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CIRCA 1950s - Albert Einstein American scientist and mathematician smiles and looks at the camera in this good portrait.
The concept of the modern world. Moving to the future. Old and new city concept. Concept of the future. Retro car on city streets. Retro futuristic city. Car driving to the future
CIRCA 1950s - A 1950s dance troupe reimagines the Charleston dance of the 1920s on a broadway stage.
CIRCA 1950s - The mushroom cloud left in the aftermath of an atomic bomb drop in Yucca Flat, Nevada takes up most of the screen.
CIRCA 1920s - Turkey's first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, hopes to bring democracy to the country.
CIRCA 1950s - The onset of the industrial revolution in Japan in 1957, with the rise of manufacturing plants and automotive parts.
CIRCA 1956 - In this animated film, Popeye easily defeats Bluto in a boxing match.
CIRCA 1910s - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk leads the Turkish army in WWI (narrated in 1958).
1950s Marshall Islands. The large Mushroom Cloud from the Explosion of a Nuclear Bomb dropped in the Pacific Ocean. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
Overlay on frame imitation of old movie with scratches and grain on black background HD 1920x1080
CIRCA 1951 - Cowgirls participate in a special women's rodeo, riding bucking broncos and bulls.
CIRCA 1955 - Nurses and doctors administer polio vaccine shots to young children.
1950s: Grocery store. Cashier hands change to woman. Woman puts money in purse. Little boy stands. Men look at fishing net.
CIRCA 1930s - Turkish president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk modernizes his army, though he hopes to avoid joining the conflict.
1950s Birmingham, AL. Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King is arrested, finger printed, mug shot and placed in jail cell for non violent protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Newsreel Film
CIRCA 1945 - Joseph Stalin oversees a military parade celebrating the end of WWII (narrated in 1951).
CIRCA 1950s - An atomic bomb is detonated at Bikini Atoll, leading to an enormous mushroom cloud.
CIRCA 1950s - Shots of Wall Street and unemployed people in employment lines in the 1930s
CIRCA 1950s - The 1849 Gold Rush is dramatized in 1954.
CIRCA 1957 - The World Plowing Contest is held in Peebles, Ohio and is won by Willem DeLint of Holland.
CIRCA 1957 - Palestinians protest the occupation of the Gaza Strip by UN forces.
1950s: Woman answers phone at desk in AV Library office. Men and women enter office and talk.
CIRCA 1950s - President Eisenhower welcomes many international leaders to the White House.
CIRCA 1953 - In this sci-fi film, a scientist finds herself locked in a lab with an invisible alien.
1917 Laffaux, France. Soldiers battle at the Hindenburg Line during World War I. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print.
CIRCA 1953 - Queen Elizabeth II's coronation is overseen by archbishops of the Church of England in Westminster Abbey of London, England.
CIRCA 1959 - Prime Minister Nehru brings President Eisenhower to the Taj Mahal.
CIRCA 1959 - Excellent aerial view of cars driving along busy highways in the USA.
CIRCA 1950s - Women work in a factory manufacturing clothes in South Korea in the 1950s.
1950s: man in lab coat works with test tubes of pneumococci and smallpox virus, puts test tube in pan of water over Bunsen burner, looks at pocket watch, writes in notebook
CIRCA 1950s - A cartoon driver pushes his car to a service station for Marathon Super-M gasoline, in a television commercial, in the 1960s.
PREVIEWS OF COMING ATTRACTIONS Animated Announcement. Marquee and Curtain Reveal. Retro Vintage Style Drive-in Movie Theater Intermission Announcement.
CIRCA 1950s - Children take classes in the streets in South Korea after the war in the 1950s.
CIRCA 1950s - A small town in Iowa exemplifies the American way of life.
CIRCA 1950s - A teenager in Ottumwa, Iowa learns the business of auctioning livestock at a sales barn.
Vintage Microphone Rotating In Smoky Atmosphere
CIRCA 1950s - President Eisenhower passes legislation such as the Seaway Act
CIRCA 1950s - A US Army officer explains the superiority of American liberty to communism.
CIRCA 1950s - President Eisenhower holds a press conference on disarmament (narrated in 1956).
CIRCA 1950s - President Eisenhower and Secretary Dulles meet Premier Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev
CIRCA 1950s - A montage of President Eisenhower's National Defense policy in action.
CIRCA 1950s - Sheep and chickens are fed on an Iowa farm.
CIRCA 1950 - Air Force bombers provide cover for UN troops landing at Inchon during the Korean War.
CIRCA 1958 - Molten slag from blast furnaces is reprocessed and purposed as insulation material.
LONE PINE, CALIFORNIA - CIRCA 2020s - Aerial over a beautiful herd of California elk or mule deer running in fields in the Eastern Sierra Nevada.
CIRCA 1950s - Citizens of Ottumwa, Iowa are aware that preserving their way of life during the Cold War requires sacrifice on their part.
CIRCA 1950s - An Iowa farmboy learns that military service is required in peacetime in order to protect the American way of life.
CIRCA 1950s - A patriotic mother is apprehensive but understanding when a US Army recruiter comes to speak to her son in Iowa.
CIRCA 1950s - A US Army recruiter drives out to a farmhouse in rural Iowa.
CIRCA 1955 - Quebec, Canada is buried in snow after a blizzard.
CIRCA 1953 - A massive fire breaks out at a rubber tire factory in France.
