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CIRCA 1953 - In this sci-fi film, a scientist finds herself locked in a lab with an invisible alien.
CIRCA 1953 - A massive fire breaks out at a rubber tire factory in France.
CIRCA 1953 - Argentinian president Juan Peron watches an exhibition boxing match between American heavyweight champ Archie Moore and a local boxer.
CIRCA 1953 - Queen Elizabeth II's coronation is overseen by archbishops of the Church of England in Westminster Abbey of London, England.
CIRCA 1953 - Women model Josef handbags on the luxury liner Andrea Doria.
CIRCA 1953 - Joseph Stalin waves from the balcony of a tall building in Moscow, Russia.
CIRCA 1953 - American soldiers use Geiger counters to inspect radiation levels after a nuclear bomb test in Mercury, Nevada.
CIRCA 1953 - Cars, mannequins and replicas of homes are set up on proving grounds in Nevada so soldiers can observe how they are affected.
CIRCA 1953 - Firemen look over the wreckage after a destructive fire on a city block.
CIRCA 1953 - A bomb falls from a US Navy plane as it lands on an aircraft carrier, leading to a deadly explosion.
CIRCA 1953 - American soldiers demonstrate new "cold bar" suits that will keep them warm even in temperatures below zero and freezing water.
CIRCA 1953 - In this animated anti-communist propaganda film, a rooster tricks a farmer into taking down his barbed wire fence.
CIRCA 1953 - In this animated anti-communist propaganda film, communists run away from a farm they've occupied when they think UN forces are coming.
CIRCA 1953 - Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito is met by Winston Churchill, the Duke of Edinburgh and Anthony Eden upon his arrival in London.
CIRCA 1953 - American soldiers come home when the Korean War ends. Secretary Dulles meets with other western leaders, including Winston Churchill.
CIRCA 1953 - US Marines test drive the durable Mighty Mite, their successor to the jeep.
CIRCA 1953 - Authorities on the ground put protective goggles in place as a USAF bombardier in a B-50 drops an atomic bomb at a Nevada test site.
CIRCA 1953 - The 83rd Congress is convened under Senate Majority Leader Taft and Speaker Martin.
CIRCA 1953 - In this animated anti-communist propaganda film, warmongering communist animals trick a farmer into getting rid of his guard dog.
CIRCA 1953 - The owner of a bookstore in Chicago may face deportation because it has been discovered that he is an escaped German POW.
CIRCA 1953 - Men enjoy surfing at the beach.
CIRCA 1953 - The Texas Longhorns defeat the Tennessee Volunteers in a college football game.
CIRCA 1953 - Memorials are held in France for victims of Nazism.
CIRCA 1953 - People watch a ski jump competition.
CIRCA 1953 - People inspect the wreckage after an atom bomb test in Nevada, which destroyed many replica homes.
CIRCA 1953 - Rockets are launched from a USAF F-86D on a test flight.
LONE PINE, CALIFORNIA - CIRCA 2020s - Aerial over a beautiful herd of California elk or mule deer running in fields in the Eastern Sierra Nevada.
CIRCA 1953 - Harry Truman departs for a Hawaiian vacation with his wife and daughter by boat.
CIRCA 1953 - Winston Churchill arrives in New York on the Queen Mary, where Irish protestors are gathered and he is met by Bernard Baruch.
CIRCA 1953 - The Department of Health, Education and Welfare is opened under the Eisenhower administration (narrated in 1956).
CIRCA 1953 - Women model a variety of Easter bonnets, many of them floral.
CIRCA 1953 - Women model the latest Parisian styles in springtime dresses, coats and hats.
CIRCA 1953 - Vice President-elect Nixon is the Grand Marshal of the Rose Bowl parade in Pasadena, California.
CIRCA 1953 - In this animated anti-communist propaganda film, a farmer comes home to find his house occupied by communists.
CIRCA 1953 - The Alabama Crimson Tide defeats the Syracuse Orange men in a college football game.
CIRCA 1953 - Dwight Eisenhower is sworn in as President, and in his inaugural address speaks on the importance of reducing armaments
CIRCA 1953 - Aftermath of the deadly wreckage incurred when an air force plane crashed in California.
CIRCA 1953 - People shop for cars in a glamorous showroom.
CIRCA 1953 - In this animated anti-communist propaganda film, communists steal a farmer's pig to get him out of his house so they can sneak in.
CIRCA 1953 - Former presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson visits South Korean, British, and American soldiers stationed in Korea.
CIRCA 1953 - Clowning divers put on a humorous diving display at a swimming pool in Miami.
CIRCA 1953 - In this animated anti-communist propaganda film, a communist rooster explains to a wolf farmer how they can peacefully coexist.
CIRCA 1953 - The USC Trojans defeat the Wisconsin Badgers in a college football game.
CIRCA 1953 - The Indiana Hoosiers defeat the Kansas Jayhawks in the NCAA championship game.
CIRCA 1953 - A nuclear bomb is detonated on the proving grounds in Mercury, Nevada.
CIRCA 1953 - People inspect the aftermath of an atom bomb test in Nevada, where one house and the mannequins inside seem to be all right.
CIRCA 1953 - American soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division are decorated in France.
CIRCA 1950s - President Eisenhower and Secretary Dulles meet Premier Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev
CIRCA 1953 - The Korean Armistice Agreement is signed in Panmunjom.
