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cracked soil in a desert drying out, timelapse. global climate change and drought. time lapse evaporation from soil. dry, cracked earth. increased temperatures, global warming, environment and ecology
dying plant in dry soil timelapse, drought concept. climate change and global warming. environment, nature, earth. impact on agriculture. bad harvest, water scarcity, lack of fresh water resources
Drone tracking of a car driving in the Sahara desert of Chad, Africa, at sunrise
African sunset time lapse with big sun and cloudless sky Cinematic 4k footage.
Aerial view of the pyramids of Giza, Giza pyramids shot by drone
Inequality.Poverty.Aerial straight down view of an informal settlement Kya Sands squatter camp right next to middle class suburban housing, Gauteng Province, South Africa
AFRICA,SOUTH AFRICA,CIRCA 2020.Epic aerial view of the magnificent Johannesburg City Centre at sunrise
Aerial view capital Nairobi, Republic of Kenya, East Africa. Urban landscape drone footage.
Climate emergency.Climate change. Global warming. Epic spectacular high aerial fly over view of a grass fire in the Okavango Delta, caused by drought and climate change, Southern Africa
beautiful bamboo forest, renewable sustainable energy resource. tropical and alpine climatic zones of Africa, Asia, and America. essential material for people living in poverty in developing countries
Madagascar, Avenue of the Baobabs. Baobabs Trees next to African Safari Road at Sunrise. 4k
AFRICA,SOUTH AFRICA,CIRCA 2022.Spectacular high aerial view at sunrise of the Cape Town Stadium,Waterfront,City Centre,Table Mountain,Lion's Head,Signal Hill,Cape Town, South Africa
Aerial fly over view of deserted Clifton beaches, Lockdown Covid-19 Pandemic, Cape Town, South Africa
The Victoria Falls at the Border of Zimbabwe and Zambia in Africa. The Great Victoria Falls One of the Most Beautiful Wonders of the World. Aerial Shot From Above. Camera Moves Forward
cracked soil in a desert drying out timelapse, drought concept. earth drying time lapse. water scarcity, lack of water, climate change and global warming. ecology concept, nature landscape. water use
Aerial: Wide and Closeup variety of shots showing harvesting machine cutting down ripe sugarcane crop ready to be transported and refined. Sustainable Biofuel and Organic food concept.
Zoom out timelapse view of sunrise over Deadvlei showing dead Camelthorn trees against giant sand dunes, Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia, Africa.
palms in Diani beach Kenyan coast African Sea drone aerial 4k waves blue indan ocean tropical mombasa turquoise white sand East Africa paradise view Kenya landscape
Spectacular aerial view of Table Mountain,Lion's Head mountain, The 12 Apostles mountain range,looking at Camps Bay, Bakoven, Llandudno, Cape Town, South Africa
Beautiful landscape of the Namib Desert under the wing of the aircraft at sunset. Flying on a plane over the desert is one of the most popular tourist attractions
Cracked soil in a desert drying out, timelapse, two shots of cracked ground draining, cracked earth, Global warming
Big Sun with Clouds sunrise timelapse
Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria - 24 June 2021: Drone view of major roads and traffic in Victoria Island Lagos showing the cityscape, offices and residential buildings.
Euphoric pretty woman with tourist backpack walking alone through summer forest wild nature enjoying african safari hiking adventure alone. Portraits.
Spectacular aerial close-up view of a herd of Cape Buffalo running through the water of the beautiful scenic Okavango Delta
Black African female farmer using a digital tablet to monitor a corn crop that is being irrigated on large scale vegetable farm
Big Sun with Clouds sunrise timelapse
stream of fresh drinking water pouring into human hands, drought land on the background. dry farmland, lack of water. Clean water splashing on hands of the poor rural man. ecology concept
Incredible location in the middle of the desert surrounded by palm trees in Merzouga, Morocco making a timelapse video of the milky way in an amazing dark night till the moon rise at the end.
