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Group of children with face mask back at school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown.
Service phone operators sit at shared desk focus on sales agent woman in headset use pc answers incoming calls talk with client provide professional support to customers sell company product concept
Smiling young business woman professional talking on phone using laptop sit at home office desk, happy female customer make mobile call confirming online website shopping order delivery concept
Call center and helpful customer service. Use pc computer and answer questions on phone line at modern co-working. Diverse group of people talks on sale hotline. Busy seller at agency office indoors
Professor pointing at college student with hand raised. Student raising a hand with a question for the teacher. Lecturer teaching in class while girl have a question to do during a math lesson.
Group of students learns at lecture room. Young people study in university or pupil sitting at school lesson. Teen raises hand and asks teacher at auditorium. Modern education indoors of college hall
Pensive confused guy leaning hand, rubbing beard while thinking over difficult choice, imagining plan in mind, having doubts, pondering idea looking puzzled clueless. indoor studio shot isolated
Slow motion of Asian high school students in white uniform actively study science by raising their hands to answer questions on projector screen that teachers ask them  in science classroom.
Close up side view millennial woman holding cellphone, swiping photos in online dating app. Young girl ordering food taxi in mobile application, web surfing typing message in social networks.
Caring Teacher Explains Lesson to a Classroom Full of Bright Diverse Children. In Elementary School with Group of Smart Multiethnic Kids Learning Science, Whole Classroom Raising Hands Knowing Answer
Viewer crowded audience speak with speaker in microphone. Participant forum speaking. Educational speech business man. Speaker group auditorium people. Presenter talk. Education conference spectator.
Chatbot conversation on laptop screen app interface with artificial intelligence technology providing virtual robotic assistant customer support and information for small business SME B2C concept.
Focused businessman working on laptop computer in office interior. Male worker answering on phone call. Man talking smartphone at remote workplace. Business man calling phone at office
Clever brunette woman considering serious plan, solving problem in mind and nodding approvingly, thinking over smart idea, pondering and musing answer. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Young Woman Using Virtual Reality Headset At Home, Sitting on a Couch in Living Room, Making Gestures to Answer AR Video Call Chat with Friend or Colleague. Modern Female Talking on Online Meeting.
Skilled male lawyer insurer financial advisor in formal wear showing service presentation on computer to elderly mature family couple clients at office meeting, discussing agreement details indoors.
Mid 30s Caucasian male working from home, having a video call with colleagues. Family playing in the background. Stay home, quarantine remote work. Shot on RED Dragon
Positive caucasian confident man looking at camera, holding conversation with business client online. Pleasant smart male job applicant answering on questions at video call interview meeting.
Elementary Classroom of Diverse Bright Children Listening to the Teacher Giving a Lesson. Everyone Raises Hand Knowing the Right Answer. Brilliant Kids in School Learning Science, Creative Thinking
Hand Student use pencil writing on paper optical form of standardized test examination, Answer sheet, doing final exam attending in examination classroom. 4k
feedback communication business information answer client comment message opinion assessment rating animated word cloud background in uhd 4k 3840 2160.
Elementary Pupils Raising Hands To Answer Question As Female Teacher Reads Story In Classroom
On Exam Test Person Colors Right Answers with a Pencil. Filling up Answer Sheet with Standardized Tests, Marking Correct Answer Bubbles. Macro Close-up Footage
Head shot friendly young indian female manager using digital computer tablet in office. Smart biracial businesswoman working on electronic device, communicating with clients online at workplace.
Thank you in Different Kind of Languages Word Animation, Flying through Elements, Computer Generated, 4K. Gratitude, thankfulness, thanksgiving, or gratefulness, from the Latin word gratus ‘pleasing'.
Happy latin hispanic girl young business woman walking in city street looking into mobile phone smartphone screen chatting online in net smiling answering message in social media using gadget device
Call center and helpful customer service. Use pc computer and answer questions on phone line at modern co-working. Diverse group of people talks on sale hotline. Busy seller at agency office closeup.
Man signs with a ballpoint pen on a white sheet of paper. Important records. Office work
Diverse employees and female coach mentor raise hands at corporate business training workshop get engaged involved in voting volunteer participate in team office presentation support unanimous idea
Hand with blue pen marking on checklist box. Close-up
Frustrated confused young bearded guy in jeans shirt scratching head contemplating how to solve problem, thinking intensely with puzzled look, having doubts. studio shot isolated on blue background
People rasing hands on blue sky background. Voting, democracy or volunteering concept
Side view handsome bearded hispanic arabic indian business man client guy standing near stone wall talking on mobile phone answering call talks with smartphone conversation using cellphone in city
Multi-ethnic group of children and their Caucasian female teacher in a classroom during a lesson, raising their hands, one girl sitting in wheelchair, slow motion. Education at an elementary school.
