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Munich  Germany - September 2020: Allianz Arena, Bayern FC home stadium.
Frankfurt, Germany - September 2020: Waldstadion, home stadium of the football club Eintracht Frankfurt
Frankfurt / Germany - September 2020: Waldstadion, home stadium of the football club Eintracht Frankfurt
AERIAL France-Millau Viaduct 2006: Millau bridge
AERIAL France-Tgv At Speed 2006: Slow TGV train - gets faster
Los Angeles, CA - CIRCA February 2006: Heavy traffic on Freeway produces many thousands of pounds of CO2 emissions everyday
Los Angeles, CA - CIRCA February 2006: Sitting in the hot California sun on the traffic riddled freeway, blasting the air conditioner and grooving to the radio, is the official state past time.
GLASGOW, SCOTLAND - CIRCA OCTOBER 2013: Clyde Arc bridge crossing the river Clyde circa October 2013 in Glasgow. The bridge is known locally as the 'Squinty Bridge' and was opened in 2006
AERIAL France-Tgv Through Tunnel 2006: TGV train into tunnel west of Grenoble could be reversed?
KENYA - CIRCA 2006: Unidentified African woman walks up a street followed by toddlers circa 2006 in Kenya.
Partial orbit of UN Building, looking toward East River. Shot in 2006.
AERIAL France-Puy De Dome Area Of Old Volcanoes 2006: Volcanoes with wooded sides at Puy de Dome volcano region
Frankfurt  Germany - September 2020: Waldstadion, home stadium of the football club Eintracht Frankfurt
AERIAL France-Toulouse-Blagnac Airport 2006: Looking down on two A380 jets at Airbus Industries
KENYA - CIRCA 2006: Unidentified mother holds her baby circa 2006 in Kenya.
New York, NY - CIRCA 2006: Times Square is home to Broadway and the most popular plays and musicals of the day
AERIAL United Kingdom-Emirates Stadium 2006: New Arsenal Emirates football Stadium and surrounding area including Finsbury park, zooming in to look onto football pitch within stadium
Rome, September 14, 2019: CDs and artwork of JAY-Z. rapper, entrepreneur, American record producer. 3d effect of the album cover of KINGDOM COME from 2006
NEW DELHI, INDIA- AUGUST 7, 2006: Kids fly kites at dusk from a rooftop in New Delhi, India
NEW ENGLAND - CIRCA JANUARY 2006: City snowplow plowing residential street in snowstorm
Paris, France - CIRCA June, 2006: People sit at an outdoor table talking and smoking at a cafe during dusk
Birthday cake with white burning candles in the form of number 2006
AERIAL France-European Parliament 2006: Parliament building in Strasbourg
Los Angeles, CA - CIRCA February 2006: Heavy traffic on Freeway results in 93 hours of delays per person every year.
Los Angeles, CA - CIRCA February 2006: Heavy traffic on a freeway is the reason why Californians spend more time in traffic than any other state.
AERIAL France-Approaching Paris Across Saint-Cloud Park 2006: Suburbs SW Paris - St Cloud
AERIAL France-Low Approach And Reveal Millau Viaduct 2006: Millau bridge reveal from behind hill
AERIAL Ireland-Dublin Harbour 2006: Dublin Bay
MACAU - SEP 2017: People play on slot machines at Grand Lisboa hotel. Macau is a resort city in Southern China with casinos and luxury hotels. Its gaming revenue has been the worlds largest since 2006
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 29, 2006 - Notting Hill carnival. Procession of  percussions and drums in costume
New York, NY - CIRCA March 2006: A wide shot of an electronic billboard that scrolls the days current stock prices
AERIAL United Kingdom-Wembley 2006: From close up of the arch of New Wembley Stadium to reveal wide of the stadium
AERIAL United Kingdom-Cairngorms Sw Of Braemar 2006: Mountains towards Braemar. Sun breaking through cloud in distance
AERIAL United Kingdom-Chatsworth House 2006: Closer shot of main house
AERIAL France-Carcassonne 2006: Fortified town of Carcassonne
AERIAL France-French Nuclear Submarine Entering Toulon 2006: French nuclear submarine ship
AERIAL France-Reims Cathedral 2006: Reims cathedral
AERIAL France-Revealing Marseille From Notre-Dame De La Garde 2006: Wide Marseille
LIVINGSTONE, ZAMBIA - 5/23/2006 Slow Motion Bungee from Victoria Falls
ZHONGSHAN China-August 2,2021:bottle of cola special for 2006 World Cup hosted in Germany rotating on white.
PARIS, FRANCE - AUGUST 2006: View of Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France
KENYA - CIRCA 2006: Unidentified kids play doctor circa 2006 in Kenya.
KOM OMBO, EGYPT - JANUARY 12, 2006: Crocodile-headed god Sobek at the Temple of Kom Ombo
AERIAL France-Toulouse-Blagnac Airport 2006: Looking down on two A380 jets at Airbus Industries
AERIAL France-Eurostar Approaching Channel Tunnel 2006: Eurostar train through frame by small station
AERIAL United Kingdom-Norwich Market 2006: Close view of Norwich Market Place
AERIAL France-Vulture Flying Alongside Escarprment 2006: Through gap in rocky crag in Gorges du Tarn
New York, NY - CIRCA 2006: A staple of manhattan life is finding a classic deli on almost every corner in any neighborhood
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - June 10, 2017: The main blast iron furnace inside the now abandoned Carrie Furnace, which shut down in 1978. It was added to the National Historic Landmark registry in 2006
Paris, France - CIRCA June, 2006: View of the Eiffel Tower with a picturesque cloudy sky behind it as seen from the street between some classic buildings
Flight from 40 Wall Street to view of the Empire State Building. Shjot in 2006.
