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1971 Washington, DC. Hippie Protestors at a Free Rock and Roll Concert for 1971 May Day Protest. Drug Overdose and Drug Abuse is rampant during the counterculture protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Film
1971 Proud Mom shows off clean baby after bath
CIRCA 1970s - Taxis, pedestrians, billboards and an adult movie theater are shown in New York.
CIRCA 1970s - Scientists monitor from the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston.
CIRCA 1971 - 1970s black and white footage of students protesting and being attacked by police in Paris, France
CIRCA 1970s - Movie theaters and flashing lights and billboards and bars and bikers are shown in New York.
CIRCA 1971 - Shoppers are seen in a Tokyo department store while the narrator gives stats about Japan's economy.
1971 Boy gives elderly grandparents funny gift at anniversary party
1971 Washington, DC. Hippie Protestors Chat "The Whole World is Watching" during Mayday Protest. Yellow Letters burn on Freeze Frame for Title Sequence. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 1971 - An astronaut ambles around on the moon.
CIRCA 1970s - The 63rd Street Tunnel, a subway, is being built in New York City, in 1971.
NEW YORK, 1971, 42nd Street movie marquees, Times Square at night, traffic
1971 Grandparents watching Baby boy and vintage television set
CIRCA 1970s - In 1971, Dr. Norman E. Borlaug, speaks about subsistence agriculture, farmers seed and plow their fields and merchants sell grain.
CIRCA 1971 - Women are seen working in Japanese factories that produce TV sets and refrigerators, and men are seen working in a steel mill.
CIRCA 1970s Crash tests are performed while researching safety technology in the Safety Research and Development Department at a GM plant.
1970 dressed up Couple kiss outside motel room 1971
1971 Washington, DC. Capital Police Officer removes American Flag from hands of disrespectful Hippie Protestor during 1971 May Day Protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print.
Baltimore, MD, USA, 1971: Proud young boy plays piano and bows
NEW YORK, 1971, Times Square, classic shot, crowds of people, buses, cars, taxis, looking north
Man blows out candles on 50th Birthday cake 1971
CIRCA 1970s - Patients with cholera are treated with oral and intravenous therapy and they recover, in a laboratory, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 1971.
United Arab Emirates UAE National Day Logo Festive Banner. Spirit of the Union written in Arabic and English. Looping animation 4K (HD) video.
CIRCA 1971 - In this Soviet propaganda film, sailors are seen working on a submarine.
CIRCA 1971 - In this exploitation movie, a rock band drowns out a preacher at an outdoor gathering for hippies.
NEW YORK, 1971, Printing press printing Chinese newspaper in Chinatown
NEW YORK, 1971, Flashing "Broadway" sign at the Winter Garden Theater, Times Square at night
CIRCA 1970s - Dr. Norman E. Borlaug accepts his Nobel Peace Prize in 1970 and the sun rises over mountains in 1971.
1971 Washington, DC. Hippies assemble below the Washington Monument during the 1971 May Day Protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Newsreel
CIRCA 1971 - Astronauts experience zero gravity in a simulator at NASA'S Manned Spacecraft Center.
CIRCA 1971 - Electronics, textiles, planes, and ships are built in Japan.
CIRCA 1971 - In this exploitation movie, a man driving away from the cops crashes his car in a ditch and it promptly bursts into flames.
1971 Grandfather and grandson play
1971 Husband and wife relaxing by hotel pool
CIRCA 1971 - Cargo is loaded onto Japanese merchant ships.
1970s black and white footage of people protesting the Vietnam War and being contained by police in London, England
GREENSBORO, NC -1973: Mother and baby horse stay close to keep safe.
1971 Washington, DC. Capitol Police and D.C. Metro Police protect the Capital and arrest Violent Insurrectionist for attack on the federal building. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Newsreel Film
CIRCA 1971 - Bunny and her friends hang out and smoke marijuana.
SAVAR, DHAKA, BANGLADESH – February 27, 2021: Aerial Drone Shot of Bangladesh National Martyrs' Memorial Symbol of Liberation War 1971
1971 Pre Teen Boy loves, wrestles and plays with big dog
NEW YORK, 1971, Large crowd of people walking the street
CIRCA 1955 - A US Coast Guard admiral urges his men to be watchful for carelessness as well as sabotage on piers.
Italy / Naples- 1971: City port and historical places. Amateur film clip from the 1970's.
CIRCA 1970s - The Apollo 15 spacecraft is shown lifting off from Kennedy Space Center at Merritt Island in Florida and in flight over the Moon.
CIRCA 1970s - The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center is shown as well as Apollo 15 astronauts driving the Lunar Rover.
CIRCA 1970s - A newspaper food editor and a professional photographer photograph various pork dishes in a test kitchen, in 1971.
CIRCA 1970s - A beach and the ocean and seabirds flying are shown, in Santa Barbara, California, in 1971.
CIRCA 1970s - Workers work to clean a beach after an oil spill and oil-soaked birds are shown, in Santa Barbara, California, in 1971.
1971 Family toasts elderly couple on their 50th Anniversary
1971 Grandfather leads prayer over wine at Passover seder
CIRCA 1970s - A woman, interviewed while showering, advertises Oil Heat, in a television commercial, in 1971.
