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Wooden Chairs in School Classroom
Travel concept. Asian women sitting on mobile phones in cars. 4k Resolution.
Pan across empty classroom in school or university - chairs and desks without anyone sitting vacant room elementary or high school during day off or summer break vacation - no students - camera move
Young family of mother driver and boy ready to move in car to school and using child back seat. Male kid looking outside and joyful woman fastening safety belt. Cheerful adventure and positive emotion
Cute little siblings sleeping on a back seat of a modern SUV while riding through neighborhood. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Restaurant Bar Interior. An empty cafe without customers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rows of chairs upside down in a restaurant. Global crisis, business bankruptcy, unemployment.
Baby travelling in a Car seat in the back of a vehicle. This child is safely strapped in witha seatbelt on. Slow motion
Happy young businessman wears suit taking break leaning on comfortable ergonomic office chair. Relaxed male executive puts hands behind head at workplace feels no stress after computer work well done.
Full auditorium of people. Spectators watch performance show or view in theater, back view. Staging in theatre. Many people in playhouse sitting in chairs and looking at scene.
Rear seats of passengers of the new premium SUV. Black leather interior with comfortable seats of the new car.
Futuristic Concept: Japanese Businessman Checking Arrival Location on an Interactive Augmented Reality 3D Navigation App while Sitting in on the Back Seat of an Autonomous Self-Driving Car with VFX.
Handheld shot of 12-year-old Asian boy with backpack getting into passenger seat of car and fastening his seatbelt after being picked up from school by his parent or caretaker
Interior of airplane with passengers on seats. View inside in plane. Long and boring flight
Beautiful Afro American woman heading by car to an important meeting and typing on her cellphone. Passenger Girl looking at cellphone at daytime in the back seat of a car
Teen boy looking out car window. Summer trip with family. Boy is dream. Happy boy traveling with family. Dream kid. Happy family traveling by car. Smile of kid in car window
little pedigreed mops dog sitting against pink background and behind a screen that he repeatedly licks
Audience in a movie theater during a film performance - cinema
Many people sit in large hall at conference. Projector light via the microphone.
Man On Green Screen Sitting And Standing, Different Shots. Back of a man standing and profile of a man sitting on a green screen background
Happy Beautiful Woman Riding on a Back Seat of a Car, Looks out of the Open Window in Wonder of the Big City. Traveling Girl Experience Magic of the World. Camera Shot Made from Outside the Vehicle.
Group Of Young Friends In Back Of Open Top Hire Car On Summer Vacation
Front view of happy bearded man driving, happy woman with short hair sitting in passenger seat chatting with little girls sitting in back. Concept of lifestyle, happy family, travel together.
People on the forum on business development. The audience. Hall is full. Audience listens to the speech in the conference hall. International economic business forum. Back view.
Camera moving in empty school room. Interior of empty classroom with wooden desks and chairs for education. Modern class in school campus. School supplies lying on tables
Young Couple Riding A Car On A Mountainside. Santorini Island Greece. Young Blonde And Pretty Guy Enjoy Vacation. Unsurpassed Landscape.
safe ride, loving father puts his little cute male child in back seat in baby car seat and fasten safety belts during a joint trip with kid in ca
Happy mother with her smiling little son are riding a bike on the road at sunset, slow-motion
Personal driver is opening the car door for his client, hotel transfer services
The baby sleeps in the car in the way. Sleeping child at back chair in car in slow motion.
Fun multinational Young Women Dance and laugh in Moving Car. Slow Motion. Sunset on background. flares
Asian family ride a bicycle and having fun together. Father bike, mother holding baby child on back seat talking and laughing. Parents and daughter activity, kid feeling happy with big smile on face.
