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Timelapse video work of equipment on an open pit for gold mining
Epic aerial view of smoking wild fire. Large smoke clouds and fire spread. Forest and tropical jungle deforestation. Amazon and siberian wildfires. Dry grass burning. Climate change, ecology, earth
Water surface texture, Slow motion clean swimming pool ripples and wave, Refraction of sunlight top view texture sea side white sand, sun shine water  background. Water Caustic Background.
Aerial view of Tropical Beach. Top view of pink beach at sunset. Beautiful sunset rose sand beach. Tropical beach aerial view, Sea waves seamless on the beautiful coastline.
Wide angle lens of Australian virgin forest fire at night, trees destroyed by fire causing air pollution
Two Sea turtles crawling white sand beach toward sea water sunset down summer United States. Family new beginning life swim ocean. Baby turtles crossing shore sunny. Change pollution global warming.
Kangaroo covered by ash and smoke during the bush fires in Australia. Fire crisis in Australia
Happy people from different races and culture dancing outdoor while listening music from old boombox stereo. Young friends having fun together - Alternative party during coronavirus outbreak
Stunning Landscape Of Highrise Buildings In Brisbane CBD At Sunset In Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia. - aerial drone shot
BIG DATA EARTH The Blue Marble teamwork Digital Clouds Earth rotating animation social future technology abstract business scientific growth network surrounding planet earth rotating (GLOBE SERIES 24)
1970s Gold Coast QLD, Australia. Montage of Surfers crashing on Waves. Surf Board riders Fail, Fall, and Crash on big wave. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 35mm Film Print
Time lapse sunrise beach Australia. Clouds fast in the sky. Time-lapse of fast flying clouds in the sky. The big sun rises from behind the clouds.
Aerial view of sea and sand beach at sunset. Pink sand beach with ocean wave foams. Beautiful top view of sunset pink sand beach. Perfect for holiday summer background, Tropical destination.
epic horrible wildfire pine trees forest disaster, burning conifer trees
Aerial panoramic view of a forest fire at night, heavy smoke causes air pollution, and fire in full blaze.
Hyperlapse drone lapse of Sydney city skyline during sunrise.
Epic aerial footage of smoking wild fire. Forest and field in the fire. Amazon and siberian wildfires. Dry grass burning. Concept: 2020, Climate change, ecology, earth
River in rainforest of Otways, Australia. Ferns and endemic jungle plants
Aerial: Wide and Closeup variety of shots showing harvesting machine cutting down ripe sugarcane crop ready to be transported and refined. Sustainable Biofuel and Organic food concept.
Wild flowers in bloom, pastel colours. Filmed in Western Australia. Bokeh pink flower background. Paper daisies.
Large heavy wave breaking onto a shallow reef. Slow motion.
Aerial top view 4k footage by drone of ocean blue waves break on high cliff of a rocky mountain. Danger sea waves on a beach
Wedding decor beach set up seaside floral roses arch sunny summer Germany. Best Wedding Western details Wood chairs gold concept. Setting stage festive marriage patterns tropical island sunset.
Family of kangaroos running on field in Australia on a sunny hot day
Future car lifestyle
KA-32 Fire fighting helicopter dropping water on forest fire
Tropical fish and corals on a tropical reef in the Andaman Sea (Similan Islands)
Flat design spinning Earth isolated on white. Animation of planet Earth. looping with hand-drawn texture
SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA – DECEMBER 18, 2021:  Aerial drone pullback view of Sydney CBD with Sydney City, the Sydney Harbour and Harbour Bridge looking over Lavender Bay
Waterfall in the rainforest, soft light on the tree ferns, Otway, Victoria, Australia
Secret satellite spy system. Camera detects Military base in Australia. The map shows at tghe computer screen. modern user interface.
Wild fire in spring close up view. Deforestation and global warming concept. Rain forest wildfire disaster, dry bushes burning, fire reasons, ecology, earth, climate change, air pollution
Fly over workers looking over mining pit
Aerial hyper lapse at night overhead of busy intersection traffic at night in Sydney, Australia with fast moving cars, trucks, buses and trains, blurred motion
Air pollution caused by fire on dump site. Clouds of smoke above the waste land, aerial footage. Fire reasons in spring 2020. landfill fire, waste disposed of in a landfill ignites and spreads
Empty closed Bourke Street Mall Melbourne city CBD during Covid lockdown Victoria Australia
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – MARCH 20, 2020: Panoramic aerial view of Sydney city and Sydney Harbour on a sunny morning in Sydney, Australia
Globalization Growth,Hologram Life,Humanity Link,Transportation Looping,Mesh Night,Exchange Orbit,Satellite Nasa,Service Telecoms,Share Followers,Shiny Illumination,Media Starlink,Teamwork Users.
aboriginal dancing in slow motion, just the feet
cows in field, grazing on grass and pasture in Australia, on a farming ranch. Cattle eating hay and silage. breeds include speckled park, Murray grey, angus, Brangus, hereford, wagyu, dairy cows.
COWRA, AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent tracking shot through Canola Fields in Cowra, Australia.
Aerial view of big smoke clouds and fire on the field. Flying over wildfire and plumes of smoke. Natural disaster due to extreme heat and climate change. 4K, UHD
Aerial view of urban suburban cityscape with clear blue sky of Perth, Western Australia. No people. Copy space
Chatswood, Sydney, Australia - Apr 2020:Empty shopping mall and closed shops, department store chain, store closure in Chatswood westfield during Covid-19 pandemic lockdown
Dotted world revolves around itself ,dotted map Flashing in various countries,4k
Aerial footage motor grader building resurfacing. Urbanisation and rural roads.
