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Pitcher pitching a walk at a ball game
Close-up of left-handed pitcher holding ball behind his back, zoom-out to wind-up
Time-lapse supercell storm cloud
Standing adult Bible study group praying with joined hands
Overhead view of ultra-slow motion drop falling onto dark water and creating ring of ripples
Sunbeams forming cross behind dove flying in ultra-slow motion across frame
Apollo 11 - Armstrong on ladder, descending
Pastor closing sermon, congregation rising, zoom-in to praying pastor
Side view of congregation kneeling in pews and bowing heads
Seated congregation holding Bibles and listening to out-of-frame speaker
Over Washington DC cityscape at night, Washington Monument and Capitol in distance. Shot in 2011.
Marines advancing toward Baghdad, accompanied by armored vehicles
Happy female relay racers congratulating each other before turning to shake hands with rivals
Marines advancing over Iraqi terrain, firing automatic weapons
Tilt-up from wheel of stationary bicycle to woman cycling in spinning class
Close-up of women runners lined up at starting blocks and taking off to race
Lightning flashes out of a dark thunderstorm and a curtain of rain partially hides sunset glow above dark hills, time lapse
Dual tornadoes strike near Wakefield, Nebraska
Zoom-out from inmates in San Quentin Prison exercise yard to orbit of prison. Shot in 2010.
Women's kickboxing class, with zoom-in to close-up of one participant
Diagonal flight across The Strip toward Excalibur in Las Vegas. Shot in 2005.
Low flight over water approaching downtown Tampa, Florida
Church collection plate being passed down a row of seated congregants
Orbiting nearby casinos for a view of the Bellagio's water show in nighttime Las Vegas. Shot in 2008.
Line charge from U.S. tank exploding on an Iraqi road
Time-lapse clouds and lightning over prairie horizon
Close-up ultra-slow motion rain falling on a black umbrella
Dual tornadoes sweeping across farmland near Wakefield, Nebraska
Close-up of golf ball on tee and club head striking it in ultra-slow motion
Charismatic preacher speaking to out-of-frame congregation
High flight over suburban neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. Shot in 2007.
Ultra-slow motion raindrops falling on close-up serrated leaf
Child getting an ear exam in a Tanzanian clinic
Close orbit of the upper portion of the Statue of Liberty, Jersey City in background. Shot in 2011.
Burning house almost completely consumed by fire
Close-up face of smiling Peruvian girl at a produce market
Cinema film burn
Adult Bible study group seated around low table
Pastor speaking from top of wide steps to seated congregation
Football players in a huddle, camera looking up from center
Priest walking down the aisle in darkened nave of Catholic church
Opposing football players crashing into each other and falling down
Close orbit of casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada
Aerial zoom-out from Chicago's O'Hare Airport. Shot in 2003.
Flight past downtown Phoenix with view to distant mountains. Shot in 2007.
Military vehicles waiting while Iraqi roadway is cleared
Overhead shot of hole on green and golf ball going in
Flight over Boston Harbor with cityscape view. Shot in 2003.
Slow-motion close-up of base runner's cleats rounding third base
Flying over Paris Las Vegas to view the Bellagio's water show at night. Shot in 2008.
Close-up of ball in glove of left-handed pitcher
Woman kneeling in ray of sunlight in Catholic church
Flying over Memphis, Tennessee, at sunset with Mississippi River and West Memphis, Arkansas, in background
Ultra-slow motion shot of a bullfrog catching a cricket
Tree frog making ultra-slow motion leap across a small pool
Evening sunbeams forming cross behind dove flying upward in ultra-slow motion
White dove flying directly over camera into blue sky, slow motion
Tilt-up from legs to faces of women in a kickboxing class
Golf ball rolling from left to drop into close-up hole at right; hand retrieves ball
Sunbeams through stained glass windows in Catholic church, nun walking up aisle
Praying nun kneeling among sun rays in empty church
Maple seed "helicopters" spiraling downward in ultra-slow motion
Close view of standing congregation singing with closed eyes
Nun walking slowly up aisle of Catholic church, votive candles in foreground
Children trick or treating
Slow flight across downtown Dallas, Texas. Shot in 2007.
Wide orbit of Albuquerque with Sandia Mountains behind cityscape. Shot in 2008.
Flight past functioning nuclear power plant
Time-lapse dark thunder cloud accompanied by flickers of lightning
Close-up of opened Torah, man's hand reading lines with stylus
A wall torch burning in center of frame
Orbiting oil refinery
Flying over Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta. Shot in 2007.
Low angled close-up of opened Torah scroll, left to right fly-over of page
Repeated arcing from broken electrical cable
Iraqi citizens fleeing across partially destroyed bridge
Raging flames engulf the screen with occasional debris and thick black smoke
Close-up of young mother breast-feeding her newborn as nurse assists
Orbiting the Bellagio's water show in Las Vegas at night. Shot in 2008.
Raised view of high school hallway during a break between classes
Flight over neighborhood in Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Close up of a bald eagle as it turns it's head and stares into the distance
Massed gray clouds spilling rain roll away across the prairie, time lapse
Cinema film burn
Ultra-slow motion shot of bowling ball knocking down all ten pins
Altar boys and priest walking down aisle at beginning of Mass
Portrait of young Masai woman and child in Tanzania
A red planet shadows three glowing hexagons as it moves toward the left of frame and reveals two distant satellites
Time-lapse sunset to dark over Albuquerque, New Mexico
Flying through a glowing golden cloud into starry space
Elevated slow-motion rear view of batter hitting a line drive toward third base
Construction waste pours out of garbage truck
Seated congregation reading their Bibles
Young man in tux giving wrist corsage to girl in prom gown
Rustic lodge at night near Grants Pass, Oregon
Close-up of woman's hands holding rosary
Children trick or treating
Slow-motion shot of three firemen walking towards the camera with a smoldering structure in the background
Database scan of personal information for identity check
Nun kneeling among sun rays streaming through stained glass windows
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