Female wear white glove sanitize car back seat  spray and  wipe inside car, disinfectant wipe, virus spreading contaminated surface, COVID19 corona-virus, health care life, safety first, car insurance
cute dogue de bordeaux enjoys car ride with head out window 4k, go
Cheerful Young Couple Listening Music and Driving Car. Happy man and woman dancing in car listening to radio. Young family riding home together enjoying music and having fun
Fun Young Women Dance And Sing In Back Seat Of Moving Car- Shot On Red Scarlet-W Dragon In 4K/Slow Motion
Calm young man relaxing sitting in comfortable wooden chair enjoying lounge lifestyle on peaceful summer day holding hands behind head, breathing fresh air in cozy apartment. Rear back view.
Back view of elementary age schoolchildren rising from seats to get off school bus. Mixed race woman driver waving goodbye to diverse preadolescent kids leaving school bus and going to school
Beautiful Woman and Her Male Partner Riding in the Back Seat of a Car. It's Evening in the Big City. Man Uses Smartphone, Focus on a Woman.
View through windscreen. Beautiful smiled Caucasian young businesswoman sitting at steering wheel, wearing seat belt and driving expensive car. Attractive cheerful female driver turning.
Tel Aviv, Israel - May 21, 2021: Bus riding. View from the back seat on the empty bus. Bus going straight ahead.
Empty theater hall with dark fabric seats. Media. Camera flight through a concert venue with a stage and lighting equipment without people.
Beautiful young girls taking selfie with their friend on phone or smartphone in back seat of moving car while roadtrip. Cheerful friends having good time together. Concept of joy and lifestyle
Little boys hands making heart shape gesture while sitting in car seat in summer evening. Young boy looking through the heart from hands to the camera. Child hands showing heart. Happy family concept
free girl hand out of the window rides a car wind in the face. concept car travel on the road. girl stretches her hand out of the car window sun glare sunset. driver hand out of the window movement
Animation- A young woman in the back seat goes through the town looks at the sunset sky. Evening slow ride around the city by car. Warm sunlight and sun glare on car windows. Seamless loop VJ
Modern Public Womens and Males Listening Speaker and Discussing Information in Large Classroom. Human Company Collaboration and Connection on Musical Concert. Contemporary Learn Partnership Occupation
Happy funny girl in a car. Little girl in back seat looking through the window
Successful mature businessman in formal outfit opening personal laptop while sitting in modern car. Bearded man in eyeglasses using wireless computer on way to business meeting.
Front view two attractive girls driving a car through city on sunny day. Two siblings friendly sisters having fun doing dancing moves into music while sitting inside the car.
Monitor with Green Screen on Passenger Seat of an Airplane. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want. You can do it with “Keying” effect in After Effects. Zoom In.
Interior and selected focus view at the back of male passenger with face protection mask who sit in light rail tram or train in Germany during epidemic of COVID-19 virus with new normal concept.
Young girl passenger travels by car with a digital tablet, sitting in back seat of a car, an open car window. Student is studying, working remotely. Free beautiful woman enjoying car ride and resting.
Close up of attractive woman in a car using a mobile phone. She is texting, checking mails, chats or the news online.
Woman driver behind the wheel of a car drives on the highway at sunset
Happy bearded man of Eastern appearance going out of the shopping center, joyfully looking around and using his phone, texting back in bright sunlight. Positive mood, business trip.
Young Businesswoman in the backseat of the uber is going home from work
Mother turns around to her children on the back seat of car
Video about one man waking up in the morning and suffer for back pain
Driver appreciates car purchase in new vehicle at test drive
Portrait Of Young Woman Sleeping In Back Seat Of Moving Car, In City (Slow Motion)
Asian family having relax vacation on holiday together. Mother and children sit and playing on back rear seat open car window to face air outside. Young daughters and mom feeling happy with smile face
cute boy and adorable pomeranian dog sitting in car driving road trips
little boy rides in the car in the back seat in winter forest and looks out the window.
Successful young Asia businesswoman in fashion office clothes working late using smart phone in sitting back seat of car in urban modern city in night. People occupational burnout syndrome concept.
Closeup crying baby boy sitting in the baby car seat on the rear seat inside of car, while car is riding along the road. Driving father is behind him and speaks to him, turning face back. Slow motion
Close up - cute Asian baby girl sleeping and dreaming in a car seat in vehicle back seat. Happy family road trip. Child’s passenger care and safety product concept.
