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Cinematic sunset at airport, 4K travel footage. Scenic pink sunset with purple clouds in summer sky. Holiday vacation tourism concept video. Back view airplane with tourists landing at night airport
Businessman in suit talking to business people colleagues or partners sitting at conference table, male leader discussing work at team meeting or group negotiations having conversation with clients
Artificial intelligence. Futuristic humanoid robot is activated, moves its head, eyes and scans the environment. The camera approaches the robot. On a black background. 4K. 3D animation.
NEW YORK, NY, USA - JUNE 21, 2019: Aerial approach The Newyorker and Empire State Building
Yellow school bus. Top down birds eye aerial of kids children and students as they run and enter at bus stop. Public education transportation theme.
A young attractive female approaches a window, and opens curtains. Then, you can see a city panorama view.
All in slowmotion, 4K at 60fps.

Other tags could be window, woman, morning, curtains
Aerial Shot of Basketball Court. Aerial view of basketball player approaching and scoring a hoop.
4K Overhead flying aircraft landing at sunset or sunrise
Rotating Moon in different phases with detail surface. Footage of the flight to the Moon with a copy space and a great transition to black. 3D animation video in 4K.
Plastic bins, garbage cans, recycling. Colored boxes, waste sorting, metal, plastic, glass, bulbs, organic. Colorful waste, with recycling sign. Saving the natural environment. An ecological approach
young woman is approaching to reflection of her face underwater
4K Airplane impressive landing flying overhead
Camera approaching multi-ethnic male actors standing outdoors on set. Professional cameraman filming scene. Caucasian man giving money to African American guy and hugging him. Close up concept
Hypnotic Eye Approaching Psychedelic Seamless Loop. Extreme close up of an wide opened eye in a psychedelic effect. Loop Ready
Mom with baby dolphin floats approaching to the camera - Close up of Bottlenose Dolphins swims in the dolphinarium. Underwater shot.
ISTANBUL - FEB 3, 2019: Bow and front deck of container ship on ride. Aerial frontal view as cargo ship ploughs through waters at sea. Half loaded vessel moves at calm water of Bosphorus shipway. Clos
Dolphin Selfie - A pair of curious dolphins approaching the camera. Extreme close-up of Bottlenose Dolphins swims in the blue water
Businessman show Leadership Mindset
Airplane approaching and landing at early morning. Frankfurt, Germany
Plane flying over head, landing at airport at sunset or sunrise
3d render of abstract bright city with skyscrapers. Simple forms of buildings in daylight. Forward camera of the abstract 3D city of white. Approach and distance to the height of a decent
Approaching the Earth from cosmos. Mission to Planet Earth
CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MARCH, 31, 2021: slow motion tracking clip of two black hawk helicopters approaching during the raaf centenary flypast
Aerial Approaching to Latefossen Waterfall from Gronsdalslona River Over Stone Road Bridge, Amazing Natural Landmark, Norway
Unique Top Lu Jiabing Road traffic round circle multilevel complex. Cars transportation junction motion track Shanghai China Urban Construction modern. Sunny Clear Aerial Helicopter rotation 4k
Businessman Switch Business Approach
Aerial shot approaching downtown Raleigh, North Carolina at sunset.
Workplace of the professional air traffic controller in the control tower. Caucasian aircraft control officer works using radar, computer navigation and digital maps.
4K Big passenger airplane taking off from the runway with city skyline in the background.
Night scene airport 4K footage. Close up back view of descending airplane. International airport terminal with signal lights on. Tourism background with plane touching down the runway, United States
Aerial view of the airplane on take-off approach at the airport runway. top view
Slow motion, Colorful tropical fish and beautiful coral reef on blue water background. Underwater life in the ocean. Camera slowly moving forwards approaching a coral reef in sunlight
Approaching an American suburban home; 4k dolly shot
Female portrait outdoors close-up hispanic woman seductive friendly girl flirting lady pointing finger to camera smiling doing gesture of invitation asking to come welcome symbol making choice choose
A delivery man with a yellow backpack, face mask and gloves appears in the video on an electric moped and shows a thumb up. Excellent delivery during quarantine.
Old TV Green Screen On Spooky Dark Road, Vintage Television Traveling Shot. Vintage television with a green screen left on a spooky dark road. Traveling shot
Close-up of a Man's Hands Working on Green Screen on a Laptop. In Background Blurred and Brightly Lit Office where One Man Approaches the Other and They Have Discussion. Shot on RED EPIC (uhd).
Mature woman in brown clothes stands in the doorway with smartphone selfie stick and shooting blogger podcast about career opportunities of internal auditor project manager.
Vlogger concept.
Front view tracking shot of children walking in neighborhood on Halloween / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
View on airplane wheel at landing, close up shot
Small suburban Victorian style home exterior approach; 4k dolly shot
Aerial view towards Madain Saleh, Al-Ḥijr or Hegra, archaeological site located in Al-Ula, Al Madinah Region, Hejaz, Saudi Arabia - approaching, drone shot
time lapse storm is coming - dramatic rain clouds approach the hill
Young couple in love buying new car in car dealership. Happy people hugging. Young attractive man with beard opening door for girl. Young pretty woman sitting.
Huge passenger airplane landing close up
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Glimmering barrel wave rushes past the camera on a sunny day in Tahiti. Big tube wave sprays sparkling drops of ocean water high in air while it approaches a remote island.
SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Good aerial approach of the Illinois state capitol building in Springfield, Illinois.