Black and white footage of hippy concerts, drum circles, and lifestyle during the 1970s
1970s - The Junior Miss Beauty Pageant of 1971.
WISCONSIN-1971: A Crowd Of Irish People Protesting The Streets Of Ireland
NEW YORK-1971: A Bright White Circle With A Black Background That Could Be A Moon At Night
MINNESOTA-1971: A Steam Powered Tractor Whirs To Life And Begins Advancing Forward Slowly Building Power
1970s: A grocery store cashier types the costs of different items into a cash register in 1971.
CIRCA 1921 - Immigrant passengers from Europe admire the view of the Statue of Liberty from their ship.
CIRCA 1940 - Men and women compete in figure skating.
CIRCA 1971 - USAF Majors Widdifield and Sullivan are driven by a van to the SR-71A, which they board in a hangar at Beale Air Force Base.
CIRCA 1970s - Apollo 15 astronauts stamp an interplanetary letter and drop a hammer and a Falcon feather to demonstrate gravitational fields.
CIRCA 1970s - 1970s black and white footage of students protesting and being attacked by police in Tokyo, Japan
MOSCOW RUSSIA-1971: Urban City Streets With Oncoming Traffic And A Brisk Wind
MOSCOW RUSSIA-1971: Man Shows Big Smile Then Camera Moves To Lighting And Artwork
MOSCOW RUSSIA-1971: Busy Streets With People Going To Work
MOSCOW RUSSIA-1971: Many People Visit Ancient Buildings Crossing Over Several Bridges That Pass Over Street
MOSCOW RUSSIA-1971: View Of White Hydrofoil Boat And Building On A Bright Sunny Day
MOSCOW RUSSIA-1971: Group Of Men And A Reporter Look Over The New Construction Sight On A Windy Day
CIRCA 1971 - Major General Orwin C. Talbott takes over leading the 1st Infantry Division in 1968, and they continue to fight the Vietcong.
YELLOWSTONE WYOMING USA-1971: Young Child Running And Jumping In To A Recreational Pool
Teresopolis, RJ, Brazil - March 20th 2022 - Ford F75 Truck year 1971, with a surfboard on the trunk. Green blue colour. Alloy wheels. Vintage classic heavy duty SUV pickup.
NEW YORK, 1971, The Brooklyn Bridge across the East River with piers medium shot
NEW YORK, 1971, Rockettes kicking high kicks at Radio City Music Hall, medium close up
NEW YORK, 1971, Crowded beach at Coney Island, Brooklyn
NEW YORK, 1971, Fiddler on the Roof marquee at Broadway Theater, Times Square at night
NEW YORK, 1971, Wide shot of beach, people and Ferris wheel at Coney Island, Brooklyn
NEW YORK, 1971, Boardwalk crowded with people, Frankfurter and Bathhouse sign at Coney Island, Brooklyn
NEW YORK, 1971, Times Square, Theater district, "1776" at the Majestic Theater, marquee, crowds and traffic
NEW YORK, 1971, Rockettes kicking high kicks at Radio City Music Hall, wide shot
CIRCA 1971 - Japan's Prime Minister Sato presides over an international conference hosted in his country.
CIRCA 1971 - Images contrast modern life in Japan with traditional customs which are still upheld.
CIRCA 1971 - Living conditions in Japan continue to be poor despite a growing global presence and economy.
CIRCA 1971 - Japan flourishes as a democracy, to the resentment of some other nations.
CIRCA 1970s Safety features are designed in a drafting room, and samples are tested in a lab at a GM plant.
CIRCA 1970s Cars are manufactured and inspected at a GM plant.
NEW YORK, 1971, Tango Palace, Girls, flashing lights, Times Square at night
SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA USA-1971: Graduation Day Speech
NEW YORK, 1971, View of New York City from the top of the Empire State Building of the Pan Am Building
1970s: Bank transaction. Bills and coins. Person uses adding machine. Person places quarter in piggy bank.
1970s: Man counts money. Woman inspects money at mint. Machinery at mint. Stand mixer. Produce. Reel-to-reel recorder. Toaster. Welder. Dentist. Typist. Chef. Adding machine. Money collated.
CIRCA 1971 - Construction equipment and transportation vehicles are shown to have been crafted by machinists.
CIRCA 1971 - Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell plant an American flag on the moon.
MIAMI FLORIDA USA-1971: Traditional Native Dancing In Ceremonial Feathered Costumes While Crowds Of People Watch
ALGERIA-1971: Refugees Camp Muslim Survivors
BARCELONA SPAIN-1971: Bull Stadium Mantador Scary Charging Hit Fell Outside Running
1971 Grandmother teaching happy baby boy grandson how to walk
CIRCA 1971 - The moon landing is recalled, and hailed as the greatest victory of the Manned Spacecraft Center.
CIRCA 1971 - The Apollo 11 astronauts and their wives watch a traditional dance by men and women in Kinshasa.
CIRCA 1971 - The Apollo 11 astronauts and local military officers look at a caged leopard in Kinshasa.
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