Cute Curly Haired Boy Sleeps In His Car Seat (Slow Motion Closeup)
Back view silhouette of a sad girl swinging looking at side t an empty seat on the beach at sunset
Happy Asian family on road trip vacation. Father and mother with cute baby daughter loading luggage inside car trunk. Parents with child girl kid enjoy and having fun outdoor weekend activity together
MH TS POV Businessman Riding in Back Seat of Car Working on Laptop at Night / Singapore
Young smiling woman in the backseat of the car is looking through the window
Back view silhouette of a sad man alone swinging looking at empty seat at sunrise on the beach
Sad dog travel at front passenger seat of small car, turn head and look back to camera. Short clip of handsome beagle traveller with joyless muzzle.
Shot from inside of moving car: bearded man in sunglasses driving as happy woman with short hair sitting in passenger seat chatting with little girl and boy sitting in back
Zoom in shot of school supplies for education lying on desk. Closeup pens, pencils and notebook on wooden table. Interior of empty classroom with desks and chairs. Education concept
Close view of leather interior of luxury car, beige. Comfortable perforated seats in business sedan for comfortable ride.
School classroom Japanese elementary school
Cheerful friends laughing in cinema. Happy couple having fun in movie theater. Beautiful woman and handsome man watching movie together indoor.
Young Woman Looking Out of the Moving Car Window at Night. SLOW MOTION. Girl sitting on the back passenger seat of driving car. Night City Traffic on background.
Joyful cute elementary girl in headphones playing online game with digital tablet while sitting in the back seat of car during summer road trip. Happy kid enjoying leisure with tablet pc in automobile
Little girl, bored in the car - looking out the window through the window - street reflection
Friends Use A Rideshare, Closeup Of Hispanic Young Woman Using Her Smartphone In Back Seat Of Moving Car
Spectators people in a dark movie theater watching a movie
Friend in the back seat of a car holding cellphone holding cellphones. Candid girlfriends together checking smartphones while riding taxi cab
Zoom out view of anonymous woman taking seat at desk with computer while running simulations and researching CO2 spreading and air temperature change in office
people Listening and Applauding Speaker in Large hall at Sport Event, Concert, Festival, Party. Back View. Humans Company Enjoy on Musical Concert.
CU Portrait of cute bored little kid boy looking through closed car window while riding through neighborhood. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Rear seats of the new Bentley Flying Spur W12 luxury sedan. Car interior made of black leather. Cinematic 4k shot. Moscow, Russia - Jan, 2021.
Bus stands at downtown bus stop woman with glasses taking public transportation clings to railing, looks at phone writes back to friends, browses social media occupie time during the long ride home
Traveling by bus. Passenger perspective POV from the back of the bus
Buenos Aires, Argentina - March 2021: Silhouette of Two Teenagers in Love inside a Parked Car at Night.
Push in towards blank chalkboard over empty school desks. The elementary school classroom has been abandoned. The campus has been evicted due to bullying, budget cuts, and lowered attendance rates.
Cute little girl riding in the car at back seat and looking happy.
Empty comfortable seats in cinema. Empty seats in movie theatre. Back view of armchairs in empty hall of cinema. Cinema hall is ready for visitors. Cinema chair back view
Caucasian female and Asian male flight attendants in uniforms walk along the aisle checking the passengers on safety standards with seat belt fastened, upright seat backs before airplane take off.
Black leather seat covers in car.
Grateful audience applauding. View from the back of auditorium or theatre with people seated in an concert watching a live performance on a stage
Close up view from back seat of male hands on steering wheel inside of automobile driving on city road. Driver
woman wear protective gloves sanitize car back seat headrest, cleaning inside car back seat, disinfectant wipe, virus spreading contaminated surface, COVID19 corona-virus, vehicle Maintenance industry
Black leather seat covers in car. Artificial leather seats in car. Luxury leather seats in car. Beautiful leather car interior, stylish and wear resistant.
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