Cairo city skyline. River Nile and Gezira island. Aerial view.
aerial view of giza pyramids landscape. historical egypt pyramids shot by drone.
An aerial view over savana safari landscape, Kenya, Africa
Rotating Globe World Political Map on a green background. Key color, chroma-key, alpha channel. 4K video
Young beautiful Caucasian woman walking in a traditional Emirati dress - abaya in Empty Quarter desert landscape. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Salah Edden al-Ayobi's Castle. Citadel of Salah El Din, Old Cairo, Egypt - Salah ElDeen castle
Aerial view of sea waves, umbrellas, green palms on the sandy beach at sunset. Summer in Zanzibar, Africa. Tropical landscape with palm trees, people, parasols, sand, blue water. Top view from air
Astro timelapse of an Acacia tree silhouetted against the African night sky with the Milky Way rising in the Southern Hemisphere followed by moon rising over a wide barren/arid landscape.
Tilting drone flight of busy local farmers market in tribal village of Dorze, traditional rural community in Ethiopia Africa
Climate emergency.Climate change. Global warming. Epic spectacular aerial close-up zoom in view of a grass fire in Southern Africa caused by drought and climate change
This stock video features an aerial drone shot from right featuring a waterfall. This waterfall in a Hawaiian jungle is surrounded by an assortment of palm trees ending into a pond.
Man with 2 camels overlooking the sand dunes for an oasis, 4K
Dune desert sands abstract shot. Grains of sand waving in the wind. Sunlight reflecting on folded sand surface. Slow motion shot
Spectacular aerial fly over view of the beautiful scenic curving patterned waterways and lagoons of the Okavango Delta
Aerial top down view of city building block located in metropolitan town flight over roofs and streets with vehicles driving around filmed by drone moving up slowly showing more of urban environment
golder sand close up Sahara desert. Sunset. Sand dunes and blue sky. Beautiful desert landscape. Sahara desert. Sand dunes Arabian desert. Sand dunes wave pattern. Nature background, morocco
A swarm of locusts flying across fields, threatening food supply of human, a plague of locusts in Africa
Bird Eye Aerial View of Wildebeest aka Gnu Huge Herg in Migration, Running on Grassland in African Savanna, Tanzania National Park
Sunrise aerial of Victoria Falls Zimbabwe
Drone footage of a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the edge of Garowe, Puntland, in Somalia.
Real time shot of splash of freshwater falling on poor man's hands against barren and dry farmland. Clean drinking water splashing on hands of the poor rural man in a drought affected area
Couple of romantic black man and woman taking their Husky dog on summer travel exploring wild forests nature in team. Families. Tourism. Recreation. Hiking.
The remote settlement of Yashi, Nigeria in the Nasarawa State with an aerial view that includes rugged mountains
Nairobi Kenya East Africa sunrise cityscape urban landscape drone footage
aerial landscape of egypt pyramid. historical building.
Aerial shot of Tanzania. Drone video savannah with dried grass, trees and bushes where at the foot of the mountain ranges there is a lake with water. Beautiful background landscape video.
Aerial view of the magnificent Johannesburg City Centre at sunrise
Sahara desert, Morocco Nomad is walking with his camel through the dunes of the desert. Beautiful sand. The male lives as nomad in the desert.
Driving through jungle trees sun beams through forest. Looking forward up POV Camera leaves wide sky. High trees woods timber tall top sunshine.United States
AERIAL: Giraffes in Tanzania safari Mikumi
Aerial view of Menkaure and Khafre pyramids, Giza Pyramids Egypt
aerial view of giza pyramids landscape. historical egypt pyramids shot by drone.