Eiffel Tower circa 2006 in Paris.
Statue of Liberty stands in front of time-lapse clouds circa 2006 in New York.
AERIAL France-Take Off With Helicopter Shadow 2006: Helicopter shadow on Montpellier runway
AERIAL France-Vercingretorex Memorial 2006: Vercingetorix Statue and site of battle at Alise St Reine
AERIAL France-Rocamadour 2006: Rocamadour and monastery built on cliff and steep valley
AERIAL France-Flight Over Chateau De Chambord 2006: Chateau Chambord approach, tight and low, then rising up and pan round
AERIAL France-Chateau Du Haut-Koenigsbourg 2006: Haut Koenigsbourg castle in late afternoon sun
AERIAL France-Chateau De Fontainebleau 2006: Fontainebleau Palace
AERIAL France-Flight Circling Puilaurens Castle 2006: Cathar castle at Puilaurens
AERIAL France-High Overhead Aix-En-Provence 2006: Wide shot Aix en Provence
AERIAL France-Le Havre 2006: Le Havre town, wide, looking down on layout
AERIAL France-Panning Across Millau Viaduct 2006: Millau bridge
Kenya - Circa 2006: Close up view of unidentified little kids and a baby as they smile at camera circa 2006 in Kenya.
KENYA - CIRCA 2006: Unidentified little Kenyan children play soccer circa 2006 in Kenya.
GLENDALE, ARIZONA/UNITED STATES- JANUARY 30,2017: 4K UltraHD View of University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale [Glendale] Opened in 2006, it houses the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League
Los Angeles, CA - CIRCA February, 2006: Wide view of billboards in front of a busy highway as seen during dusk
Tokyo, Japan - CIRCA November, 2006: Traffic drives past the camera in a busy intersection with many large billboards during the evening rush hour
The Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet  is flying high in the blue sky, Austria, December 2006, Panasonic AJ-HDC20, 2/3 ", 4:2:2, 1080i60
KENYA - CIRCA 2006: Group of unidentified kids play soccer circa 2006 in Kenya.
MUNICH - JUNE 27: Brazilian soccer fans celebrating during the FIFA World Cup on June 27, 2006 in Munich, Germany.
New York, NY - CIRCA March 2006: Pan in the same direction of the as the flow of an electronic stock ticker displays the current prices of select stocks
Los Angeles, CA - CIRCA February 2006: So many cars on the road. There is much traffic on the freeway. All commuters remain frustrated.
A tricycle is a motorcycle with two front wheels and one rear wheel, parked on the street in the city of Spain. Shot in motion
TOULON, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 24, 2019: Amphibious assault ship Mistral in the port of Toulon. Commissioned in 2006, it is the lead ship of the Mistral-class amphibious assault ships
Hamburg HSV Soccer stadium called Volksparkstadion - CITY OF HAMBURG, GERMANY - MAY 14. 2022
KENYA - CIRCA 2006: Close up of African toddlers circa 2006 in Kenya.
AERIAL United Kingdom-Felixstowe Container Port 2006: Container port
AERIAL France-Reims Cathedral 2006: Close shot of west front on Reims cathedral
AERIAL France-Gu\x86\xA9Thary 2006: Biarritz looking north along coast v hotels and villas
AERIAL France-Chartes Cathedral 2006: Chartres Cathedral
AERIAL France-Chateau D'Issan 2006: Chateau d'Issan and vineyard Bordeaux
AERIAL France-Flight Past The Pont Du Gard 2006: Pont du Gard - Roman bridge and aqueduct
AERIAL France-Opal Coast 2006: Beach to the south of Hardelot-Plage, waves breaking, long sandy stretch, diagonal pan
AERIAL United Kingdom-Newmarket And Racing Stables 2006: Racing stables and racecourse at Newmarket
AERIAL France-Esplanade De L'Europe 2006: Montpellier
AERIAL France-Strasburg 2006: Place de L'Homme de Fer
AERIAL Ireland-Houses On Clew Bay Islands 2006
AERIAL United Kingdom-Victorian Terraced Housing In Preston 2006
Boston, MA - CIRCA March, 2006: Cars and people make their way around a busy intersection in the old part of town during the day
New York, NY - CIRCA 2006: Giant windows, billboards and neon signs surround the gawkers in Times Square at night
New York, NY - CIRCA 2006: Manhattan is home to a variety of different cuisines from around the world and these two Greek restaurants on the West Side prove the point
London, England - CIRCA June, 2006: Traffic passes by the camera as Buckingham Palace sits in the background
New York, NY - CICRA March 2006: Manhattan is New York's busiest and most famous borough
PARIS - CIRCA 2006: shot of the Eiffel Tower circa 2006 in Paris.
In the vault room every client has its own private lockbox, August 2006, Stock Footage, 2/3", 4:2:2, 1080i60
Benjamin Franklin face on US 100 dollar bill rotating, money close up. 4K UHD video footage
Drone shot descending at Copenhagen Harbor South as the local yellow commuter ferry goes under the pedestrian/bicyclist bridge Bryggebroen built in 2006 and is 190m long, 5,5m wide to Islands Brygge
Jerusalem, Israel - 2006 _ View of one of the gates leading into the souk in the Old City in Jerusalem.
Unidentified boys play soccer in the street in the evening circa 2006 in Kenya.
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