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Retro old vintage flip clock with orange body and green or teal light. Getting late, time to sleep. Timelapse with dolly zoom effect.
August 28, 1963. Washington, DC. 'I Have a Dream Speech' delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. on the steps in front of the Lincoln memorial. 4K Overscan of Vintage  Archival Newsreel
CIRCA 1963 - Marchers are shown as well as the Washington Monument and singer Marian Anderson takes the stage during the March on Washington.
Apollo 11 Rocket Launch in an Old Vintage TV. Blue Dark Tone. Elements of this Video Furnished by NASA.
1969 - NASA's Apollo 11 is launched from Cape Kennedy, and men in Mission Control watch its ascent through binoculars.
CIRCA 1963 - Dr. Martin Luther King gives his I Have A Dream speech at the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
CIRCA 1960s - Hippies smoke dope marijuana and pot and do drugs at a rock concert in the 1970's.
1970s Gold Coast QLD, Australia. Montage of Surfers crashing on Waves. Surf Board riders Fail, Fall, and Crash on big wave. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 35mm Film Print
CIRCA 1910 - Women�s suffragists speak, parade and demand the right to vote.
1966 Huston. TX  Muhammad Ali boxing Cleveland Williams. Ali knocks out Williams and Raises Gloves in Iconic Pose. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film
CIRCA 1960s - Sheikh Zayed visits construction sites in Abu Dhabi, and consults with American businessmen through a translator in 1967.
1960s: Black voters drop ballot in boxes in D.C. Voter line in polling place and voting booths. Hands drop ballots in boxes. Exterior White House. Johnson supporters cheer outside White House.
A pop art retro flowers and sunburst animated illustration in the style of vintage 1960s or 1970s psychedelic artwork. The view slowly zooms in across the bed of flowers towards the wavy sun rays.
CIRCA 1960s - The civil rights leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. and Stokely Carmichael are contrasted.
CIRCA 1963 - Civil rights leaders A. Philip Randolph, Roy Wilkins, Walter Reuther, and Martin Luther King lead the March on Washington.
CIRCA 1963 - Thousands participate in the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, while "We Shall Overcome" is played.
CIRCA 1964 - At the Chicago Freedom Movement rally at Soldier Field, Martin Luther King calls out against automation for taking jobs.
CIRCA 1966 - Billie Jean King defeats Maria Bueno at Wimbledon, and receives her trophy from Princess Marina.
CIRCA 1963 - Dr. Martin Luther King gives his I Have A Dream speech at the Lincoln Memorial at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
Authentic Super 8 frame scanned from film for overlays and vintage effects.
CIRCA 1965 - Civil rights demonstrators march in Harlem in support of Selma.
1969 - Astronaut Neil Armstrong disembarks Apollo 11 and takes the first steps on the moon, then is joined by Buzz Aldrin to plant the American flag.
CIRCA 1969 - Astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong plant the American flag on the moon.
Overlay on frame imitation of old movie with scratches and grain on black background HD 1920x1080
CIRCA 1960 - Queen Elizabeth II gives a speech from the throne in Westminster's House of Lords, declaring Britain's intent to build up western Europe.
CIRCA 1961 - An overweight man watches the Mr. Europe competition, then heads home and flexes in front of the mirror.
CIRCA 1960s - Congressman Charles Diggs collects petitions and citizens march in protest for Civil Rights in 1960.
1955 Montgomery, AL. Dr Martin Luther King Jr speaks to reporters about the importance of nonviolent "attitude of love," after the The Montgomery Bus Boycott. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film
CIRCA 1963 - State troopers go after civil rights rioters with extreme prejudice after the bombing of a church in Birmingham, Alabama.
CIRCA 1960s - Native Americans perform a Ghost Dance, in hopes of bringing back buffalo to the prairies (as depicted in 1966).
April 3, 1968 Memphis, TN. The day before his assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr delivers his last speech to a group of sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee. 4K Overscan of 16mm Newsreel Film
1960s Louisville, KY. The Champ, Muhammad Ali Working Out on Speed Bag or Punching Bag. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 1965 - Black and white protestors march in Harlem, New York in solidarity with Selma, mourning the murder of Reverend James J. Reeb.
CIRCA 1963- Civil rights activists are shown marching during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
CIRCA 1960s - The birth of the U.S. Air Mobility Team in 1969, and its tactical importance in a new complex conflict in Vietnam.
CIRCA 1966 - Highlights of the Ringling Brothers' Barnum and Bailey circus at Madison Square Garden include a tiger riding a horse.
CIRCA 1960s - Police react violently to a civil rights protest, 1960s
White seagulls flying above the Great Salt Lake on a sunny day, beautiful scenery. View from a car's window. VINTAGE FILM.
CIRCA 1960s - Army soldiers receive information from the South Vietnamese, recover documents and engage in combat, during the Vietnam War.
Vintage receiver. Tuning analog radio dial frequency on scale.
1960s: Albert Einstein standing with crowd. Press with cameras. Press around Einstein, man shakes Einstein's hand. Close up of Einstein.
CIRCA 1968 - The civil rights leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. and H. Rap Brown are contrasted.
CIRCA 1960s - Hippies dancing, playing music, and enjoying themselves at a concert in Tapia Park, Los Angeles, 1968
CIRCA 1969 - An Apollo 11 astronaut jumps along the lunar surface.
1971 Washington, DC. Hippie Protestors at a Free Rock and Roll Concert for 1971 May Day Protest. Drug Overdose and Drug Abuse is rampant during the counterculture protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Film
CIRCA 1965 - Martin Luther King leads the Freedom March across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama while Military Police drive by.
CIRCA 1960s - A stockbroker explains activity on the trading floor to a female client at the New York Stock Exchange in 1962.
