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Auto mechanic working underneath car lifting machine at the garage. Auto repair shop, Car service, repair.
Show hair maintenance from within Outside, seep into the inside And adjust the hair condition to be smooth, shiny in 3D
Nourish the hair from the roots and adjust the hair condition to be smooth, shiny, in a 3D shape.
Electrical engineer installing junction box of electrical system. Maintenance works in industrial premises
Instrument operator fix and adjusting corrosion inhibitor pump to optimize flow rate for maintain gases and crude oil quality at offshore oil and gas processing platform.
slow motion backside view employee controls manufacturing process walking along plant territory and adjusts helmet
Activating the ECO mode on a smart house control panel. Lowering the energy consumption of the home from a screen.
Diaphragm blades of the fixed lens opening and closing aperture f-stop adjustment of a photo camera close-up shot with HUD animation
Woman Adjusting Smart Thermostat Gadget At Home
Close up view of man adjusts his suit. Slow motion
car mechanic replacing car wheel brake shoes of lifted automobile at repair service station
Man finger changing radio stations using smart multimedia touchscreen system for automobile, modern touch screen audio stereo system, transportation and vehicle concept, close up with selective focus
mysterious businessman in suit showing from dark, adjusting suit and tie, smiling and whispering, walking away on dark background
Woman wearing pyjamas walks into shot and adjusts wall mounted digital central heating thermostat control at home - shot in slow motion
In the Secure High-Level Laboratory Scientists in a Coverall Conducting a Research. Chemist Adjusts Samples in a Petri Dish with Pincers and then Examines Them Under Microscope.RED Cinema Camera
Moon Phases - Northern Hemisphere time-lapse video. Extremely detailed including libration, position angle, and smooth exposure adjustment to reveal Earthshine.
Wind turbines generate energy under blue sky. Professional workers adjust parameters of rotating propellers at offshore station backside view
Electric machine on table for working of sound designer or club dj at party in nightclub. Occupation for modern lifestyle, objects for listen at background. Musical player for tuning of stage close up
Young red-haired woman looks at her bionic prosthetic left hand and alternately flexes and unbends her fingers. Girl is adjusting the bionic prosthesis Bionics Cybernetic Robotic-arm Hand prosthesis.
Close up 30s woman in bathrobe freshen up herself in morning looking reflected in mirror touching healthy strong brown curly hairs feels happy. Haircare and styling, best hair products usage concept
Man Adjusting Smart Thermostat Gadget Settings At Home
Closeup of person hands on steering wheel driving car. Man driving a vehicle. Slow-motion 120fps driving commuting from work
Vintage receiver. Tuning analog radio dial frequency on scale.
Anonymous firefighter adjusting respirator while pouring water from hose during training in fire station yard
Heat radiator knob. Woman hand adjusting temperature on heating radiator
Adjusting aperture camera lens. The camera iris slowly opens and then closes. Aperture blades opening and closing slowly. Camera lens aperture close up.
Woman having chiropractic back and neck adjustment
Male electrician performs installation work
Young woman controlling room temperature with a smart thermostat at home. Medium shot. Smart home and smart heating system concept
Nurse or doctor preparing and adjusting infusion for young man patient in hospital or beauty salon. Healthcare, wellness and medicine concept
Businessman using laptop computer typing personal identity information while shopping digitally online and paying with credit card
Interior of a luxury new premium car. Close-up of the car door with wood trim and pink LED lighting, electric adjustment of the seats, power windows.
Insurance concept. Female insurance agent inspects damage to a man's car and makes notes on a tablet computer, during discussion with man. Woman with digital tablet inspecting broken car. 4K UHD.
Fingers adjust Gas boiler control panel for hot water and heating. Buttons and a digital display. Сoncept of home heating and heat conservation.
Mature woman wearing pyjamas walks into shot and adjusts wall mounted digital central heating thermostat control at home - shot in slow motion
Bricklayer finishes brick row, fills last gap in brickwork, distributes mortar, takes out brick, stacks it, adjusts it with trowel according to level, removes excess mortar, construction site
Male hand adjusts the tuning of the car radio
Handheld shot of a Caucasian man in a black suit, standing near an electric car that is charging and making time adjustments on a smartphone
a modern compass lying on a black desk with a red arrow that shows the direction. Concept of travel, adventure, expedition, business, choice and possibilities. 4k
Woman hand control radio or music in car in motion
Desktop Computer Monitor Standing on Height Adjustable Desk with a Green Screen Chromakey Mock Up Display. Cozy Empty Loft Apartment with a Lamp, Notebooks and Smartphone on the Table. Wide Shot.
The window installer adjusts the hinges and checks new windows in the cottage under construction. Ordering windows with golden layout and brown lamination for a private house. A worker in uniform
Person's Hand Adjusting Temperature On Thermostat To Control Heat In Central Home Heating System. Radiator near white wall. House in winter concept
maintenance and repair service engineer working with house gas heating boiler
Close up of mature woman wearing dressing gown using app on mobile phone to adjust digital central heating thermostat at home - shot in slow motion
Professional bearded car mechanic screwing details of car with special tool on lifted automobile at repair service station close up. Skillful man in uniform fixing car. Car service, repair maintenance
Adjusting Electric Oven Temperature by Turning the Oven Switch Close Up
Two Engineers/ Scientists/ Technicians in Sterile Cleanroom Suits Use Microscopes for Component Adjustment and Research. They Work in an Electronic Components Manufacturing Factory.
