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Loving worried older mature mom embrace console apologize upset young adult daughter ask for forgiveness say sorry hug make peace, two age generation women family reconciliation and comfort concept
Caring worried guilty young adult daughter apologizing comforting sad depressed old mother say sorry feel pity regret consoling upset senior mom ask for forgiveness hug giving empathy support concept
Worried loving african mother holding hand comforting upset little bullied kid daughter crying talking give support or apologizing, mom foster parent helping small child with problem sit on bed
Sad preschool kid son sulking thinking of family conflicts sit turn back to unhappy dad, punished scolded little upset guilty child boy stubborn behavior in bad relationship with father concept
20s woman standing against white brick studio wall background put folded palms on heart. Sign and symbol of love, sincere grateful kind person express candid feelings. Benevolence and charity concept
Worried young mum comforting solacing upset crying teenage daughter at home. Caring parent adult mother consoling depressed adolescent child, talking to teen girl giving love, advice, support concept.
Sad offended teen ignoring friends apologizing for bad joke, upset depressed young woman suffering from community discrimination friends bullying gossiping, drama girl sulking for lack of attention
Young father holding hand, stroking shoulder of little child son, asking for forgiveness, apologizing at home. Compassionate dad helping small kid boy coping with bullying, sincerely talking indoors.
Close up young african american man holding female hands, demonstrating support. Mixed race spouses reconciling after misunderstanding. Biracial husband comforting wife, overcoming problems together.
Waitress girl justifies itself to customers clients for mixed up order, low-quality drink cold tea or coffee beverage, hysterical man talks with waiting staff complains about long poor service concept
Offended upset worried desperate spanish woman wife feeling sad stress caring guilty husband arabic spaniard man guy consoles supports apologizes, married couple after conflict sits on home couch
Elderly man sit with wife indoor feels upset, loving woman put hand on shoulders hugs him comforting, express empathy, close up. Crisis, impotence, potency health problems, incurable disease concept
Hopeful afro-american woman holds hands in prayer to god close-up. Beautiful young peaceful lady meditating, praying for health, mindfulness and success.
Upset worried guilty young adult grown daughter think of apology family conflicts after quarrel with old mom ignore stubborn mum avoid talk sit turned back on sofa, parents and children fight concept
Portrait of a young bearded man in glasses, who asking for forgiveness. Feeling confused. Isolated on grey background.
Young muslim couple apologizing to their parents during Eid Mubarak at home. Shot in 4k resolution
Close up view of african american family couple holding hands express support trust hope, black man friend husband give comfort compassion empathy to woman wife, care in marriage relationship concept
Head shot portrait young attractive woman standing alone at home with eyes closed put folded palms on chest feels grateful, express sincere feelings smiles look at camera. Believe and charity concept
Court of Law and Justice Concept. Portrait of Handsome Male Witness Giving Testimony to Imparcial Judge, Jury. Confession of the Accused telling His Story, Repenting. Dramatic Heartfelt Moment
Court of Law and Justice Trial Stand: Portrait of Handsome Male Witness Giving Testimony to Judge, Jury. Speech of Hardened Criminal Denying Charges, Lying, Accusing Victims, Comiting Perjury
Young afro american man trying to make up a quarrel with his offended girlfriend isolated over yellow background
Milan, Italy - 30 April 2019: Italian far-right and neo-fascist supporters perform the fascist roman salute during the celebrations for Sergio Ramelli's death. With audio.
Texting on smartphone at the late hour of work. Staying at office overtime and texting to apologize family.
Worried mature mother comforting consoling or apologizing sad young daughter asking for forgiveness saying sorry, two age generation women hugging reconciling express support making peace concept
Angry upset african american mother sister feeling sad after conflict with teen daughter, depressed single black parent mum of teenage girl offended by child ignoring each other, family fight concept
Close up slow motion shot of woman comforting friend in coffee shop / Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Portrait offended upset hispanic man sad stressful spaniard guy feeling resentment at caucasian wife, multiracial couple sitting on sofa woman apologizing consoles supports husband, problem conflict
Close up affectionate young man holding hands of beloved woman, showing love and care. Worriend compassionate millennial husband giving psychological help to unhappy wife, solving problems together.
"No Excuse" inscription in male hands
Loving young mother touching stroking hugging upset little frustrated daughter expressing love and attention, makes peace after quarrel. Caring parent gives protection, psychological support concept
Angry frustrated stubborn senior old father and young adult grown son sit on sofa turn back ignore each other think of family conflict, two age generation gaps and problem in bad relationship concept
Caring single mother helping sensitive depressed teenage daughter after divorce concept. Affectionate worried young mom apologizing upset teen child girl giving love protection, psychological support.
