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Close up portrait 25s African American woman show heart sign make symbol with hands feels grateful smile looks at camera standing indoors. Love support demonstration, volunteering, donation, good deed
Millennial female technician ecologist looking up at treetops, Young indian woman in hardhat with clipboard taking measures checking trees. Forestry engineer in park. Supervising wildlife sanctuary
Indian married woman with Duppata on head smiling and standing with husband - Farmer couple. Rural couple in traditional wear cheerfully posing for the camera standing in their green farm outdoors
Cute little girl happily playing with her father on a tree swing during leisure time. Indian farmer spending quality time with his daughter in their agricultural field - happy family, parenting
Camera zooms in on the face: a portrait of a smiling charismatic African American against a white background; he smiles and looks straight into the camera. Black man with dreadlocks 25-30 years old
Happy Chinese New Year reunion dinner Oriental families
Extreme macro close up view part smiling attractive 30s Indian ethnicity woman face, happy eyes looking at camera. Positive emotions, skin care anti aging treatment, eyesight surgery, lenses concept
buying agreement contract signature and hand shaking between young couple and professional finance business man in office
Cheerful Indian village family standing in front of their mustard (Sarso) field. Medium shot of a married couple with their little daughter, smiling and posing towards the camera - village scene
An affectionate Indian mother patting her little daughter to sleep at night. A pretty babysitter hugging cuddling a sweet girl child while lying down on the bed - improves immunity, sleep pattern...
Football fans cheering while watching televised match in bar
A young village farmer taking his girl child to school. Beti bachao beti padhao. An Indian father and his school-age daughter in uniform - walking on a mud road. Girl child education
Three generation women oiling each other's hair - healthy hair. Indian family bonding. Medium shot of an adorable little girl combing her doll's hair - stylish haircare and fashion concept
Village scene - Beautiful married woman walking through a field with a clay pot. Long shot of an Indian woman in a traditional saree carrying a pot of drinking water from a tubewell for her housework
A happy middle-aged village lady typing using a laptop for the first time - Modern village home in India. A pretty cheerful young woman accessing the internet while sitting in her kitchen - new t...
Mother putting tilak on young daughter's forehead - Celebration at home. Festive colorful background. Indian stock footage of nuclear family celebrating Diwali festival at home - Mother-daughter pe...
Caucasian family of four people chatting and decorating easter eggs at home. Shot with RED helium camera in 8K
Happy mother and grandmother sitting on the sofa and hugging their sweet girl. Medium shot of a cheerful Indian mother, grandmother, and adorable child posing for the camera - Happy family
The grandson to send New Year gift for grandma and grandpa
Closeup shot of a young man using a medical mask during the Covid-19 pandemic. Handsome Indian guy wears a surgical mask and shows a thumbs-up sign to protect himself from coronavirus
Educated Indian farmer learning new things on a laptop - technology concept. Young villager using laptop and internet while sitting on a Charpai - Indian agricultural field in the background
Beautiful Indian mother and daughter celebrating the Indian festival - Diwali Concept. Mother and daughter decorating their house together. Beautifully decorated house with candles, lights, and flo...
Young woman busy over a phone call while doing work from home on her laptop. Beautiful Indian lady in formal wear, working on her PC while talking on a smartphone - technology concept
Head shot beautiful good-looking 30s 35s female having wide charming toothy smile standing indoor looking at camera. Happy business woman, hr, blogger, professional occupation person portrait concept
Portrait of smiling young man with stubble enjoying playing a video game. Closeup shot of excited Indian male playing a modern game with good graphics while relaxing in the bedroom
A female doctor wearing a face mask talking to her patient in the clinic. Medium shot of a young Indian medical practitioner in a white uniform prescribing medicines during Coronavirus outbreak
A young family - Father, mother, and an infant spending time in their bedroom. Busy parents hugging cuddling their little daughter - a newborn baby, leisure time, happy parenting, a happy childho...
A middle-aged lady and her cute daughter of a village browsing a mobile together - Rural village home in India. A beautiful little girl and her mother spending time at home - leisure time, mother-c...
Woman in front of group of young caucasian people manifesting against war in Ukraine. Shot with RED helium camera in 8K.
