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Doctor explain to older patient medical test result on tablet, use website gives recommendation about disease treatment medications show positive forecast. Medicine and modern tech usage app concept
Affectionate happy old adult woman grandmother and cute adorable small kid granddaughter make heart shape hand gesture. Look at camera bonding laughing showing family love concept, closeup portrait
Confident happy mature older 60s woman retail seller, entrepreneur, clothing store small business owner, supervisor looking at camera standing arms crossed in delivery shipping warehouse, portrait.
Senior mature older woman watching business training, online webinar on laptop computer remote working or social distance learning from home. 60s businesswoman video conference calling in virtual chat
Smiling mature grey-haired business woman laughing in office. Happy confident middle aged lady, attractive senior female professional coach, older executive leader close up face headshot portrait.
60s elderly female babysitter teach little girl to cook. Loving grandmother and small granddaughter prepare family recipe cake for event, stirring eggs make dough enjoy process. Hobby, cookery concept
Smiling 30s young adult man grown handsome son looking at camera hugging old mature 60s mom expressing love and care embracing cuddling on mothers day concept. 2 generations family closeup portrait
Beautiful smiling middle aged adult woman looking at camera stand indoors. Confident happy attractive mature older 50s retired female teacher lady posing at home in office. Close up face portrait
Smiling beautiful older adult lady looking at camera sit on sofa alone at home, healthy happy middle aged senior retired woman grandma feel satisfied posing for close up view portrait in living room
Excited happy mature old 60s woman customer winner holding smartphone using mobile app winning online lottery bid, celebrating success, receiving gift voucher on cell phone sitting on couch at home.
Serious focused middle aged hoary physician in medical coat sitting at table, consulting female patient about illness or surgery. Rear view young woman listening to old doctor at checkup meeting.
Smiling professional mature business woman wears glasses using laptop computer sits at workplace desk. Happy senior older employee 60s businesswoman executive working typing on pc at home from office.
Happy middle aged family couple meeting female real estate agent, financial advisor or lawyer, discussing contract details, making agreement at office. Satisfied client shaking hands with saleswoman.
Authentic Super 8 Film Frame Scan with Lens Flare, Light Leaks and Film Grain for Overlays. Create the retro vintage look with your digital footage. With authentic camera sound.
Grateful loving young adult man grown-up son embracing mature older elderly mum visiting retired parent at home. Happy two age generations family hugging expressing tenderness, respect and care concep
Middle aged senior older woman elearning online concept, watching business training class, live webinar on laptop computer remote working, social distance learning, writing notes from home office.
Older professional mature business woman using laptop computer sitting at workplace desk. Happy senior older employee 60s grey-haired businesswoman executive working typing on pc at home from office
Close up pensive deep in sad thoughts elderly man with cane sit indoors looking out the window think about disability feels lonely. Nostalgy, aging, Parkinson disease patient at nursing home concept
Super 8 frame authentic film scan with sprocket hole and dynamic sun lens flare. Great for overlays for the vintage retro look for digital footage. With authentic camera sound.
Happy relaxed dreamy middle aged older woman relax hold hands behind head sitting at home, calm mature adult lady smiling face rest dream alone enjoy comfort stress free peace of mind, close up view
Happy 2 two generations women family with dental smiles hugging laughing posing at home. Cheerful young adult grown daughter embracing mature middle aged 50s mom bonding on couch. Close up portrait
Close up wrinkled male hands writing information in medical registration journal. Old mature doctor therapist working at office, using healthcare software application on computer, handwriting notes.
Close up middle aged older male doctor in white uniform holding digital computer tablet in hands, managing patients visits. Mature physician checking health history data in gadget, using modern app.
Caring affectionate young adult man grown son coming to mature middle aged mother sit on chair covering older parent with warm plaid blanket hugging relaxed senior mum showing care support at home
Close up hands of therapist GP and patient, doctor strokes arm of ill woman consoling after news about incurable disease, touch palm express empathy, showing care provide psychological support concept
Thoughtful serious doubtful smart senior middle aged old woman looking away thinking of future vision, problem or question, business challenges, feeling doubt, sitting at home office work desk.