Glitched transmission, distorted noisy signal of SMPTE color bars (a television screen test pattern) with the text Please stand by.
Wife Asks Forgiveness From Her Husband - She Talks Kindly To Him And Apologizes Lying In Bed In The Evening
Sign of temporary closure Patong beach Phuket, Thailand. During  Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic prevention outbreak. Disapprove tourist and anyone do activities on beach and sea. Sea wave hit sand.
Caring young mom holding hands talking to small child girl. Foster care parent comforting helping adopted kid give care and protection. Loving mum and small daughter having trust conversation at home
Asian woman in poor health
Guilty wrong young adult grown son apologize stubborn upset old senior father say sorry ask for forgiveness regret mistake make peace in difficult two generations age men family relationship concept
Please, god! Worried, imploring young woman in polo t-shirt sincerely praying and looking up with pleading expression, begging apology, beseeching with hopeful face. indoor studio shot, isolated
Worrying mother supporting disappointed teenage daughter in hard life situation, giving psychological help or advice against bullying at school. Upset adolescent girl sharing problems with kind mom.
Definition: Regret
Upset worried young adult daughter granddaughter embrace hug old senior grandmother mother consoling or get psychological support helping with health problem share grief give empathy care concept
Sorry, man is apologizing and regret. Sad bearded male teacher or businessman with glasses looking at camera and sincerely apologizes and says Sorry. Slow motion
Regret Definition
Grown up son asking for apologizes to offended stressed elderly senior daddy, sitting together on couch. Compassionate young man supporting, giving psychological help to frustrated middle aged father.
Elderly spouses sitting on couch aged wife crying feels desperate worried anxious husband comforting beloved woman showing empathy, sad life event, senile disease diagnosis, health problems concept
Caring single young adult father comforting talk with preschool kid son at home, loving foster parent dad teach small child boy give advice psychological support express trust in relationship concept
Young husband embracing offended stressed wife, apologizing for misunderstanding indoors. Worried millennial man feeling guilty, asking forgiveness, saying sorry to crying girlfriend, apology concept.
Close up elderly mature woman stroking hand of young daughter, having trustful sincere conversation. Middle aged mother supporting unhappy sad grown up child, showing love, overcoming grief together.
Worrying loving mother sitting on bed near upset little daughter, saying sorry. Young mom consoling sad preschool girl after quarrel, parent and child empathy, compassion. Family problems concept.
Loving young mother talks to upset teen daughter feels depressed sits on bed in hood. Caring foster parent mum gives psychological support helping adolescent child girl with puberty problem concept.
Close-up of woman crying when hugging her husband.
After quarrel - a handsome woman tries to appease her partner
Anxious young mother apologizing upset teen daughter after fight at home. Worried mom asking for forgiveness or supporting, encouraging depressed teenage child girl gives comfort, says sorry concept.
Annoyed angry man feels offended after conflict, rejecting woman trying to make peace cheering him up, avoiding girlfriends touch looking away sitting on bed, apology not accepted, leave me alone
mother hugs and regrets her daughter against the backdrop of the sunset sky, love children, difficult age of teenager, take care of child's mental health, be attentive and kind, care and compassion
CIRCA 1950s - A couple makes up after a fight in the 1950s.
Loving older senior husband holding hand of sad middle aged wife talking apologizing comforting upset spouse, giving care psychological support, retired married couple compassion empathy trust
Caring mother comforting sad crying kid daughter feel hurt
portrait of business muslim partner shaking hand in the meeting
Caring father talk with upset preschooler daughter helping with problem, loving young dad speak with sad girl child sitting on windowsill at home holding caressing hand, show support and understanding
Press conference of Japanese TV show.  A public apology. Japanese translation: "Live","public apology","Under consideration".
Hopeful man doign prayer gesture with hands in front of camera, begging and imploring for trust and fortune. Wishful person praying and asking for forgiveness, please and apologize pose.
Young girl having wide charming smile put hands on chest make with fingers heart shape symbol of charity and human kindness, isolated on blue studio background. Generosity liberality sign concept
Loving african american husband holding hands of sad wife comforting giving empathy psychological support, caring black man consoling upset depressed woman having miscarriage sit on sofa at home
Animation of a woman in a suit wearing a headset to apologize
 The Muslim woman wearing a headscarf trying to cheer her up by touching her sad husband's shoulder, speaks to her husband, hugs him, comfort him.