Australia temperate rain forest wilderness natural ecosystem environment
Coconut palm trees bottom view sun shining through branches sunny India. Gimbal camera shot tilt up blue sky walking movement Germany. Camera Looking up coconut trees POV Passing under sunlight. 2022.
Cheerful young couple on the beach take a selfie portrait at sunrise.
Shot in Australia
People enjoying vacations concept
Wild fire flames
Koala Bear In Tree Caught In Australia Fire
Ice blue Sci-Fi movies hologram map looped with the high-quality 3D render of ways of connections and paths connecting together like high technology screen map .
Aerial video of James Price Point in the Kimblerley Region in North-West of Western Australia.
Tropical Beach top view. Aerial view of sand beach at sunset with beautiful young woman in bikini. Amazing sunset pink sand beach. Woman lying on Tropical Beach.  Ocean waves from above.
CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MARCH, 31, 2021: slow motion tracking clip of two black hawk helicopters approaching during the raaf centenary flypast
Sea turtles crawling white sand  toward beach sunset. Two baby turtles pup wild sea animal swim tropical island. New beginning life lover effort change pollution global warming COVID-19. Gulf Brazil
Grape growers adult father farmer and teen son work together. Hands with grapes. A small family farm growing grapes. Harvest Season. Picking grapes
NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent aerial view of the Boco Rock Wind Farm in New South Wales, Australia.
Forest fire disaster is burning caused by human
Baby koala and mother koala cuddling in a gum tree in south-east Australia - 60P.
Sydney - Bird Eye View over CBD
Seagulls silhouettes flying in slow motion close to camera with sea at the background at sunset
Tracking cars driving on Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. Aerial view
Rear facing driving point of view POV of city central business district CBD, on river side expressway - ideal for interior car scene green screen replace
PERTH - JAN 26 2021:Aboriginal Australian men preforming a traditional on Australia Day celebrations.Australian Aboriginal dance often imitated the Australian animals behaviour.
Front view of a farmer on a red tractor plowing the dusty arid soil. The farm car is followed by hungry birds. Agribusiness in the spring
Aerial video of highway connected to Melbourne CBD in Australia
Aerial top down video of contemporary houses in a suburb in Australia
Cute Koala bear sitting on branch and scratching itself
Earth globe with map of australia all burnt and on fire
Aerial hyperlapse video of Melbourne city in Australia
Dry Australian River in Drought Conditions due to global warming and climate change. Aerial Drone View of Dry river bed (Darling River, New South Wales)
Sad little Kangaroo covered by ash and smoke during the wildfires in Australia
A thunderstorm raging in the distance off the coast of Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast Australia.
Aerial video of Melbourne sporting venues and CBD at sunrise
Aerial view of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast, Australia on a sunny day.
Dairy Cows grazing on green grass in spring, in Australia.
Vehicles Driving Across Story Bridge Over Sparkling Water Of Brisbane River At Sunset - Luxury Hotels And High Rise Buildings At Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. - aerial
Animation of the night to day transition on Planet Earth. Elements of this media furnished by NASA.
17% slow motion of a young humpback whale emerging from underwater and breaching at merimbula in new south wales, australia
Aerial Reveal of blue waters in Coral Bay section of Ningaloo Reef seen from above. Western Australia Tourism. A sanctuary for whale sharks, turtles and manta rays.
AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020s - 2021 - Excellent aerial shot of damage done by Cyclone Seroja to homes in Kalbarri, Australia.
Aerial panoramic view of the Sydney opera house by the Harbour bridge. April 10, 2017. Sydney, Australia.
Top down aerial slow sideways fly over modern upmarket houses, some still under construction, most with rooftop solar. Sydney, Australia
Aerial video of beautiful park with lake and Melbourne CBD at sunrise
Story Bridge Light Colours At Night - Commemorating A Special Day In History - Brisbane, Queensland - aerial arc shot
Radio Telescopes Moving in Sync
Nitmiluk National Park, Northern Territory, Australia - river view in Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge
Aerial 4k video of City of Perth and Swan River. Perth. Western Australia.
Aerial hyperlapse, dronelapse video of Melbourne city at night
Aerial view of Sydney with Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, Australia
SLOW MOTION of adult red kangaroo, Macropus rufus, standing on the red sand of outback central Australia. Australian Marsupial in Northern Territory, Red Center. Desert landscape at golden sunset.
AERIAL: Golden sunshine illuminates the cliffs and other rock formations on coast of Australia. Spectacular drone point of view of the famous 12 Apostles beach in Australia on a sunny summer evening.
AERIAL: Spectacular drone point of view of the famous 12 Apostles beach in Australia on a sunny summer evening. Golden sunshine illuminates the cliffs and other rock formations on coast of Australia.
Beautifull footage Sea lions fish Swimming under sea water, Close up footage of Sea lions fish Swimming under water, Pod of Sea lions, Seal fish
Rural School building in a remote Australian town in the Outback desert of Australia (drone areial view over Menindee town)
Nemo clown fish in the anemone on the colorful healthy coral reef. Anemonefish nemo couple swimming underwater. Scuba diving coral reef scene with nemo and anemone.
Flat design spinning Earth isolated on white. Animation of planet Earth. looping. Blue with hand-drawn texture

Aerial Drone Shot of Boat with Snorkelers out on the Great Barrier Reef Wide Shot Revealing the Grand Reef Queensland Australia
Aerial video of gorges in Karijini National Park, Pilbara, Western Australia
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