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Lens blur, out of focus. A crowd of pedestrians is walking along the street against the background of passing cars. People walk around the big city. City life. Slow motion
Aerial view white car travels in beautiful mountainous terrain. One car driving on an asphalt road with a beautiful landscape.
close-up cinematic POV shot of an wet asphalt road. Car is driving on the highway
Beautiful nature of Iceland. Car driving on the road to Iceland. Inside view of a car. Road number 1 is Iceland's main road. 4K
Rain splashes hit the asphalt, heavy rain, close-up
Car drives along rural road kicking up dust among green wheat field aerial view. Large wind turbines against blue sky at sunset in spring. Wind park agricultural farm. Alternative energy eco nature
Close-up of legs of athletes in sports shoes. Rear view athletes runners train in the stadium. Young team of man and woman in sportswear. Like-minded club.
4K - Car traffic jam. Close-up
One Semi Truck with white trailer and cab driving / traveling alone on dense flat forest asphalt straight empty road, highway top down view follow vehicle aerial footage / Freeway trucks traffic
child kid draw a house on the asphalt with chalk . childhood mortgage dream kid concept. little girl playing draws with chalk big house. concept loan mortgage for a dream home residential building
Flooded cars on the street of the city. Street after heavy rain. Water could enter the engine, transmission parts or other places. Disaster Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim Themed. Severe weather concept
Driving a Car on a Road in Norway at dawn
Driving along the road along the forest. POV shot from a camera driving through beautiful empty road. Looped video.
Road repair industry asphalt construction traffic transport
Driving along the forest, timelapse. Day to night at the driving. Car driving on the road along the forest
Dense city traffic, cars are moving slowly, traffic jam
Making new asphalt at road construction. Paver or paving machine lay bitumen. Rollers levele and compact new asphalt. Road surface repair. Construction of new road
CLOSE UP, LOW ANGLE: Funny shot of a puppy riding an e-longboard with fit young woman. Adorable senior dog sits on the electric skateboard and cruises through the sunlit park with its active owner.
Beautiful top side view to the cars driving on multi-level highway on the sunny evening in Moscow. Picturesque aerial panorama of the road traffic and sunset city.
One Semi Truck with white trailer and cab driving / traveling alone on dense flat forest asphalt straight road, highway top down view follow vehicle aerial footage / Freeway trucks traffic
A layer of freshly laid asphalt in the rays of the setting sun. Road surface repair. Construction of a new road. The rollers level and compact the asphalt. Road rollers. Sun glare.
downhill road in mountain landscape professional skater skating longboard fast in first person pov
Two Semi Trucks with white trailer and cab driving / traveling alone on dense flat forest asphalt straight road, highway perspective follow vehicle aerial mid shot at sunset / Freeway trucks traffic
SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Autumn rain water drops falling into big puddle on asphalt, flooding the street. Road floods due to the heavy rain in wet season. Raindrops falling down onto submerged road
Roofer repair replace shingle that has been damaged and needing replacement
Seamless loop racing turbo vehicle car and motorcycle over speed above the road surface background. Abstract blur wallpaper concept. 4K footage video
One Semi Truck with white trailer and cab driving / traveling alone on dense flat forest asphalt straight road, highway top view follow vehicle aerial footage / Freeway trucks traffic
Drifting car, Aerial view professional driver drifting car on asphalt race track with black tire skid mark texture and background, Race drift car with smoke from burning tires on speed track, 4k
A young man is driving down a busy highway in his van and staring intently at the road. Side view from inside the cab
AERIAL, TOP DOWN: Dark colored car driving down an asphalt road crossing the vast forest on a sunny summer day. People on relaxing drive through the idyllic woods in picturesque Slovenian countryside.
Super fast cars lights. Night motion time lapse. Hyper speed - urban movement loop. Minimal background texture. Modern cityscape - blurred night street road traffic.
Drift wheels with smoke sport cars
hyper lapse, road in Shanghai Lujiazui financial center, China
Roof and shingles damaged from water leak and leaves
One black SUV car driving alone, travel on empty straight asphalt road freeway through dense forest corridor at summer sunny day. Aerial drone wide view.
