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Cinematic Close-Up Of Heart Rate Monitor In Hospital
Head shot of enthusiastic bald woman smile looks at camera demonstrate biceps arm. Patient make effort stay alive struggle against oncology disease, shows strength of mind. Fights cancer concept
Team of EMS Paramedics React Quick to Bring Injured Patient to Healthcare Hospital and Get Him Out of Ambulance on a Stretcher. Emergency Care Assistants Help Young Man to Stay Alive After Accident.
Cancer Survivors Day concept. Close up view face portrait of bald caucasian attractive woman looking at camera having charming wide smile, girl recovered from oncology disease feels happy pose indoors
Arm hair rising, emotional feeling, 4k Prores HQ
Wide timelapse of skyscraper windows at sunset. Time lapse of day to night transition on modern office building in downtown Toronto. Business people working overtime late at night at their desk.
Seven Chakras Appearing over a Person Gaining Enlightenment Silhouette of Person Sitting in Lotus Pose of Yoga Surrounded with Aura | Spiritual Awakening and Unlocking 7 Chakra with Deep Meditation
Several red, farm chickens eating some corn in the countryside. Farming and Pet Concept
Slow motion of a big wave surfer riding one of the biggest monster waves in Nazaré, Portugal. Nazaré is a small village in Portugal with the biggest waves in the world.
Mother hugging and kissing her hopeless daughter with cancer, family support
Aerial: Downtown Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) business district. Iconic feature of the Saigon city center that for many, is the first thing that comes to mind when 'Saigon City' is mentioned.
Black hot coffee is poured into the coffee cup. Hot espresso fills a white cup with a huge pile of roasted coffee beans in the background. Storing coffee beans in a paper bag. Falling boiling water
Empty Tomb of Jesus animation.
garden eel fish close up tropic water scenery eels coming out of sand underwater ocean scenery of group life
Extreme closeup of American Eagle's face turning from left to right
Green sea turtle feeding sea grass underwater close up, 4k UHD video footage
Alive painting - animated portrait
reaching a new goal, happiness, business success stock video

Night To Day Earth From Space Rotating, Global Internet Communication Technology
A traditional and minimal style animation of a heart pumping in loop
Cancer patient happy bald woman standing near the window looks outside breath fresh air feels alive enjoy new day. Remission, oncology recovery, finally victory over disease, effective therapy concept
A king with a Crown Standing in a Middle of a Fire
Close-up of shrimp swimming in the water.
Animation of the Tomb of Jesus.
Bald hilarious young woman breast cancer patient posing on grey wall background laughs feels carefree believes in recovery celebrates remission, overcome oncology disease head shot studio portrait
Compassionate word cloud on a white background.
Portrait of an Injured Young Male Patient with Blood Bruising on His Face. Injured Man with a Beard Looking at Camera while Lying on a Hospital Stretcher. Paramedic in Gloves Checks Up on Him.
Pepper Plant Growing Rotating to Sun Time Lapse Without Flickers
Lot of small chicks wonder camera and chirp. Chicken Farm. Closeup Chicks In Cage. Crazy chicken. Many cute yellow chickens alive in the hen house.
blooming maple tree branches at early spring day. Acer tree covered in green umpel bloom
Angelic being reaches out hand and gestures to come with him into the light.
Abstract animation of the cross of Jesus illuminating a dark scene.
crack growing in shaking ground land destruction Earthquake disaster concept life threat close up background
Glows and light effects
boy swinging with american flag in poppy field.Concept of Memorial day or Veteran's day in America.
Female hiker with wet curly hair enjoying nature raising head up and looks in the sky feeling alive and free in nature breathing clean and fresh air at rainy day, Vacation Hiking in Pyrenees Mountains
man in wheelchair silhouette near sea horizon at sunset
Chicken on green screen turns in circles showing all it's feathers
Silhouette of a woman with tropical sunset above the ocean.
Catshark embryo in egg on transparent background. The small shark is moving inside the egg.
Beautiful Gray British Cat Plays with a Ball on Floor. Playful, Active Pet. Thoroughbred cat with large brown eyes, long whiskers, and powerful paws. Pet games. 4k. 180fp
A photographer proudly stands on a cliff with an incredible view of the city and sunset on a beautiful cloudy evening.  Shot in 4K UHD resolution.
Bald young attractive female portrait on gray studio background feels healthy looks at camera showing heart symbol with hands. Cancer patient in love with life, healed woman express gratitude concept
New born birds waiting for mom feeding in the nest. Baby birds open mouth and shaking on tree. Kid hungry and need some food
A dark mysterious hand reaches in to connect an old large knife electrical switch to bring the monster alive. Or the scary start to a new project or business.
Chicken on green screen nervously looks around and behind, as if paranoid
Angelic person appears with open hand reaching out for you to join in the afterlife.
Live oaks on a country dirt road along a farm plantation in USA
Arm hair rising slow motion, emotional feeling
Empathy word cloud on a white background.