Business people at corporate event or official meeting. Interview of serious bank executive at press conference in office center for tv news. Political talk to microphones in hands of many journalists
Female face close-up portrait outdoors hispanic young embarrassed puzzled girl brunette woman with curly hair with inquiring expression nods head yes answers positive agreement approval support agree
Male broker sales manager worker in suit talking on the phone using laptop at work desk, serious businessman employee making telephone call consulting customer in modern office at corporate workplace
Question mark symbol in minimalist white color jumping towards camera isolated on simple minimal pastel blue background
Medical practitioner answering phone calls and scheduling appointments in hospital. Healthcare physician in medicine uniform, receptionist doctor assistant helping with telehealth communication
Young caucasian teacher chek and control college students knowledge and skills in classroom. practice, learning, education, knowledge, development, growth concept
Abstract animation of question marks symbols icon Loop Background. 4K 3D Digital cyberspace Questions, Symbol, Ask, Asking, Essentials, Doubts, puzzle, doubt, confusion thinking.
Ethnic American contented curly woman talking on phone with friends rejoicing smiling laughing white teeth, outdoors close-up. Girl student makes online order on smartphone outside, satisfied customer
contact us animation with icons, abstract network grid, concept of customer care support, help desk, call center, seamless loop (3d render)
Question mark of modern technologies and virtual digital environment. Problems and solutions of the technological world.
Close up head shot portrait man applicant sit on couch at home wave hand greeting employer hr managers answers questions feels confident during pass job interview distantly by video call app concept
Asian woman spend free time in internet social media, employee note on calendar event, take break have fun use virtual services, chat in e-date website, text email, enjoy distant communication concept
Close-up hand asian people use mobile phone happy buy online at home talk to ai shop store app ask data chat bot in sme social e-commerce web B2C crm iot pop up dialog text help seller smart life.
During quarantine all business solve remotely using modern wireless tech concept. Indian woman sit at bar counter in home kitchen hold smartphone talks to client distantly, provide help by phone call
Doctor online consultation video link. Woman in headphones with child on her knees in bedroom looks at laptop screen and talks to man in white coat over Internet video link. Close-up
4K Stop Motion - Group of colorful paper with QUESTION MARK moving down on wooden table. Concept of FAQ, Questions, Q&A and problems
Elementary Classroom of Diverse Bright Children Listening to the Teacher Giving a Lesson. Everyone Raises Hand Knowing the Right Answer. Brilliant Kids in School Learning. Teacher Over the Shoulder
woman thinking and looking for answer. shrugs her shoulders. uncertainty, question, no solution concept. Looped Character animation. hopelessness, despair, frustration on her face
Answering an incoming call on smart phone. Phone on wooden table. Closeup.
Young Middle eastern Arabic athlete in summer sportswear walking moving along stadium fence holding mobile phone, using online app on smartphone, texting, chatting typing message, touching screen
Asian woman sit at desk hold cellphone typing message receive sms from bank feels incredible happy. Girl makes yes I did it gesture look very excited. Achievement, got hired, lottery money win concept
Curly masked schoolgirl pulls his hand up, ready to answer. Children in the class after quarantine coronavirus covid-19, back to school, post-quarantine life, new normality
Confident speaker coach gives corporate presentation on whiteboard teaching diverse sales team at group meeting, male business trainer presenter speaking at training explaining report graph in office
Woman in glasses received mail correspondence take out letter from envelope read enjoy pleasant news. Got invitation on event, bank loan approved, career growth and advance, promotion at work concept
Smiling young woman leaning over table, looking at computer screen, reading email. Pleasant millennial businesswoman typing response to client, working remotely on laptop online alone at office.
Close-up of a man in a medical mask talking on a headset in an office. Portrait of a male call center operator during a virus outbreak. Business worker answer customer calls during outbreak covid
Teacher Giving Computer Science Lecture to Diverse Multiethnic Group of Female and Male Classmates in Dark College Room. Student Raises Hand and Answers Lecturer a Question About Software Engineering.
A close-up shot of a male office worker picking up the phone to answer a phone call whilst working at his desk.
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream religion concept. hand in the sun close-up silhouette dream of happiness sunlight
Thoughtful pretty girl with brown hair in pullover rubbing her chin and looking aside with pensive expression. pondering a solution, doubting question. indoor studio shot isolated on yellow background
Woman sits at desk in bedroom, she looks at laptop green screen and talks to someone over internet video communications, sometimes taking notes in notebook. Close-up
Numbers and symbols form a question mark, blue tint. More marks, symbols and color backgrounds available - check my portfolio.