Close-up portrait of a bearded young man in glasses looking in camera with sorrow. Isolated on grey background.
Please, I'm begging! Upset young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie appealing to camera with pleading imploring eyes, keeping prayer gesture and asking help. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
APOLOGY word intro 4K animation on Black Background - Animated Title - Apology word Glitch Style ( 12 different styles ) Apology lettering Glitchy Package on Black Background
APOLOGIZE word intro 4K animation on Black Background - Animated Title - Apologize word Glitch Style ( 12 different styles ) Apologize lettering Glitchy Package on Black Background
Angry businessman threatens colleagues responsible for laziness, staff apologize
Close up shot of bearded man talking and crying
Asian man apologizing to crying woman.
Upset young mom and child daughter turn back ignore each other, avoid talk, feel depressed about bad relationship sitting on sofa at home after family conflict. Parents and children arguments concept.
Caucasian millennial woman standing on grey studio background put folded palms on heart. Concept and sign of sincere kind person, feeling thankful and grateful, showing gratitude, believe and charity
Couple reconciliation. Relationship apology. Empathy forgiveness. Upset loving girlfriend embracing happy guy after quarrel sitting on couch at modern home interior.
Couple apology. Relationship conflict. Overthinking issue. Loving husband embracing sad offended wife phubbing using phone on couch at modern home interior.
Mom comforts her daughter from problems
Young offended woman looking back at blurred man with bouquet of flowers turning crossing hands sighing. Portrait of angry Caucasian sad girlfriend with boyfriend indoors. Relationship difficulties
Caring understanding middle aged wife embracing comforting talking to upset grey haired elderly husband share problem give empathy love and compassion, old senior retired couple psychological support
Video of Sorry text
A businessman who joins hands and apologizes
Caring middle aged mature wife asking to forgive embracing comforting talking to upset old senior husband apologizing giving support empathy saying sorry, retired couple apology, forgiveness concept
Please, I am begging. Positive senior old blond woman appealing to camera, keeping prayer gesture and asking help, apologize. Elderly stylish lady grandma on yellow background in studio. 6k downscale
Hopeful young african american woman sitting on bed with folded hands, saying morning worship. Faithful 30s mixed race lady praying God, asking for help or waiting for miracle alone in bedroom.
Close up older loving man holding wrinkled hand of trustful wife. Bonding family couple joining hands, showing love care. Affectionate spouses enjoying sweet tender moment, supporting each other.
Close up portrait asian calm girl folds palms in front bows namaste greeting prays. Chinese woman asking for forgiveness apology gesture hope spiritual praying with folding hands
The word sorry. Letters on cards on wooden background. Apology or remorse and asking forgiveness. Concept of lettering and text or phrase.
Female portrait asian girl folds palms in front of her bows oriental greeting doing reverence. Headshot korean japanese chinese woman pray asking for forgiveness prayer apology hope spiritual praying
Portrait of young caucasian woman holding hands in prayer and pleading, looking up with eyes full of hope, asking apology, wearing shirt, posing isolated over blue color background wall in studio
Vertical video: Hopeful man doign prayer gesture with hands in front of camera, begging and imploring for trust and fortune. Wishful person praying and asking for forgiveness, please and apologize
Loving Asian man trying reconcile with his wife after quarrel. Guy embracing his crying suppose while sitting at their bed room.
Woman with wavy hair holding hands in prayer and pleading, looking up with eyes full of hope, asking apology, wearing striped shirt. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background.
Loving Asian man trying reconcile with his wife after quarrel. Guy embracing his crying suppose while sitting at their bed room.
Funny guilty millennial girl pleading begging forgiveness for mistake. Young upset wife feeling remorse says sorry regrets for jealousy apologizing annoyed husband rejects to forgive. Apology concept
Asian family in modern interior. Lifestyle concept.
Court of Law and Justice Trial Stand: Portrait of Handsome Male Witness Giving Testimony to Judge, Jury. Speech of Hardened Criminal Denying Charges, Lying, Accusing Victims, Committing Perjury.
Man apologizing for mistake, kissing embracing offended resentful woman, sulky girl accepting apology, wife excusing husband, young couple making up after conflict, im sorry, forgive me, close up
Please, I need! Cute beseeching brunette woman in pullover holding hands in prayer and pleading to camera, begging with naughty imploring expression. indoor studio shot isolated on gray background
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