CIRCA 1950s - People in stopped cars wave to the crossing guard and passing train engineer at a railway in Ottumwa, Iowa.
CIRCA 1950s - An Iowa farmboy asks a US Army recruiter questions about military service.
CIRCA 1953 - Argentinian president Juan Peron watches an exhibition boxing match between American heavyweight champ Archie Moore and a local boxer.
CIRCA 1953 - Joseph Stalin waves from the balcony of a tall building in Moscow, Russia.
CIRCA 1956 - In this musical, teenagers dance to jukebox rock 'n roll at a diner.
CIRCA 1957 - French bantamweight champion Alphonse Halimi defeats Scottish boxer Chic Brogan.
CIRCA 1950s - A roller-skating couple performs a stunt at a circus where the man twirls his partner around on a rope held by his teeth.
CIRCA 1952 - Women partake in synchronized waterskiing.
CIRCA 1950s - A little white mouse learns to navigate a maze in order to reach the food at the other end as part of scientific research.
CIRCA 1950 - Steel sheets are packaged and delivered to another factory, where they are cut and molded into saucepans.
CIRCA 1953 - Women model Josef handbags on the luxury liner Andrea Doria.
CIRCA 1950s - Acrobats perform at a circus.
CIRCA 1950s - A band of men play their instruments and sing on a stage in front of their audience in the 1950s.
1950s USA Drive-in Movie Theater Intermission Announcement. Young Couple sit in Convertible Car at Drive-In Enjoying Refreshments: Drinks, Popcorn, and Hotdogs. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 1950s - Robert the Talking Robot, a remote-controlled toy, is assembled in a factory, in a television commercial, in 1955.
1950s Bloomington, IL. Female Trapeze Artist performs Midair Somersault. She is caught by her Ankles by Upside Down Male Gymnast. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 1950s - Appliance store owners talk about their great new televisions and a consumer sits in his living room, in the 1950s.
1950s Louisville, Kentucky. Horses break from the Post at Churchill Downs for 1953 Kentucky Derby. The Amateur Shaky Footage express the Excitement. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Home Movies
1950s: Family gathered around the TV set in a living room. Hurricane special bulletin plays on TV. Weather man announces hurricane.
CIRCA 1957 - In this animated film, Popeye saves his nephews from Independence Day fireworks and blows up patriotic balloons for them.
CIRCA 1953 - Authorities on the ground put protective goggles in place as a USAF bombardier in a B-50 drops an atomic bomb at a Nevada test site.
CIRCA 1950s - A historical overview of the Army Medical Corps in World War 1
50's Mom lights baby boys 1st birthday cake
1950s: Hospital entrance. Man lays on x-ray table. Doctors perform surgery. Nurse walks through lab door. Man sits in front of microscope, nurse hands man container.
Countdown Leader vintage countdown 10 - 0. 4K Countdown Leader Graphic. Old film effect with detailed lines, scratches and grain glitch
CIRCA 1950s - Scenes from a 1950s era stop motion and live action film of Alice and Wonderland.
CIRCA 1950s - Soviet space dog Laika orbits the earth in the Sputnik 2 spacecraft, in 1957.
CIRCA 1950s - An atomic bomb is detonated underwater at Bikini Atoll, near some ships.
CIRCA 1950s - After postwar celebrations take place, armies of Soviet Russia's satellite nations march in parades celebrating Stalin.
CIRCA 1950s - Some of Albert Einstein's accomplishments are listed at an American ceremony honoring him.
CIRCA 1954 - Marilyn Monroe takes the stage to perform for American troops in Korea (narrated in 1962).
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, an auto mechanic is taught that groups led by big government don't get to choose their jobs.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated film, an auto mechanic is knocked unconscious and dreams he's the size of an ant.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, a mechanic demands justice from his ant overlords.
CIRCA 1950 - President Truman visits Fort Benning and Eglin Field, where he sees an air power demonstration.
CIRCA 1950 - Workers in an ant colony are treated well at first but eventually are turned into slaves by the state.
CIRCA 1950s - A man watches his wife drive on television and then arrive at their house in 1955.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, an ant is hit for disagreeing with the ruling class.
CIRCA 1958 - In this drama film, Hollywood landmarks such as the Hollywood sign, Capitol Records Building, and Grauman's Chinese Theater are shown.
CIRCA 1950 - An auto mechanic goes to a movie theater for ants and sees a newsreel about their controlling government.
1950s: Row of doctors in lab looking into microscopes. Rows of doctors at work at tables in lab. Man sits in front of industrial calculator.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated film, a shrunk down auto mechanic is excited to meet an ant because he believes their government takes care of them.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, an auto mechanic dreams that he's been captured by astrologer ants.
CIRCA 1950s - A couple eats dinner, a woman hangs laundry in her apartment, and a couple argues about their relationship in the 1950s.
1950s: Man places ballot in ballot box. Estate home. Agricultural laborers at work.
CIRCA 1950s - By using toll dialing, telephone operators are able to more quickly serve people who urgently need to place long distance calls in 1950.
1950s: Men sit at table and talk. Man stands and shows poster. Hand holds chalkboard shooting slate. Painting of man and children.
1950s: Hand holds chalkboard shooting slate. Restaurant. Men look at book and talk. Man writes in ledger.
CIRCA 1955 - Nurses and doctors prepare shipments of the polio vaccine while families with young children wait.
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