Cheerful caring physician listening calmly to a patient - senior citizen healthcare. Mature lady and her female family doctor having a conversation during a regular checkup appointment at the hospital
Two young doctors discussing the disease history of a patient outside the hospital. Indian medical professionals wearing white coat consulting on patient's medical records while standing in a hospi...
Pretty Indian girl enjoying singing while looking at the camera during leisure time. Portrait shot of a beautiful young female happily singing her favorite songs while sitting at home
Cheerful caucasian family of four people decorating easter eggs at home. Shot with RED helium camera in 8K
Young woman crying looking at the camera in slow motion. Tears comes out of an eyes
Indian village family standing against the Sarso field with a dream house model. Medium shot of a village couple desiring a new house while their daughter is holding a model hut - new home
A young attractive boy removes his protective medical mask to breathe fresh air. Closeup of an Indian guy takes off his surgical mask during the Covid-19 pandemic against the white background
Disappointed Indian farmer sitting with frustration in his agricultural field. Medium shot of a worried middle-aged farm laborer unhappy with the crop growth cultivation work
Beautiful Indian bride wearing red Lehenga with Chuda for her wedding. Medium shot of a cheerful and smiling bride slowly lifting her ghoonghat or veil - Hindu wedding
A loving mother caring for her sick daughter suffering from flu lying on the sofa . Medium shot of an Indian mom checking her daughter's body temperature - Sick teenager and caring mother
Indian lady doing hair and head massage at-home - hair care. Closeup shot of a lovely female with long curly hair rubbing the oil in her palms to massage her hair - relaxation concept
Adorable Indian couple doing housekeeping duties together during the lockdown. Attractive young boyfriend cleaning the table while his girlfriend is setting the cushions on the couch - lifestyle co...
A close-up shot of an Indian mother making her child wear the mask properly. A mom and her little one, wearing a mask, to protect themselves from the virus while at home - An Urban lifestyle
Portrait of an unhappy Indian guy coughing hard - common symptoms of Covid-19. A young attractive man coughs and keeps his fist near his mouth - Chinese coronavirus outbreaks in India
Affectionate Indian village couple standing indoors while smiling for the camera. Closeup shot of a traditional woman in Saree and man in Kurta-Pyjama during the night - Happy nuclear family
Businessman jumps over car in parking lot, slow motion
Aerial view of young woman with surfboard at the beach, Kedungu beach, Bali, Indonesia
Headshot portrait 25s Indian woman show heart sign make symbol with hands feels grateful smile looks at camera standing indoors. Love support demonstration, volunteering, donation, good deed concept
Sick Indian woman in a surgical mask busy over a video call - lifestyle concept. Young female happily doing a video call to her family and friends during the Covid-19 pandemic time in India
Saudi man is feeling happy
Cheerful Indian female enjoying talking to friends relatives on a mobile video call. Medium shot of a lively teenager doing a video conference call using her smartphone - modern technology concept
A little adorable schoolgirl brings a bouquet of colorful flowers for her mother - mother's day celebration, and parent-child bonding. A pretty female hugging and cuddling with her little daughter.
Football fans celebrating victory while watching televised match in bar
Young attractive farmer happily standing in his field while folding his hands. Medium shot of an Indian boy wearing kurta pajama and safa standing in his village farm
Mixed-raced couple relaxing in sofa, embracing each other
SLO MO CU Woman's hand holding baby son (6-11 months)
Sports fans watching football match on TV in sports bar, rear view
Portrait of a bearded Indian man doing yes gesture while looking at the camera. An attractive young guy in a casual t-shirt, saying yes by nodding/shaking his head - facial expressions concept
Active young Indian executives wearing headsets while working - Call center support staff in night shift
South Indian family dressed in traditional wear is celebrating Diwali at home - Happy Family. Family spending time together, eating sweets and celebrating Diwali - Festive colorful background with ...