Cheerful older 60s woman looking talking to camera conference calling at home. Smiling senior mature adult lady grandmother speak to webcam do video chat communicate online sit on sofa, web cam view
Dark-haired Caucasian athlete rising up his leg while exercising on yoga mat in living room. Funny sportsman of 50s in yellow t-shirt touching mustache while working out indoor. Training concept
Senior older business woman distance teacher, online coach, lawyer, consultant talking working with documents, making video conference call virtual chat meeting on laptop working from home in office.
Mature older woman virtual psychologist teacher consulting patient teaching student looking talking to camera make conference call recording video training sit on sofa at home office, webcam view
Focused young female cardiologist listening heartbeat of old senior male patient at checkup meeting in clinic office. Skilled 30s woman doctor checking lungs of mature middle aged man in hospital.
Active elderly 60s grandmother dancing barefoot in wooden floor underfloor heat system with little granddaughter in warm modern kitchen, family listen music having fun together at home. Hobby concept
Authentic Super 8 frame scanned from film for overlays and vintage effects.
Happy old senior woman grandmother video conference calling talking enjoying social distance party, virtual family online chat meeting with grandchildren or friends using laptop computer at home.
Sad middle aged woman sit alone feel depressed lonely. Upset mature single lady thinking of health problem divorce solitude. 50 year old female suffer from melancholy loneliness mental disorder
Smiling middle aged old woman relaxing holding digital tablet reading e book sit on sofa at home, senior adult lady enjoying using computer pad apps browsing internet shopping on couch in living room
Happy loving adult grown son embrace old middle aged mother sit covered with warm blanket on chair drink tea on cozy weekend at home. Two 2 age generations hugging look at camera posing for portrait
Smiling handsome middle aged 50s single man looking at camera standing at home, happy satisfied confident senior mature european male model posing indoors for close up face headshot portrait.
Tired elderly 55s man sit at desk take off glasses rest from laptop work blink rubs nose bridge reduces eyestrain after long modern device usage. Vision problems, laser eye surgery for seniors concept
Happy middle aged woman relaxing on cozy sofa, talking on smartphone with friends. Excited elderly lady chatting sharing news on mobile phone with grown up children, resting in living room alone.
Cheerful middle aged mature mom and young adult grown-up daughter laughing. 2 two generations women hugging sit on sofa at home. Happy joyful family enjoy sincere laughter embracing cuddling at home
Close up older mom and grownup daughter happy faces seen through joined fingers making heart gesture, multigenerational family smiling look at camera feeling love enjoy moment. Bond, affection concept
Relaxed middle aged mature old mother and young adult daughter talk drink tea on sofa. Happy 2 two generation women family chatting. Mom and grown child enjoy trust friendly honest conversation
Happy elderly mom and daughter make a heart shape hand gesture. Look at camera bonding laughing showing family love concept, closeup portrait.
Happy cheerful older stylish small business owner, female fashion designer laughing at workplace, close up headshot portrait. Smiling 60s senior lady dressmaker looking at camera in modern atelier.
Side view smiling young female patient shaking hands with happy middle aged mature male doctor in white uniform, thanking for help or feeling excited about healthcare treatment results at meeting.
Senior Hispanic Couple At Home With Laptop Having Video Chat With Family
Physical Exercises and Sport Work Out at Gym Room. 50s or 60s Elderly Man Training Healthy Body Close Up. Workout of Old People for Athlete Muscles Inside Fitness Hall. Session of Physical Activity
Multi Generation Family Enjoying Meal Around Table At Home
Senior old grey-haired woman grandmother holding digital tablet video conference calling talking with doctor or family during social distance virtual visit in online telemedicine chat meeting at home.