Happy middle aged woman relaxing on cozy sofa, talking on smartphone with friends. Excited elderly lady chatting sharing news on mobile phone with grown up children, resting in living room alone.
Young woman at work as receptionist and nurse in hospital and talking on the phone with patient for appointment. Health care worker in medical clinic using telephone for information
Person Ticks Checkbox Marks with a Pen, filling up To Do List. Checking Marks and FIlling in a Task List / Questiannaire / Medical Cart. Moving Macro Close-up Camera
Young female medical worker gp therapist sit at workplace in clinic office wear white coat holds smartphone talk to patient using video conference app, consulting client remotely, telemedicine concept
Young Middle eastern Arabic athlete in summer sportswear holding mobile phone, using virtual app, online service on smartphone, texting, chatting typing message, touching screen, standing at stadium
Side view smiling young female patient shaking hands with happy middle aged mature male doctor in white uniform, thanking for help or feeling excited about healthcare treatment results at meeting.
Question mark 3d. Quest sign, searching, help, knowledge and problem abstract concept symbol. Camera moving on dynamic virtual crane around icon.
Person Ticks Checkbox Marks with a Pen, filling up To Do List. A person checking off a to do list with red pen. Check all the boxes of a checklist, close-up, 4k
Sad frustrated business executive overwhelmed by work, he is overloaded with paperwork and answering phone calls in the office
Primary school children wear masks in class as black girl raises her hand
asian mom thinking teaching way to control her naughty children at home in the afternoon. young mother confused and daydreaming on the couch. lady holding pillow and doubt about her husband.
College lecture. Confident african american man teacher talking with students during lesson, asking questions and listening to answers, back view of pupils in classroom, slow motion
Math and Physics Stop Motion Background
Portrait of pretty girl sitting at desk in classroom. Smart student raising hand to ask question. Cheerful schoolgirl answering question at lesson. Clever pupil studying science at elementary school
Young Indian female applicant pass job interview for enterprise company position, job seeker introduce herself answers questions talk to man company hr manager. Business negotiations in office concept
Close up young african american guy holding cellphone in hands, scrolling personal page in social network, looking at photos, reading news in media, using dating application, web surfing information.
Cheerful successful young African American manager with laptop having video conference call with business partners on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.
Little 6 years old cutie girl sitting on couch wave hand greeting friend or relative person feels shy, answering questions using online telecommunications application video call virtual talk concept
Happy young african american guy in glasses wearing wireless headphones with microphone, looking at laptop, holding video call talking speaking with consultant teacher mentor coach, writing notes.
4K. Two young smiling women operators answer client. Office call center work process.
A man answers the wife who smiles and waves from the phone that appears in hologram clock futuristic and technological. Concept: holiday, communication,family, technology, augmented reality and future
Out of Focus Shot of the Businesswoman Working at Her Office Desk Reaching Out for Her Smartphone and Starts Using It. Woman Picks up Mobile Phone from Her Desk. Focus on a Phone.Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K
Businesswoman making video call to business partner using laptop, online client consultation. office at home. slow motion
Head shot portrait webcam view caucasian 35s man look at camera wave hand greeting friend having video call conversation from home. Modern tech, video conference event virtual meeting activity concept
Angry stressed businesswoman sitting at office desk overloaded with paperwork, she screams at the phone
Confident vacancy candidature indian ethnicity female applicant answers question during job interview, hr manager rear view. Business meeting, parties negotiations process in modern office concept
Handsome Hispanic Student Uses Laptop while Listening to a Lecture at the University, He Raises Hand and Asks Lecturer a Question. Multi Ethnic Group of Modern Bright Students.
Mid 30s Caucasian male working from home, having a video call with colleagues. Family playing in the background. Stay home, quarantine remote work. Shot on RED Dragon
Smiling young African-American office worker in glasses and headset looking at the laptop webcam and talking, positive black man on video call working in the customer service department, front view
Happy young woman relaxing on sofa with computer, chatting with friends online in social network, answering messages emails, web surfing information, shopping in internet store in cozy studio home.
Woman confused thinking seeks a solution, paper card with question mark on her head. Doubtful young female studio shot blue background. 4K ProRes HQ codec
Primary students in uniforms sit in class as happy brown boy raises his hand
Slow motion of Asian high school students in white uniform actively study science by raising their hands to answer questions on projector screen that teachers ask them  in science classroom.
Happy young african american businesswoman holding mobile phone call while working on computer in modern office, female biracial freelancer making online order or communicating with client distantly.
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