Close-up of hands putting stack of fresh white bath towels on the bed sheet. Room service maid cleaning hotel room macro closeup
Panning shot of women singing duet in band rehearsing in nightclub / Provo, Utah, United States
Macro man hand sticking plug to control desk in concert hall. Sound engineer preparing instrument in music studio. Unrecognizable person connecting amplifier indoor.
car mechanic replacing car wheel brake shoes of lifted automobile at repair service station
Woman patient wearing performant eeg headset scanning brain electrical activity in neurological research laboratory while medical researcher adjusting it, examining nervous system typing on tablet.
Repair bicycle by small boy in garage. Father helps attentive son to fix bike. Maintenance care and installation of bicycle. Dad explains to young cycle repairman indoors. Happy fatherhood and grow up
Beautiful mixed race African American girl biracial teenager young woman outside wearing and removing a face mask during COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic
Experiments with a laser in a science laboratory
Senior Hispanic man adjusting digital central heating thermostat in home - shot in slow motion
View of the control panel on a guitar amplifier. Tumblers, knobs and buttons. Male hand turn on and increasing music volume on amp. Colorful neon light. Macro view.
Portrait of a young attractive girl operating her robotic prosthesis, flexing and extending her fingers. Woman is controlling the bionic prosthesis. Bionics Cybernetic Robotic-arm Hand prosthesis.
Auto mechanic working underneath car lifting machine at the garage. Auto repair shop, Car service, repair.
Turning down the heating adjusting radiator valve in a room
Young woman setting smart home security system concept. Smiling lady pressing buttons using automated house safety, heating and electricity control easy secure technology in modern apartment.
Close-up of fingers of a hand. Leveling Sound On A Recorder. A professional DJ or producer turns up the volume of music in the studio on a mixing console. The artist makes creativity. Records a track
Asian male doctor adjusts artificial lungs ventilation machines.
Technician servicing an hot-water heater. Man check equipment of the boiler-house - thermometer.
cracking or adjusting the cervical vertebrae by turning the head in a special way by the chiropractor
The DJ is adjusting the volume of the sound. Professional audio mixing console
Indian woman getting ready infront of mirror by adjusting medical mask and sindoor or bindi during Diwali festival celebration - concept of new normal due to coronavirus or covid-19 pandemic
Sand Realistic Transition with Luma Matte. 3D Rendering. Transition of sand place on footage or background and easier to adjust color.
Digital energy push button of industrial automation equipment, Worker engineer man pressing red nuclear button atomic bomb or control panel electric production machinery equipment line. stop start 4 K
Young woman before leaving home put on surgical face mask standing in front of mirror in hallway, facemask mandatory in all public places due pandemic outbreak of covid. Personal safety, care concept
serious young man in black tuxedo crossing arms, holding hands in pockets, sensually looking to side and disappearing in the dark on black background in studio
Handheld shot of busy female paramedic in glasses adjusting IV drop while working with patient in ambulance, then looking at camera
Male hand adjusts the tuning of the car radio. Close up of young man Turning on radio and adjust music sound Volume in car. auto audio concept. High quality 4k footage
Young suspicious Caucasian man bends down to the camera, adjusts glasses, shakes head no sign trying to see something closeup vertical video isolated yellow background . High quality 4k footage
Cropped male doctor wearing gloves adjusting dental operation light in bright office
Indian woman enter alarm password on wall-mounted console system against thief. Young female set comfortable temperature adjusting degrees use AC in living room. Modern smart home and security concept
Businessman using laptop computer typing personal identity information while shopping digitally online and paying with credit card
Face portrait of attractive young woman smiling at the camera on the city street background. Close up
Crew member performing pre-flight inspection on a female astronaut space suit, rocket launch preparation check-up. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Red-haired attractive girl designer with a prosthetic limb is working on a project in her home office. Marks up drawings with a pencil and marker.
The woman smiles and holds a transparent plastic orthodontic device for bite correction
Editing director or TV producer mixing video cameras in a studio on a mixing console. Online broadcast. Hands of a cinematographer who worked on the vision mixer, switch the TV panel. Live broadcast
Close Up Of Mature Woman Adjusting Central Heating Temperature At Home On Thermostat
a man in a helmet engineer on the background of a solar power plant holding a digital tablet
Worker Configures Dairy Food Production Factory Machine With Control Panel. Worker Manually Setting Up Industrial Machine At Milk Production Factory. Worker Adjusts Machine Automation. Dairy Food
The cabinet maker tightens the adjustment screw on the cabinet door hinge in the kitchen. Installation and adjustment of cabinet doors.
Using a smartphone mobile device to Fill up the insurance claim while sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle car
Close up top view compas. Concept of travel, adventure, expedition, business, choice and possibilities.
Man explaining to inspector how the car accident happened. Car crash. Broken car. 4K UHD.
Woman Wearing Brainwave Scanning Headset Sits in a Chair while Scientist Adjusts the Device, Looks at Displays. In the Modern Brain Study Laboratory Monitors Show EEG Reading and Brain Model. 4K.
A female insurance agent taking photo of car accident on her smartphone. Two broken cars after car accident standing on the road. 4K UHD.
Close-up of a dentist removing a patient's tooth. Wisdom tooth extraction in a dental clinic.
A young male Barber adjusts the hair of a male client. Professional hair care products.
Close-up view of car interior. View of steering wheel of car control music. Expensive and rich interior of representative car.
Hands chiropractor palpate the vertebrae of the spine
Close up of woman rubbing moisturizer on face with washcloth in mirror / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
In a Secure High Level Laboratory Scientists in a Coverall Conducting a Research. Chemist Adjusts Samples in a Petri Dish with Pincers and then Examines Them Under Microscope. RED Cinema Camera.
Fluctuating high temperature on industrial digital display in red color  in science laboratory, chemical manufacturing, foundry. Closeup
Service engineer and coworker high-altitude installer with safety belts go down to windmill propeller fastened by ropes above plowed field aerial view
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