Australian Rock Lobsters and Canadian Lobsters in tank
Breil-Sur-Roya, France - October 8, 2020: Rescuer Removing Debris On A Car In The Roya River After Flooding During Storm Alex, Breil-Sur-Roya City In The South Of France, Europe - DCi 4K Resolution
Rooster with chicken
Close-up of shrimp swimming in the water.
The cross of Jesus with starry night sky.
Hands of two women in red dress holding and using ribbon to tie bow for a wrapped gift box for Christmas present with Xmas tree in foreground and colorful lights bokeh in blur background.
Close up fresh prawns in water for sale on the Asian's local market. Atmosphere of fresh seafood on the shelf in Thailand seafood market. Alive shrimp in tub for sold on street market for cooking.
Many masu salmon swiming in circles
Loopable: EKG Monitor. Blue ECG monitor shows healthy heart beat. Seamless loop. (av23213c)
Miracolous tardigrade! A water bear senses a drought coming and goes into suspended animation by forming a tan. 4K DIC microscopy footage 400x magnification
Disabled man on crutches slow motion silhouette
Prismatic Blinking Light Night Tunnel 4k uhd 3d rendering vj loop
Stag beetle is climbing on the tree trunk in summer forest filmed in macro. A big insect crawls on plant in the wood at daytime in closeup. Theme of alive creatures in environment. Entomology concept.
Red fox in the snow relaxing while surveilling from an above point of view
CIRCA 1931 - Civilians volunteer to help firemen with rescue work after a deadly cave-in destroys tenements in Lyons, France.
Random geometry of different sizes and dynamics grows from the center of the screen. Technological atmospheres, conferences, churches, corporative events and live vj session. Ideal for video mapping
La Roma, Mexico City, Sept 21th 2017. Soldiers, rescuers and volunteers work together to find people alive inside a building collapsed by the earthquake in Mexico City the September 19th.
Concept of inspiration and idea illumination, performed as animated black drawing sketch of lamp. Lines and inscriptions are appearing step by step. Drawn pictures come alive 4K and FullHD video
Arm hair rising, emotional feeling
Streams of wet blue green orange and yellow neon paint splash up from a speaker thumping in slow motion and blend into beautiful artistic designs, isolated on white, wider shot with speaker visible
Man opening eyes looking up smiling, close-up redhead face man looks up
3d rendering of very detailed humanoid cyborg or futuristic robot rotating his head and looking at something in the darkness. Isolated on black background with alpha
Red Pixel Art Heart in Retro Style on Bad TV Screen Animation 4K Background. Like Social Media Icon Concept Motion Graphics.
Recovery after cancer, woman in headscarf smelling flowers and enjoying life
Aerial captures unique eroded geography of East Cape headland amidst Pacific
Human hand in a snowdrift after an avalanche. The person stuck in the snow is still alive and needs help.
Gooseneck barnacles also known as leaf barnacles filter feeding in an intertidal zone. Close up.
Blue and alien abstract
EKG Monitor. Blue ECG monitor shows healthy heart beat. Seamless loop
Barred Owl perched in the wild under snow looks at camera and around - HD 24fps
Beautiful woman standing on top of mountain and stretching out hands
I Hear You Brain word cloud on a white background.
Highly detailed textures. Seamless motion ideal for vj sessions and Motion Graphics background. A journey into the dreamers mind. Abstract motion with a lot of details. Suitable for Mapping projects.
Two beautiful gray British domestic cats bite each other, fight, attack, play on the floor. The cats hug and lick their lips. Playful cats. Pet games. 4K. 180 fps. Slow-motion
Large turbulent flock of birds flying on blue sky, swarm of starlings in dynamic formation
Agama the bearded-house pet. The process of feeding lizards insects worm
Climber broke when climbing the glacier and miraculously caught an ice ax. Shot with a risk to life
Winnipeg time lapse of gorgeous sunset over skyline while panning over Provencher Bridge.
Smiling woman with cancer hugging mother, hope and togetherness, remission
Beautiful winter shot of a deer's head grazing on snow with sunset behind
La Roma, Mexico City, Sept 21th 2017. Face of a rescuer, tired for long hours of work looking for more people alive among the debris of collapsed buildings by the earthquake in Mexico City.
4K Close-up view. Female hand is spraying water on spinach leaves from a spray bottle. Greenery grows in a long pot on a windowsill. Watering houseplants. Home gardening. Plants care. Macro
disabled man in wheelchair near sea coast panoramic shot silhouette
Water droplets fall on the petals of a scarlet rose macro. Spraying red rose petals with water close up. Pink rose covered with water drops.
Silhouette of a woman praying at Holy Cross.Jesus Christ is alive.
Spectacular barred owl bird shaking off tiny droplets in wild winter of Canada
Green sea turtle smoothly swimming in the blue sea, 4K 2160p video footage
Tilapia fishes in their natural freshwater
Delicious shrimps are sprinkled with olive oil in a pan. Shrimp Recipe
Fruit flies, Drosophila suzukii, also known as Spotted Wing Drosophila, crawl over ripe raspberries and eat it. There are males with distinct dark spots on their wings and females without spots.
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