Caring affectionate mature old mum happy face hugging adult grown young son expressing mothers love and care enjoying cuddling embracing. Two generations family sweet tender relationship concept
Cheerful Caucasian male and female retro style models stretching muscles while standing in room. Funny couple of man and woman exercising at home near sofa. Indoor pair workout at home. 50s concept
Happy relaxed older adult granny embracing preschool child granddaughter cuddling bonding rest on couch at home. Affectionate 2 two age generations family grandparent and grandkid enjoy time together
Happy old senior woman grandmother waving hand holding digital tablet video conference calling talking enjoying social distance party, virtual family online chat meeting with grandchildren at home.
Chest-up shot of 50-something Caucasian lady with cropped grey hair sitting on couch at home, holding invisible smartphone in outstretched hand, waving and chatting enthusiastically on video call
Mature husband and wife cycling and having fun on bikes in the suburbs
Happy older spouses receive professional consultation from insurer during formal meeting in office. Bank employee provide help informing to elderly clients. Mortgage, loan, insurance services concept
Cheerful intergenerational family make funny faces glasses laugh look at camera. Cute small girl granddaughter, old grandma and young daughter mom having fun. Happy 3 generation women family portrait.
Happy middle aged mature woman holding smart phone looking at cellphone screen playing mobile games using social media apps in smartphone sit on couch at home, older people and technology concept
Upset depressed mature old woman crying alone at home thinking of loneliness or grief, sad middle aged senior woman in tears worried about health problems mourning feeling lonely miserable concept
Smiling confident stylish mature mid aged woman standing at home office. Successful old senior businesswoman, 50s proud lady executive business leader manager looking at camera arms crossed, portrait.
Three generation women oiling each other's hair - healthy hair. Indian family bonding. Medium shot of an adorable little girl combing her doll's hair - stylish haircare and fashion concept
Happy middle aged mature businesswoman executive teacher looking at camera talking, smiling older senior business coach recording training webinar teach online make video conference call, webcam view
Smiling older mature business woman employer hr manager staffing holding cv checking male candidate resume asking questions during job interview office meeting, work placement and recruitment concept
Confident mature middle aged woman retail seller, entrepreneur, clothing store small business owner walking in delivery dropshipping warehouse storage holding parcel boxes preparing ship delivery.
Mature older woman seller entrepreneur, clothing store online dropshipping small business owner talking with customer confirming ecommerce parcel order on laptop in postal delivery shipping warehouse.
A happy mature older woman finishing her workday at home. Smiling 60s middle-aged businesswoman closes a laptop, takes off her glasses, and reclining in a chair.
Active 60s grandma joyful 10s grandkid having fun in kitchen dancing listen rock music pretend be superstar, kid shake head imagine play guitar enjoy carefree weekend with granny. Home hobby concept
One Attractive Aging Woman Take in Hand Pill and Looking at her Close-up. Portrait Aged 60s Lady Holding Medicine Capsule. Concept Old Human and Healthy Quality Life. Analyzing and Industry Medication
Confident male manager in formal wear walking in corridor with pleasant middle aged 60s female company boss leader, discussing working issues or enjoying pleasant informal conversation in office.
Happy older middle aged mature woman looking at camera sitting alone at home, smiling positive beautiful adult senior retired lady attractive face relaxing in living room laughing posing for portrait
Smiling mature grey-haired business woman sits at workplace table. Confident middle aged lady, senior female professional coach, older executive leader close up face headshot portrait in office.
Mature woman wearing pyjamas walks into shot and adjusts wall mounted digital central heating thermostat control at home - shot in slow motion
Caring senior mature beautiful mom hugging adult grown young daughter enjoying cuddling embracing with eyes closed, two generations women family reunion and sweet tender mothers love concept, closeup
Annoyed middle aged mature woman feel frustrated suffer from insomnia uncomfortable bad mattress lying awake in bed, upset senior old lady insomniac trying to sleep disturbed toss and turn in bedroom
Senior stylish woman working at the computer at home. Focused cool lady freelancer writing notary in notepad.
