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CIRCA 1970s - Skateboarders ride in an empty pool in 1976.
Manhattan aerial view on streets of New York city with historic 1900s buildings at sunset. Archival skyline of New York aerial view in 1970s. Vintage United States of America in 1976.
CIRCA 1932 - In this B movie, a friendly railroad engineer walks through a train yard and waves to co-workers.
Twin Towers and Madison Square with Flatiron Building in old New York city with historic 1900s buildings. Archival skyline of Manhattan skyline in 1970s. Vintage United States of America in 1976.
The Orion nebula exploration on deep space. 4K Flight Into the Orion Nebula also known as Messier 42, M42, NGC 1976. Elements furnished by NASA image. 3D animation Traveling through star fields.
CIRCA 1950s - Appliance store owners talk about their great new televisions and a consumer sits in his living room, in the 1950s.
CIRCA 1960s - A horseman rides through a forest in Guatemala.
CIRCA 1939 - Prison laborers receive only a handful of water during their day working on Devil's Island.
CIRCA 1940s - Japanese soldiers set up artillery on a beach in the Pacific.
CIRCA 1944 - Allied planes bomb the German Navy battleship Tirpitz.
CIRCA 1941 - Isolationist Charles Lindbergh says that America should be concerned only with its own welfare and not heed England's calls for help.
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - CIRCA 2020s - Good aerial over Grand Rapids, Michigan apartment tower, downtown and city skyline.
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN - CIRCA 2020s - High establish aerial of a cross on a church with the skyline of Grand Rapids, Michigan.
CIRCA 1945 - Housewives lead scrap metal drives on the homefront, and everyone celebrates the end of gas rationing when WWII ends (narrated in 1964).
CIRCA 1936 - Swimming pools are enjoyed by black and white communities alike in New Jersey.
CIRCA 1939 - Prisoners sleep, work, and eat on Devil's Island.
EAST LANSING, MICHIGAN - CIRCA 2020s - Aerial over Spartan football stadium on the Michigan State University campus in East Lansing, Michigan.
CIRCA 1942 - A montage of different kinds of US Navy aircrafts in flight.
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - CIRCA 2020s - Excellent aerial of Atlanta, Georgia city skyline begins on a pool at the top of a luxury high rise apartment.
CIRCA 1944 - A US Navy WAVE demonstrates the different positions of the flip flop exercise.
CIRCA 1967 - People enter a football stadium and watch the marching band perform before the game.
CIRCA 1939 - Prisoners are gathered for a head count on Devil's Island, and doctors work in the infirmary.
CIRCA 1960s - Customers fight over produce at a grocery store in the 1960s.
HARLEM NEW YORK USA-1976: Vintage Birthday Party Dancing
MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, 22 May 2018. AERIAL: Flying over the Montreal Olympic Stadium at sunrise. It is located at Olympic Park, uses in the 1976 Olympics, in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district
CIRCA 1976 - In this western film, a sheriff priest shoots and kills snarky members of a posse.
PARIS, FRANCE JULY 1976: France 1976, Paris street view in 70's
New York, United States America - 1976: Archival of New York city Harlem River Lift Span bridge. Located on Harlem River and Randalls Island. Archival Manhattan and Bronx of New York in 1976.
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, Fleet Street, newspaper seller, 1970s
CIRCA 1976 - In this horror film, teenagers try to save their friend who was kidnapped by a giant monster while rescue workers form their own mission.
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, Fleet Street, newspaper seller, woman buyer, 1970s
CIRCA 1932 - In this adventure movie, a couple is pursued by a man-killing hunter through an island jungle.
CIRCA 1955 - In this horror film, a scuba diver builds a time bomb and swims to the bottom of the sea to drop it there.
CIRCA 1932 - In this thriller, a train conductor brings his locomotive to a sudden stop at night because he thinks he saw an oncoming train.
CIRCA 1960s - Chaos ensues in an overcrowded supermarket as a couple hauls their shopping cart up the stairs to a train station in the 1960s.
CIRCA 1960s - Items are rung up at a busy supermarket, including someone's baby in the 1960s.
CIRCA 1955 - Cars drive over the Bay Bridge into San Francisco, California.
CIRCA 1946 - A 1940s man attempts to dislodge the weeds from his suburban home yard and is frustrated in the process.
New York, Manhattan, United States America 1976: United Nations headquarters palace with flags of the world. Archival of United States of America in 1970s.
Archival footage of Brooklyn Bridge in New York city. Cityscape from a boat tour on East river of Manhattan Upper Bay of New York City in 1976. Archival of Manhattan skyline. Close up view.
FORT WAYNE INDIANA-1976: Driving Along A Road With Massive Fields On Both Sides Of The Road And A Road Sign
CIRCA 1976 - A montage shows failed attempts at aircrafts after the Wright Brothers, and failed attempts at rockets after Robert Goddard.
Midtown Manhattan aerial on Bryant Park of New York with 1900s buildings and taxi on the road. Archival skyline of New York on Central Park side in 1970s. Vintage United States of America in 1976.
HARLEM NEW YORK USA-1976: A Couple Dancing Indoors While Someone Else Sits Nearby And Claps
HARLEM NEW YORK USA-1976: Grandma Picking Up After Grand Kids At Sunday Service
HARLEM NEW YORK USA-1976: African American Women Drink And Dance
HARLEM NEW YORK USA-1976: People Dressed Up At Get Together
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, Currency trading room, Barclay's, teletype machine
WASHINGTON, D.C. - APRIL 10, 2015: Trains and passengers in the Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro Station. Opened in 1976, the Washington Metro is now the second-busiest rapid transit system in the U.S.