Small suburban home exterior approach; dolly shot
Game Changer Businessman Manage Deadlines on Schedule
The Famous Frauenkirche Church Cathedral in Munich at Night, Aerial Dolly forward approaching two towers of beautiful old building, Scenic City Lights glowing
Slowly approaching a wall clock on a black background
Portrait of young Indian male wearing a turban and smiling to camera, in slow motion
Woman biker in black helmet and leather jacket rides motorcycle with head-light along asphalt road approaching camera in evening
CIRCA 1973 - In this horror film, a young woman screams as an unknown being approaches, and cops drive up to the scene.
Unique Aerial flight around and approach to windows of Moscow City business center. Evening illumination. Offices from outside. Managers employees work. Quadcopter drone beautiful 4K shot
Company head and business trainer stands in front of audience diverse staff members making presentation using flip chart raised sales positive results of work done, seminar corporate education concept
Automobile Technology. running car with line. 4K size movie. 360 X-ray view.
Businessman Hologram Economics - Methodologies or approaches
CIRCA 1944 - A smoke screen is laid for an allied LCT to approach the coast of occupied France.
Melbourne, Australia - January 23, 2021: Air Traffic Control Tower at Melbourne Airport with a Jetstar Airbus A320 taking off in the background at dusk.
A slow-motion scene of an Asian male farmer in a rural area feeding a herd of cows with hay or straw as the sun approaches in the evening, with the rays of the sun sifting through him gracefully.
Young hispanic male student stands in library reading book african american girl unexpectedly approaches guy closes eyes surprises friends hugging smiling talking communicate happy to see each other
The men handshake above the big screen on the hologram background. slow motion
Adorable small 7s kid boy wearing wireless headphones, looking at camera, enjoying online class, holding video call meeting seminar training with teacher, distant education e-learning concept.
Slow motion of doctor and nurse walking and talking in hospital corridor / Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Slow motion shot of landing jet liner, rear view from end of runway. Passenger plane fly down and touch ground. Evening time shot of Itami Airport air traffic
Two pilot were operating the airplane in landing phase. Airplane was touching down on the runway in airport at night, able to see beautiful view of cityscape and lights of runway from inside cockpit.
Airliner two pilots were operating the airplane in real approach and landing segment. Airplane was landed and touched down safely on the runway in airport in the morning. Seen from inside cockpit.
4K aerial drone footage approaching rural village amongst woodland and farm fields in countryside, West Berkshire, UK
Small suburban home exterior approach; dolly shot
Drone shot slowly approaching city hall in Alpharetta, Georgia in the summer time.
4K time lapse wide shot looking up at the sun shining and casting a lens flare in a blue sky as a fluffy white cloud approaches and obscures it sending light rays and shadows from the cloud
Plane landing or taking off at night. Jumbo jet airplane flying overhead at night, landing or taking off. Nigh time flight landing.
Brilliant Young Mathematician Approaches Blackboard and Finishes Solving Long and Complex Equation. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Pot-bellied businessman approaches the closed case full of american dollars money. Corruption or bribe concept. Banker man in white shirt opens a suitcase. Bankruptcy and riches. Finance investment
Silhouettes of confident business man walking with hands in pockets. Front and side view. Full body on green screen chroma key background.
A sunset Aerial shot of skyscrapers of Moscow International Business Centre, Moscow-city, 4K Ultra HD video, DJI Phantom 3 pro.
A man is showing an old farmer information on a tablet. They are discussing the harvest. Sunset in the background. The camera is approaching them. 4K
View on airplane wheel at landing, 4k close up shot
Car driving along coastal road view on wild green island at sunset.Cinematic rear view approaching.Faroe Island road along beautiful coast. Faroe island, Denmark. Forward aerial flight
Silhouette of businessman in jacket near large panoramic window talking on the smartphone.The head approaches the window in office and starts telephone conversation. Important phone call for business.
Aircraft on approach, overhead, arriving at YVR airport, plane flying, air travel. 4K
Aerial video historical buildings and clock tower downtown boston 4k
4K Airplane landing at dusk
Camera approaching businessman sitting on steps of modern office building and text messaging on cell phone. Young man looking away dreamily
Marketing word cloud - flying through marketing related words - business SEO media advertising research strategy technology digital approach planning analytics branding words. Seamless Loop.
drone approaching a Unique Benevolent Mountains peak of the Sahyadri in the Western ghats
Flying over a cargo ship cruising northbound on Straits Bosporus. A bulk carrier or bulker is a merchant ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, ore, coal or timber
overflight approaching the San Miguel Arcángel Parish in the center of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato
Maglev magnetic levitation train in sci fi futuristic style 3d 4k
Professional Truck Driver in a yellow waistcoat approaches his truck and crosses his arms Behind Him Parked Long Haul Semi-Truck with Cargo Trailer
Slow Motion Approach to Lower Proxy Falls, Oregon
Loas Angeles, California / USA - A Pan Am Boeing 747 approaching Los Angeles International Airport LAX
Drone footage with slow rotation in front of New York City Lower Manhattan skyscrapers
Aerial view of train driving on track. Forwards tracking footage of metropolitan passenger DART Light Rail approaching to station. Dallas, Texas, US.
Aerial a cargo ship sailing northbound on Straits Bosporus. A bulk carrier or bulker is a merchant ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, ore, coal or timber
Rear view of widebody twin engine airplane landing in the early morning. Picturesque sunset at the background,
Roeselare City Aerial Approach, Train Entering the Station. Belgium.
International Space Station - Circa May 2019: SpaceX Dragon spacecraft is approaching to the International Space Station. Elements of this video furnished by NASA. ISS 059

Jet Plane flying and landing on green screen. Commercial airplane arriving at the airport on chroma key background. Air traffic concept.  3d animation
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