Portrait of pleased old female patient and young reliable therapist GP doctor pose in clinic office smile look at camera. Medical appointment, professional consultation at hospital, elder care concept
50s grey haired wife and husband hold hands while listen music sing song using kitchenware like microphones enjoy karaoke together standing in kitchen feels happy. Hobby, untroubled retirees concept
Happy senior old male doctor in medic coat and eyeglasses using smartphone, sitting at workplace. Focused middle aged physician consulting clients online via mobile healthcare application in office.
Happy mother and grandmother sitting on the sofa and hugging their sweet girl. Medium shot of a cheerful Indian mother, grandmother, and adorable child posing for the camera - Happy family
Happy old 50s couple wearing aprons having fun drinking wine talking, preparing meal in kitchen at home. Smiling senior mid aged husband and wife embracing, laughing, cooking, celebrating together.
Happy senior old adult granny teaching small cute granddaughter learning knitting needles.Two generations family grandparent and little grandchild, having fun enjoying handcraft hobby concept at home
Sick mature adult woman in pain hold belly stomach feel hurt abdomen ache gastritis pancreatitis symptom sit on bed, upset old senior lady suffer from indigestion flatulence abdominal problem concept
Smiling attractive sophisticated 50s middle aged blond business woman looking at camera. Happy older mid age beautiful blonde lady close up face front headshot portrait on grey background.
Switch on tuning an old tube vintage TV set than switch off. Wooden style retro Tv set with switchers. Old Fashioned TV Turns On. Green screen chromakey. Reflections on screen
Middle aged smiling businesswoman watching diverse young businessmen in eyeglasses shaking hands after coming to agreement at negotiation meeting. Pleasant business people establishing partnership.
Real film grain and light flares from a Super 8 camera for overlays on digital footage. Dirt, grain and scratches to add an analog feel. Authentic 70s era home movie camera. 100D reversal color stock
Empty wooden swing slightly moving, hangs with a rope between trees, outdoor. Peaceful green sunny day, calmness, no people. 10bit, 422
Happy beautiful older middle aged woman look at camera hold tea cup drink coffee sit on sofa alone at home, senior adult retired lady grandma. Dental smile pose for portrait on couch in living room
Active senior husband and wife having fun doing cardio exercise and running together outdoors
Young beautiful slim woman and her older active lively mother wear fluffy festive skirts dancing barefoot on carpet in cozy modern living room at home. Carefree family weekend, hobby and fun concept
Old senior middle aged woman grandmother holding cell phone video conference calling in mobile app talking with social distance family or doctor in virtual online chat meeting on smartphone at home.
COVID-19 Shelter at Home Pharmacy Delivery Man with Gloves and Mask Leaves Medication on Porch WS.
Sad depressed miserable mature older adult woman crying mourning, upset stressed middle aged lady in tears alone at home think of loneliness upset about solitude suffering from grief sorrow concept
Close up focused senior male therapist gesturing, giving healthcare advice to young woman. Female patient listening to older senior doctor explaining treatment during checkup visit in clinic office.
Stressed senior couple use e-bank app on laptop check utilities, feels shocked about unpaid taxes bank debt, having conflict discuss money overspend, high domestic bills, financial problems concept
Upset tired old mature woman feel pain coping with morning headache concept, fatigued dizzy frustrated senior middle aged lady touch head suffer from migraine vertigo high blood pressure sit on bed
Fit active retired middle aged wife helping senior husband doing stretching exercise at home. Happy healthy older senior 60s couple enjoying fitness sport training workout together in apartment.
A gorgeous elderly woman is posing to photographer isolated over gray background in studio
Loving adult daughter hugging mature mum on mothers day looking at camera. Smiling grown child embracing middle aged beautiful mommy bonding together on sofa. Two 2 age generations family portrait
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