A young Caucasian brunette in a red dress and straw hat enjoying visiting the Great Sphinx of Ginza next to the pyramids of Ginza. Cairo, Egypt
Aerial shot of sunset on the Nile River in Sudan, Drone Pulling Back Over the Nile River in Sudan
epic portrait of a new born baby calf elephant running in the forest. elephant calf closeup
Great Wildebeest Migration crossing the Mara River, side shot, good light, Serengeti, Tanzania
A drone footage image for Mosque HASSAN 2 and the ocean in old city casablanca   A masterpiece of Arab-Muslim architecture in morocco Casablanca
Aerial view from a drone flying next to a woman in abaya United Arab Emirates traditional dress walking on the dunes in the desert of the Empty Quarter. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Aerial shots of Lekki Ikoyi link bridge, Lagos
sahara desert egypt travel destination landscape aerial view local spot content background
Spectacular straight down aerial view of a herd of Cape Buffalo running through the water of the beautiful scenic Okavango Delta
Tribal women installing solar panel. Kenya
Straight down aerial view of the Johannesburg City Centre, South Africa
Climate change.Pollution.Aerial ultra close-up view of environmentally dangerous toxic acid mine drainage pouring into a tailing dam at a mine
The ancient and historical Philae Temples complex in Aswan, which was built by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It was built during the third century BC. it built to worship the goddess "Isis" - Egypt.
Day to night timelapse view of traffic around historic landmark Christ Church aka Christuskirche in Windhoek, the capital and largest city of Namibia.
Aerial Drone Shot. Traditional Masai village at Sunset time near Arusha, Tanzania.
Beautiful Clear Big Sun at Sunrise or Sunset, Big Red Hot Sun in Warm Air Distortion Above Horizon Seamless. 4k Ultra HD
Aerial drone view on the beautiful white sand rocky beach in the seychelles, La digue silver bay
A young beautiful model in a white casual outfit is walking through the natural landscape. 4K Aerial drone footage of a woman making footprints on the sandhill at sunrise. California, USA
Wildlife in Africa. Close-up aerial view of a breeding herd of elephants walking in the marshy grasslands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana
Aerial view of Sandwich Harbour, where giant sand dunes meet the Atlantic ocean, near Walvis Bay in the Namib-Naukluft National Park, Namibia.
Aerial view on big sand dunes in Sahara desert at sunrise, Africa, 4k
Young beautiful Caucasian woman walking in a traditional Emirati dress - abaya in Empty Quarter desert landscape. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Olegobidu Village aerial view of a Nigerian community in the Benue State - this is where Fulani herdsmen and villagers fought in land-cattle conflict
DRONE: Two hot air balloons fly over a dirt road crossing the breathtaking Serengeti park on a sunny summer evening. Aerial view of tourists ballooning across the scenic African wilderness at sunset.
old african elephant walking in savannah against sunset
CAIRO, EGYPT - CIRCA 2020: Aerial view of Cairo. River Nile and city skyilne at sunset. Panning left.
Lion's Head Reveal Shot in Cape Town South Africa
Climate change.Close-up panning view of a dead antelope that died of thirst, lying on the cracked mud floor of a dam that has dried up due to a drought from climate change and global warming
Aerial Drone Wildebeests Herd Great Migration in African Savanna of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Africa.
Golf course aerial 4k view stock video footage. Bright glade with green grass and Caribbean sea landscape. Beautiful planet earth top view.
Aerial drone shot of traditional African rural village Uganda at sunset, Beautiful lush nature landscape at sunset East Africa.
4k right to left panning time elapse of rolling clouds over table top mountain at sunset and the city of Cape Town,South Africa
Sunset over city in Africa
Africa natural landscapes - drone flight over beautiful lush green forest in Nechisar national park in South Ethiopia
Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria - 24 June 2021: Drone view of major roads and traffic in Victoria Island Lagos showing the cityscape, offices and residential buildings.
Elephant stands on thin branch of withered palm tree watching planet earth. This is a 3D Animation 4k
Pineapple growing on pineapple plant. Ananas bushes grow naturally. Ananas comosus. Landscape of Pineapple Plantation in Africa, Zanzibar, Tanzania. 4K.
Herd of Elephants moving through lush green grass in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.
Drone footage of a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the edge of Garowe, Puntland, in Somalia.
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