CIRCA 1953 - Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, convicted of espionage, face the electric chair.
CIRCA 1953 - Demonstrators gather near Sing Sing to protest the Rosenbergs' death penalty.
CIRCA 1953 - United Nations and North Korean soldiers stand guard in Panmunjom while the Korean Armistice Agreement is signed.
CIRCA 1953 - American generals arrive in Panmunjom to read the Korean Armistice Agreement, while UN troops stand guard.
CIRCA 1953 - United Nations troops stand at attention when generals arrive for the Korean Armistice Agreement in Panmunjom.
CIRCA 1953 - General Harrison and Nam II sign the Korean Armistice Agreement in Panmunjom.
CIRCA 1953 - Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are imprisoned in Sing Sing.
CIRCA 1953 - In this animated film, Baby Huey accidentally puts his father in the lake on a fishing trip.
CIRCA 1953 - USAF fighter planes provide cover to help soldiers recover a crippled tank in Korea.
CIRCA 1953 - Coeds debut "hoodwinker" headpieces as the latest style on campus.
CIRCA 1953 - A record-breaking heat wave sweeps America, pushing people to the beach, swimming pools, or open fire hydrants to cool off.
CIRCA 1953 - Men don fashionable tuxedos and dinner jackets to match the evening gowns of their dates while they sip champagne at a party.
CIRCA 1953 - Hussein ascends to the throne and becomes King of Jordan at age 19.
CIRCA 1953 - The young Faisal II ascends to the throne in Iraq.
CIRCA 1953 - Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent is met at the Washington Airport by Vice President Nixon and Secretary Dulles.
CIRCA 1953 - Tweed makes a big fall fashion statement on American campuses.
CIRCA 1953 - Bullfights are a popular sport in Portugal.
CIRCA 1953 - A snowstorm is welcomed as respite from record-breaking hot weather in the USA.
CIRCA 1953 - A versatile new plastic is tested by American soldiers at the proving grounds in Far Hills, New Jersey.
CIRCA 1953 - USAF Captain Joseph McConnell leads a record-setting air strike in Korea.
CIRCA 1953 - Women get into fights during a roller derby.
CIRCA 1953 - British diplomat Alfred Hall is reunited with his Russian wife and the young son he has never met.
CIRCA 1953 - Arthur Connell of Connecticut is elected National Commander of the American Legion at their National Convention.
CIRCA 1953 - Rescue workers find the wreckage of a chartered army transport plane in the Cascade mountain range, and there are no survivors.
CIRCA 1953 - Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Eden arrives in Athens, Greece to convalesce after an operation.
CIRCA 1953 - Senator McCarthy contends that despite Dwight Eisenhower's hopes and President Truman's denials, communism is a hot issue.
CIRCA 1953 - Women model different kinds of comfortable, stylish slippers in berths on a train.
CIRCA 1953 - Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip arrive in Bermuda by plane, where they are met by Sir Alexander Hood and flag-waving children.
CIRCA 1953 - A Chilean ping pong player uses a chair to hit the ball as well as his paddle.
CIRCA 1953 - Bermuda's governor, Sir Alexander Hood, tours Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip around the island where they are cheered.
CIRCA 1953 - South Korean President Syngman Rhee and General Maxwell Taylor present citations to the 3rd Division of the US Army.
CIRCA 1953 - Huge crowds of east Berliners line up for the distribution of surplus butter in west Berlin.
CIRCA 1953 - President Eisenhower urges Americans to donate to the Red Cross.
CIRCA 1953 - Scientists work at an Atomic Energy Commission Plant.
CIRCA 1953 - French commandos teach Vietnam soldiers hand-to-hand combat and stealth tactics in a simulate attack.
CIRCA 1950s - A door to door salesman tries to sell a vacuum cleaner to a house wife in 1953.
CIRCA 1953 - Mal Whitfield sets two new records in a Knights of Columbus track meet held at Madison Square Garden.
CIRCA 1953 - Emperor Haile Selassie welcomes Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to Ethiopia.
CIRCA 1953 - US Navy sailors shovel snow off the flight deck of the USS Oriskany, and fighter planes carry out air strikes on Korea.
CIRCA 1953 - A motion picture x-ray shows a drink passing down a person's throat and a human heartbeat.
CIRCA 1953 - In this sci-fi film, a UFO is tracked to Santa Monica, California, where it causes interference with communications channels.
CIRCA 1953 - In this sci-fi film, an invisible alien locks himself in a scientific lab with a female scientist.
CIRCA 1953 - American soldiers visit children at an orphanage in South Korea.
CIRCA 1953 - President Eisenhower presents a portrait he did of golfer Bobby Jones to the athlete himself.
CIRCA 1953 - An aircraft carrier loaded with fighter planes departs from the US to France as part of the Mutual Defense Assistance Program.
CIRCA 1953 - Scientists use gamma ray equipment and work with hot metals at an Atomic Energy Commission plant.
CIRCA 1930s - Construction workers build public housing in hills around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1930s.
1953 - Military families patronize a movie theater, post office, and bank outside Albrook Air Force Base in Balboa, Panama.
1953 - Spanish architecture is highlighted near Albrook Air Force Base in Balboa, Panama.
1953 - A truck convoy and jeeps pull up to the barracks of Albrook Air Force Base in Balboa, Panama, and servicemen run towards them.
1953 - Cars and people pass by the commissary of Albrook Air Force Base in Balboa, Panama.
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