HARLEM NEW YORK 1976: african american family celebrating by dancing.
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, POV double decker bus, Houses of Parliament, 1970s
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, The City, financial district, classic bank facade, 1970's
Paris Eiffel Tower panorama from Palais de Chaillot palace. Jardins du Trocadero gardens with tourists looking. Historic restored footage on 1976 in France. Parisians in vintage fashion clothing.
CIRCA 1976 - Photographs trace the history of the American suffragette movement.
Ancient fortified village of Venzone. Rebuilt after the 1976 earthquake
PARIS, FRANCE JULY 1976: People at restaurant in Paris in 70's
HARLEM NEW YORK 1976: party of kids dancing around the room and having a blast listening to their favorite music
HARLEM NEW YORK USA-1976: A Group Of African-American Children Dance Along At A (Racially Segregated) Party
CIRCA 1970s - Scenery taken from inside a car on a road trip along a highway in Indiana, the United States, in 1976.
CIRCA 1944 - Men of the 101st Airborne Division and American war correspondents board landing crafts to head out for D Day (narrated in 1976).
CIRCA 1970s - A plane takes off and flies through the Gateway Arch of St. Louis in 1976.
CIRCA 1970s - Several POV shots take viewers on a ride with a barnstormer plane in the 1920s (as depicted in 1976).
CIRCA 1976 - In this horror film, a giant monster takes the roof off a bar where an alcoholic is bothering the bartender.
CIRCA 1976 - In this horror film, a couple breaks up at a carnival which is then attacked by a giant monster.
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, Fleet Street, street sign, close up
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, Fleet Street, loading papers into delivery trucks, 1970s
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, George Inn, barmaid pulls handles to draw beer, 1970s
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, Man reads Financial Times, closeup of face
CIRCA 1940 - In this comedy movie, women at a Sadie Hawkins dance are all drawn to the same man.
CIRCA 1932 - A man on a yacht expresses his concerns about the dangerous route they're taking but his friends calm him with a drink.
CIRCA 1960s - A woman keeps trying to get down aisles at the grocery store, but they are all overcrowded in the 1960s.
CIRCA 1960s - An African-American jazz drummer performs at an integrated party.
CIRCA 1955 - A cable car is turned around at a terminal on Powell Street in San Francisco, California.
CIRCA 1955 - A travelogue highlights Chinatown in San Francisco, California.
CIRCA 1969 - In this horror film, a young woman chained up in a vampire's dungeon has her blood taken with a needle.
CIRCA 1965 - In this horror film, a woman slaps a man for trying to kiss her by the jungle at night and she drives away.
CIRCA 1972 - In this horror film, a man starts to transform into a vampire.
CIRCA 1950s - Carlos Castillo Armas, President of Guatemala and Vice President Nixon, speak with an official at an anti-Communist exhibition.
CIRCA 1973 - In this exploitation movie, members of a rock band make eyes at women dancing to their music at a nightclub.
CIRCA 1970 - In this horror film, a woman realizes she is trapped on a Ferris wheel with a serial killer who wants to make her his next victim.
CIRCA 1946 - In this thriller, a woman has a surreal nightmare about not being able to find her husband.
CIRCA 1970s - A commentary on the nature of drinking and driving in America in 1975 showing a man slamming shots inside a cocktail lounge.
CIRCA 1940s - A woman sings about being promised a great life but being put in the circus act instead in this 1940s soundie musical.
CIRCA 1970s - Two boys play pinball and sit at bus stop while discussing needing a car in the 1970s.
Rotating obverse of Netherlands Antilles coin 25 cents 1976. Isolated in black background.
LONDON, ENGLAND, 1976, The City, financial district, Barclays' Bank Tower, 1970s
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, MARCH 1976. Zoom Out Shot Of The Sugarloaf, Or Pao De Acucar And Pan Over The Copacabana Beach And Seaside Street Traffic From A High Building.
HARLEM NEW YORK 1976: mother with three kids
CIRCA 1970s - Dr. Fred Ribe speaks and technicians work on pulsed high density systems at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Crook Point Bascule Bridge abandoned rusty open water beautiful sky,
New York, Hudson river, United States America 1976:Tanker oil ship Shikoku Geir in New York city Upper Bay. Ship build in 1974 and scrapped in 1993. Shipping company Black e Co. of Tonsberg in Norway.
PUERTO DE LAS NIEVES, SPAIN DECEMBER 1976: Puerto de las nieves view in 70's
LAS PALMAS, SPAIN DECEMBER 1976: Las Palmas street view in 70's
PUERTO DE LAS NIEVES, SPAIN DECEMBER 1976: Puerto de las nieves view in 70's
PUERTO DE LAS NIEVES, SPAIN DECEMBER 1976: Puerto de las nieves view in 70's
PUERTO DE LAS NIEVES, SPAIN DECEMBER 1976: Puerto de las nieves view in 70's
CHICAGO ILLINOIS-1976: Metro Station With Sign And With Blue Metro Train Passing By
HARLEM NEW YORK 1976: children dancing
A skater hitting his head, a skateboarder dancing, a couple doing a skating routine and a skateboarder doing tricks are all shown in 1976. (1970s)
LYNBROOK NEW YORK USA-1976: Child Praying Before Going To Bed And Two Other Children Getting Ready For Bed
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