CIRCA 1963 - In his speech at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, Martin Luther King describes his dream for the nation.
CIRCA 1966 - A prefabricated wall is put up in place of the barbed wire constituting the Berlin Wall.
CIRCA 1964 - At the Chicago Freedom Movement rally at Soldier Field, Martin Luther King condemns segregation.
1960s Cupertino, CA. Vintage Computer Technology. Two women work on old computers in data center. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm film print
CIRCA 1966 - East German soldiers patrol the Berlin Wall as its barbed wire is torn down to be replaced by a prefabricated wall.
CIRCA 1962 - In this teen movie, teenagers dance to live rock music at an underground club.
CIRCA 1965 - Fans scream and crowd the Beatles' car as they drive away from Buckingham Palace in London.
CIRCA 1960s - A pro-Vietnam War rally is held in Wakefield, Massachusetts, where people wave American flags.
CIRCA 1962 - President John F. Kennedy discusses the possibilities for peaceful, unifying exploration of space.
1960s: Men panning for gold, look at nugget. Map of western United States, label appears. Horses pulling stagecoach. Hnad typing on telegraph. Man riding horseback.
CIRCA 1961 - Egyptian President Nasser hosts Yugoslavia's President Tito and India's Prime Minister Nehru at the Neutralist Summit in Cairo.
CIRCA 1960s - Police violently disperse a civil rights protest, 1960s
CIRCA 1960s - Sheikh Zayed struggles to balance the old and new ways of Arab life in 1967 Abu Dhabi.
CIRCA 1962 - Teenage heavyweight Charlie Conway dominates at the Golden Gloves boxing tournament.
CIRCA 1960s - An airplane flies past the Empire State Building and other skyscrapers in New York City.
CIRCA 1969 - Spectators watch the Apollo 11's triumphant launch.
CIRCA 1960s - American soldiers fire guns from helicopters over Vietnam while foot soldiers ford rivers and muddy ground.
Vintage Microphone Rotating In Smoky Atmosphere
CIRCA 1961 - Edward G Robinson, Jimmy Durante, John Wayne, and others are photographed entering a church for Gary Cooper's funeral.
CIRCA 1960s - Astronaut Ed White has his vision tested.
CIRCA 1960s - Physicians prepare astronaut Elliott See for a checkup.
CIRCA 1950s - A cartoon driver pushes his car to a service station for Marathon Super-M gasoline, in a television commercial, in the 1960s.
1960s: Men in front of monitor in NASA mission control room. Men in mission control. Hand writing in book. People sitting at monitors. People looking over data on paper.
CIRCA 1960s - A doctor tests astronaut Thomas Stafford's lung power.
1960s: Military police escort civil rights marchers across bridge. Martin Luther King, Jr. walks in line. Cars. People walk. Sign.
CIRCA 1960s - Soviet submarines, missiles launching, warplanes, helicopters and warships are all shown in 1969.
CIRCA 1960s - A doctor checks astronaut Ed White's neck and shoulder region.
CIRCA 1960s - Astronaut Thomas Stafford poses in his USAF uniform before going to see a doctor.
CIRCA 1960s - Astronaut John Young speaks with a doctor at the Flight Medicine Laboratory.
CIRCA 1960s - A doctor draws blood from astronaut John Young.
CIRCA 1960s - Astronaut Ed White lies on an examination table with a harness on, then walks up and down for a doctor.
CIRCA 1960s - Astronaut Elliott See gets his blood pressure checked.
CIRCA 1960s - Civil rights activists are shown marching during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
CIRCA 1960s - Astronaut Elliott See prepares for a medical examination.
1960s: Shaft of light shines across background. Man moves prism into path of light. Light shines a rainbow on piece of paper across table.
CIRCA 1963 - Activists sing and clean up as Martin Luther King departs at the outset of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
CIRCA 1960s - Astronaut Ed White is harnessed to a table in the Flight Medicine Laboratory, then poses in his air force uniform outside.
CIRCA 1969 - Slow motion of Apollo 11 and the Saturn V rocket being launched at the Kennedy Space Centre on July 16th.
CIRCA 1964 - Teenagers scream and some faint as cops and a barricade keep them from swarming the Beatles at England's London Airport.
CIRCA 1960s - Workers working quickly on a truck assembly in Japan, 1960s
CIRCA 1960s - Thomas Edison's electricity transforms America (as depicted in 1961).
CIRCA 1960s - The Transcontinental Railroad is completed in 1869 (as depicted in 1961).
CIRCA 1968 - Shortly before his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee, Martin Luther King Jr. gives a speech declaring that he will never give.
1960s Louisville, KY. Cassius Clay, later Muhammad Ali, talks to Reporter about his Nick Name 'The Louisville Lip'. Boxing in Ring, The People's Champ Raises Arms in Victory. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film
CIRCA 1960s - College students leave their classrooms in the 1960s.
CIRCA 1960s - A Project Gemini rocket lifts off from Launch Complex 19 at Cape Kennedy Air Force Station in Florida and astronauts are shown.
CIRCA 1961 - In this sci-fi film, astronauts fly their spacecraft through a meteor shower and land on the moon.
Apollo 11 Rocket Launch in an Old Retro TV. Elements of this Image Furnished by NASA.
1960s NYC. FaceTime,  Skype Call or Zoom like Video Conference by Bell Labs Picturephone from the late 1960's. Two Men discuss business with Secretary. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 1964 - The Beatles are surrounded by screaming fans when they arrive at JFK, and as they tour Central Park.
CIRCA 1965 - Martin Luther King leads a peaceful march through Selma, and is granted the right to pray.
CIRCA 1960s - Guatemalan girls attend woodcarving and cooking classes.
CIRCA 1960s - Teenage girls are home schooled in Guatemala.
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