chopper searching for suspect at night in Los Angeles
Worried old age businesswoman receive bad phone message refusal answer on cooperation offer reneging on deal breach of contract with partner. Nervous aged lady entrepreneur get bank email about debt
Asian woman sit on sofa hold cellphone read unpleasant news bad sms feels upset start crying. Bank notice about debt, student unsuccessful exam pass, not hired of dream job. Moment of failure concept
unhappy woman hugging boyfriend young couple having relationship trouble embracing emotional issues sharing bad news
Worried Man Looking Anxiously At Laptop Screen Late At Night, 4K Stress.
Young woman doctor nurse hold hand of elderly female grandma patient at home hospital visit give support help and comfort concept, medical care responsibility, senior people healthcare, close up view
Worried upset senior old adult male doctor feels depressed regrets medical malpractice sitting alone in office. Desperate sad elder surgeon thinking of grief, suffering from burnout or guilt concept.
Confused young caucasian woman reading email on computer, taking off eyewear, feeling depressed of getting bad news online, professional exam failure, receiving dismissal notice, lost job concept.
Unhappy young man in glasses reading email with bad news, feeling stressed of getting bank loan rejection or dismissal notice, dissatisfied with mistake or having financial problems, working at office
Stressed shocked diverse workers team frustrated about business failure reading discussing bad news results or email online looking at laptop, depressed upset colleagues having problem with computer
Mad stressed african man holding cellphone annoyed with mobile app error spam message on slow stuck broken smartphone, angry black guy frustrated by phone problem having complaints on bad service
Disappointed Young man getting bad news on the phone.
Young woried curly African girl receives letter in mail with bad news, medical tests, learns about failed exams, holds refusal notice in her hands, feels sad displeasure resentment, upset female face
Young man sitting car in city use phone read bad news at sunlight. Feel angry stress depression. Look serious automobile. Frustrated tired. Close up. Slow motion
Indian woman sit on sofa hold smart phone read unpleasant sms, frustrated by received awful news feels upset. Broken device need repair, slow internet no connection to wi-fi, battery problem concept
Semiconductor Shortage Technology News Headlines Microchip Supply Problem 3d Animation
Sad furious office executive throwing his suitcase been fired lost job sitting on stairs frustrating. Unhappy fired businessman. Unemployment after lockdown. Crisis.
African American female in casual clothes reads letter results of medical tests, gets bad news, learns about virus disease, feels grief, sadness, desperately clutches head with her hands, pandemic time
TV Live News Program with Male Presenter Reporting Very Bad News, Running Line Confirms. Television Cable Channel Anchorman or Host Talking Crisis. Network Broadcast Playback. Mock-up Newsroom Studio
Unhappy frustrated young female student stack with hard tasks, doing homework or preparing for exams on computer. Stressed businesswoman or freelancer solving difficult problem, feeling tired.
Close up of young girl crying while looking photos with her boyfriend after broke up. Sad young woman sitting on sofa looking at smartphone screen and weeping after receiving bad news .
Young depressed female sitting on sofa at home, hugging pillow, texting on cellphone with unhappy expression, fighting with boyfriend on phone, breaking up, having relationship problems, feeling down
Angry stressed mad business man looking at stuck laptop using pc having problem with computer in office, frustrated outraged worker annoyed with online failure, application error or system virus
Worried young adult woman looking at laptop feeling frustrated desperate reading bad negative online news sitting at home. Stressed upset female user using computer anxious about financial problems.
Senior Male talking to Doctor in a crowded hospital waiting room
Young indian woman using looking at laptop computer at home office frustrated shocked after reading bad online news got email with failed test exam results feel upset stressed having problem concept
Business man getting very bad news on his laptop computer screen and feeling disappoint.self isolation, pandemic, coronavirus, covid-19, quarantine  analysis, concept, economic, sad, stress, crisis,
Female nurse doctor wear white uniform hold hand of senior grandmother patient help express empathy encourage tell diagnosis at medical visit, older people healthcare support concept, close up view
Businessman sheltering underneath a broken umbrella in the rain
Economic crisis - Red stock market price board chart showing economic crisis of world stock. Bad economy and negative price down stock market situation. Traders are panic and selling their stock.
Breaking News Channel Intro Done with Conceptual 3D Logo Revolving Around Planet. News Station Broadcasting Intro Concept
Close up of serious Black couple looking at mobile phone in hand feel worried and depress people trying to solve problem working discussion together in office
Stressed senior middle aged businesswoman annoyed using stuck laptop, angry mature old lady mad about computer problem frustrated with data loss, online mistake, software error or system failure
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