Aerial view of road junction with moving cars. Road interchange or highway intersection with busy urban traffic speeding on the road.
Aerial view of pedestrians in downtown in famous Shanghai China Nanjing road. Business economy, travel or industrial concept b-roll footage, drone aerial view in Shanghai China
Cars in traffic. Exhaust fumes from the exhaust pipe
POV Drone shot on highway at sunset 4k
Drift wheels with neon smoke cars
Camera panning across numerous aircraft grounded on an airport runway due to a global pandemic.
Cleaning city streets with water pressure washer. Janitor sprays city street sidewalk paving slabs. Worker disinfects floor and surfaces from coronavirus. Antibacterial sanitary measures on quarantine
3d model luxury black car on highway. Very fast driving. Realistic 4k animation.
After rain. Moving asphalt. Car point of view.
Sport Workout.Triathlete Cyclist Recreation Bicycle.Fit Athlete Sport Workout Training Cycling Triathlon Competition. Cyclist Fitness Riding Road Bike Training Triathlon Race. Recreation Sport Cycling
4K Aerial drone footage of small white family hatchback moving through picturesque landscape. Succulent green and yellow forests on both sides of road. Travelling, car rental, insurance concept.
Children, boys, riding bikes  together summer time on a rainy day
Fast Driving Bike on Streets of Night City Time Lapse. Speed Motion in Cityscape Illumination Neon. Wheel Fast Driving. Pov View Motorcyclist Drives on Motorcycle on Road in the City Hyper Lapse 4k
Racing black car drifting on urban square shooting from fpv drone, wheel tire tracks on asphalt road. Professional driver drifting jdm vehicle aerial follow view.
Cyclist Silhouette Training Workout. Sport Recreation Bicycle Cycling Silhouette On Road. Shadow Cyclist Riding Bike.Bicyclist Fitness Cardio Workout Triathlon.Cycling Bike Sport Recreation Exercising
Two white flowers sprout through a crack in the asphalt, time lapse,close up.
Driving on empty asphalt road with yellow markings passing through a mixed forest with pines and trees with yellow foliage on a sunny autumn day. In Grand Canyon national park, pov from the car
Formula one racecar speeding along the racetrack, Sochi 2018. Stock video footage
Aerial view of a white electric vehicle driving. 4K aerial overhead view on white electric vehicle parking at the charging station.
Aerial view of small road in typical suburban neighborhood with big villas next to each other during sunny day, San Diego, California, USA. Aerial view of residential subdivision house
close-up cinematic POV shot of an wet asphalt road. Car is driving on the highway
3d model of black sport car on the bridge. Very fast driving. realistic 4K animation.
Airplane Is Landing On The Airport .  Passenger airplane landing. Turkey Istanbul
4K - Speed road flight, seamlessly loop-able
Planes are waiting in line to leave for the airport runway. Video of the life of a crowded airport.
top shot large empty parking lot. dry asphalt sunny day. cinematic camera movement around an empty ground parking lot. white line markings on wet asphalt. 4k footage
car drives into a puddle of water splashing around. slow motion. the rain floods the streets of the city. raindrops fall on asphalt, stormwind climate problems global warming
Sport stadium video background with asphalt surface playground, flashing lights and cheering crowd. Glowing stadium lights in 4k loop animation.
Truck driver with a cargo is driving on an intercity speed highway to the customer through a picturesque rural area with a sunset background. Delivery and logistics of goods , aerial motion forward
Aerial view of road works, asphalt paver is laying a new layer of asphalt, Road rollers drive on a new road. Roadway repair. Heavy machinery.
Aerial View Above Road in Forest in Fall With Cars. Aerial Top View Over Straight Road With Cars in Colorful Countryside Autumn Forest. Fall Orange, Green, Yellow, Red Leaves Trees Woods.