Focused young Indian girl with blue headphones talking on a conference call. Lady student doing e-learning while making an online video call through computer webcam - distance education concept
Point of view shot of a pretty Indian girl doing a business video call via laptop. Webcam view of a beautiful young female busy over video conferencing with her colleagues - lifestyle concept
Attractive friendly-looking male looking at the webcam to greet friends or relatives. Medium shot of a young Indian man wearing casual clothes in a video conference - work from home
Couple at side of the road contacting insurance companies on mobile phones after traffic accident - shot in slow motion
Point of view shot of a handsome Indian man having a video chat on his mobile. Phone's camera view of a cheerful young guy happily doing a video call with his friends - distance communication concept
Young woman teleworking from home and watching baby girl
Plumber inspects joints underneath sink. Shot on Canon 5D Mk2 at at a frame rate of 25 fps
Side view shot of an Indian man's hands doing work from home on his laptop. Closeup shot of a young businessperson's hands typing on his laptop's keyboard - technology concept
Track runners at finish line, slow motion
Portrait of a happy North Indian man smiling while twisting his mustache . A handsome Sikh guy fixing his blue turban and twirling his mustache while looking in the mirror confidently
Professional boxer doing push-ups in dark smoky gym. Athlete training in elastic bandages. Sport concept in slow motion. Silhouette on dark background
Indian father making his upset child comfortable - childhood sad moments. The angry daughter sitting on a sofa while her dad consoling her - Indian parenting
Friends taking picture
Handheld shot of colleagues planning over adhesive notes on whiteboard in office
Rear view of young caucasian woman laying on couch with colorful socks. She puts her feet on table and relaxes. The girl watches TV and holds remote control
Baseball player hitting ball, slow motion
Cowboy roping at sunset, slow motion
A cute little toddler sleeping peacefully on her father's chest at home. A young Indian dad lovingly kissing his daughter's forehead while resting on the bed - affectionate, relationship and bondin...
Successful Indian farmer counting some five hundred rupees Indian currency notes in his field. Medium shot of a middle-aged cheerful farmer showing thumbs-up gesture after calculating his income
MS Parents with daughter (12-17 months) eating ice creams / Sussex, UK
A pretty pregnant woman drinking a glass of milk - nutritious food. An Indian expectant lady gently stroking her hand on her stomach while sitting on a comfortable sofa - future parent, baby bump
Colleagues having a meeting
Good-looking modern 25-30-aged modern guy with well-groomed beard in jeans wears sitting in front of his auto's helm and applying navigator
Young father and his little daughter wearing a medical mask - COVID-19 spread . Caring Indian dad helping his little girl-child to wear her mask properly - health and medical
An attractive female farmer in a traditional Sari learning to write - Shiksha, Beti padao beti bachao, education . A rural married woman studying at home - an Indian village, a rural household
Modern and educated female in Indian village home - An attractive Indian villager in a traditional Saree using a debit card. A married housewife using her mobile to make an online purchase
A government employee instructing a village lady for a government scheme - modern village family, government policy, insurance policy . A village woman in a traditional Sari and a sweet girl child
An attractive lady from an Indian village counting money - an Independent woman, monthly income, saving, financial literacy . A rural lady in traditional Saree holding two hundred and five hundred
A young man and a woman dispensing flags at a political rally
A smiling Indian farmer talking on mobile while standing near a green farmland. Medium shot of a happy villager wearing kurta-pajama, busy over a phone call - modern technology
A happy Indian mother combing  brushing her adorable son's hair at home. A young boy in casual clothes using a smartphone while sitting on the sofa - online addiction, an electronic device, leisur...
Group of people are watching a green screen mock-up film screening in a movie cinema theater. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Smiling young woman wearing a printed apron while standing with her folded arms. Medium shot of a confident modern home chef holding a wooden spatula while standing in the kitchen
Indian teenager giving medicines to her mother suffering from cancer. Medium shot of a sick woman wearing a headscarf taking her prescribed pills while recovering after chemotherapy
Wife Asks Forgiveness From Her Husband - She Talks Kindly To Him And Apologizes Lying In Bed In The Evening
Handsome man is paying transport ticket with mobile phone.
Overhead view of baseball player sliding into home plate
A young attractive man gardening a little sapling with his son in a park - ecology concept. Cute little boy helping his father in planting the tree while working together in a garden - Go green con...
Stopwatch icon. Stopwatch vector that sets the working time at various times.
Pretty village woman holding her Pallu Ghunghat while sitting in her kitchen - Indian Village home. Young Indian housewife in traditional Saree cheerfully looking sideways to the camera - rural l...
Indian village family watching their favorite TV serial together at home. Medium shot of a married couple with their small daughter spending free time together - togetherness and entertainment
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