POV Driving a car going down on asphalt Arizona road with rocky mountains. Sunny sky with white clouds
Beautiful aerial view to the cars driving on multi-level highway in Moscow. Direct view from above to the road traffic in a big city on the sunny evening.
Cleaning city streets with water pressure washer. Janitor sprays city street sidewalk paving slabs. Worker disinfects floor and surfaces from coronavirus. Antibacterial sanitary measures on quarantine
Roadway repair. Asphalt laying. The roller levels the newly laid asphalt. Industrial
Triathlete Cyclist Training On Bicycle. Sport Recreation Workout.Fit Athlete Sport Workout Training Cycling Triathlon Competition. Cyclist Fitness Cycling Road Bike For Triathlon Race Recreation Sport
Car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race. Footage. Slow motion video of sport vehicles right back wheel the tire burns against the asphalt with smoke
Driving along a rural road at sunset
Overhead Drone Shot Of Highway
Milan, Italy. Night city in rainy weather. Cars passing on the wet asphalt of city streets. Traffic lights at night. Reflection in puddles on the ground. Crossroads at night. food delivery bike.
MINSK, BELARUS - JANUARY 20, 2021: Tesla Model 3 drives on a highway.
POV Driving a car going up on asphalt road in Montana mountains. Blue sky on sunny day
Crowd of pedestrians crossing a city street. No logos or faces visible. Low angle view of legs and feet of people. A lot of people are crossing the street. Society and city life concept. Feet closeup
AERIAL: Semi-trailer truck speeds along the motorway running across the desert in Utah. Wintry desert landscape surrounds truck driving down the interstate highway running across rugged US wilderness.
Diverse and Colorful Marathon. People Applauding the Runners. Slow Motion.
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 29 September 2019: Red bull Formula 1 car of Max Verstappen at Free Practice at  Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019, 4K High quality editorial footage
Aerial top view of roadworks with road workers lay asphalt. Road works
AERIAL, TOP DOWN: Flying above an autonomous car successfully parallel parking into a vacant spot at the side of a road. High-tech self-steering vehicle parks itself into empty roadside parking spot.
Close-up of a young man's hand on the steering wheel of a car on the background of sunset outside the window cabin
A green sprout breaks through the cracking asphalt, the life force of nature, time lapse.
Aerial View On A Busy Highway in Warsaw, Poland
POV driving along a wide empty morning road early in the morning during sunrise.. Point of view driving, view from inside the car on on the autobahn in Poland.
Vehicles driving along asphalt highway road passing desert steppes with wooded hills background rocky mountains. Car travel and transportation at summer, sun rays shine at sunset. Aerial flying follow
Police Patrol Car at Scene of Emergency (Optical Lens Defocus) 4K UHD
A male road worker in uniform walks to a road roller in the rays of the setting sun. Shooting from the back. Construction of a new road.
Roads and parks empty  due to covid19 in istanbul
Reveal drone shot. Drone flies over a large used car parking lot. Logistics transit.
Smoking Tire in a Drift. The spinning wheel rubs against the asphalt and creates a cloud of white smoke on a black background. Filmed at a speed of 120fps
Close up follow shot of male sneackers or hiking shoes walk in middle of small mountain road in forest. Concept of walking and reaching goals. Urban nomad adventurer on hitchhiking trip
Rainbow crosswalk, Colourful colored crossroad. Woman in denim and sneakers walking on urban.Symbol of gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and transgender, LGBT social movements.
Two cars accident - top view drone shot of two crushed cars on the road. Cars go around the scene of an accident.
Aerial view of rural road with black car in yellow and orange autumn forest
Child on playground play classics. School playground on asphalt. Children draw classics on pavement with chalk. Child is jumping on asphalt.Family of children play classics.School games on playground.
Motion on an empty road going into the distance to red mountain rocks in canyon landscape in the dried desert. The highway with black asphalt and orange markings. Slow motion, sunny day
black car driving on asphalt road through the desert sands of the blue sky, white clouds, the camera flies over the land, the landscape in Israel, filming from the air, dry climate, mitzpe Ramon
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