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CIRCA 1950 - Air Force bombers provide cover for UN troops landing at Inchon during the Korean War.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, a mechanic demands justice from his ant overlords.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, an auto mechanic is taught that groups led by big government don't get to choose their jobs.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated film, an auto mechanic is knocked unconscious and dreams he's the size of an ant.
CIRCA 1950 - President Truman visits Fort Benning and Eglin Field, where he sees an air power demonstration.
CIRCA 1950 - Workers in an ant colony are treated well at first but eventually are turned into slaves by the state.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, an ant is hit for disagreeing with the ruling class.
CIRCA 1950 - An auto mechanic goes to a movie theater for ants and sees a newsreel about their controlling government.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated Cold War propaganda film, an auto mechanic dreams that he's been captured by astrologer ants.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated film, a shrunk down auto mechanic is excited to meet an ant because he believes their government takes care of them.
CIRCA 1950 - Steel sheets are packaged and delivered to another factory, where they are cut and molded into saucepans.
Old Film Effect 4K. Retro film video footage, ideal for overlay
CIRCA 1950 - The Detroit Red Wings take on the New York Rangers for the Stanley Cup.
CIRCA 1950 - Citizens of all ages, some wounded, are evacuated from Winnipeg after a terrible flood.
CIRCA 1950 - Aftermath of a deadly freight train crash.
CIRCA 1950 - Winnipeg, Canada is hit with a terrible flood.
CIRCA 1950 - The SS Excalibur delivers replicas of the Liberty Bell to be used in a savings bond drive across America.
CIRCA 1950 - Civilians help servicemen with relief efforts in Winnipeg after a disastrous flood.
CIRCA 1950 - Ice floes are blown up to prevent flooding.
CIRCA 1950 - Hill Prince wins the Withers Stakes with his jockey, Eddie Arcaro.
CIRCA 1950 - A ceremony is held in honor of Connie Mack's fiftieth year managing the Philadelphia Athletics baseball team.
CIRCA 1950 - British war brides and their children ride in a Skymaster airplane to visit England.
CIRCA 1950 - The Detroit Red Wings defeat the New York Rangers in a game for the Stanley Cup.
CIRCA 1950 - Activity in Gainesville, Texas ceases so that townspeople can attend the circus.
CIRCA 1950 - Young cows are set loose in a pen, and boys can keep whichever one they can catch.
CIRCA 1950 - A cityscape of Manhattan includes views of the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and other skyscrapers.
CIRCA 1950 - Two boys eat hamburgers and drink Coke.
CIRCA 1950s - By using toll dialing, telephone operators are able to more quickly serve people who urgently need to place long distance calls in 1950.
a retro robot with a spinning head left then right loop on a green screen
1950's USSR Russian Scientist Listens on Headphones to Cosmonauts Surveillance. The Magnetic Tape Machine Records on Reel to Reel. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film Showing Frame Lines and Sprocket Holes
CIRCA 1950 - Mexican migrant workers are hired as farmhands in Texas.
CIRCA 1950 - General Arnold's funeral procession moves through Washington DC.
CIRCA 1950 - A wrestling match begins between Frank Sexton and Yvar Martinson.
CIRCA 1950 - General MacArthur oversees the US Army in Korea before UN reinforcements arrive to help the South Koreans fight off soldiers.
CIRCA 1950 - President Truman is present at the unveiling of Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake in Washington.
CIRCA 1950 - Colorado's Governor Johnson is present at the opening ceremony of the new Denver Post building.
CIRCA 1950 - Supermarkets grow and thrive in the 1950's and 1960's.
CIRCA 1950 - Skiers participate in a slalom race in the French Alps.
CIRCA 1950 - President Truman holds a press conference about the atomic bomb, having been the one to order it to end WWII.
CIRCA 1950 - Spectators place their bets before a horse race begins at Florida's Hialeah Park Race Track.
CIRCA 1950 - Catholics flock to Rome during Holy Year to pray for safety from atomic warfare, and also put their faith in the UN.
CIRCA 1950 - The US' Austin, China's Tingfu and Russia's Malik are key figures in a UN Security Council meeting that votes to intervene in Korea.
CIRCA 1950 - American wrestler Frank Sexton defeats the French Yvar Martinson.
CIRCA 1950 - UN forces seem bound to win the Korean War until the Chinese Army arrives.
CIRCA 1950 - Mexican migrant workers are checked by doctors and fingerprinted at the Texas border.
CIRCA 1950 - Children ride on parade floats, dance, and do calisthenics in a huge outdoor ceremony.
CIRCA 1950 - Communist demonstrations and violent protests take place in Berlin, France, Tokyo and New York.
CIRCA 1950 - Francis Cardinal Spellman makes an appeal at the beginning of New York's Catholic Charities drive.
CIRCA 1950 - Soldiers from the United Nations depart to aid American forces in Korea, as the US Army suffers many casualties.
CIRCA 1950 - Donald O'Connor, Yvonne DeCarlo and their troupe of entertainers prepare to fly from California to Germany to entertain the troops.
CIRCA 1950 - Women working as weavers in a textile mill are given new equipment to make their looms more productive.
CIRCA 1950s - A family eats at a picnic table in 1950.
CIRCA 1950s - Communist Soviet controlled North Korea invades the People's Republic of Korea in 1950, leaving many displaced Koreans in its wake.
CIRCA 1950s - A couple argues in their home, and another couple receives a call from an unexpected visitor in 1950.
CIRCA 1950 - Edith Head designs costumes for movies of every genre.
CIRCA 1950s - Atomic bomb blast on Bikini Atoll in 1946.
CIRCA 1950 - Supermarkets grow and thrive in the 1950's and 1960's and the checkout girl is a key part of their operation.
CIRCA 1950s - Good early shots of Wall Street traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
CIRCA 1950 - Children are served a hot lunch at school in the small town of Pittsford, Vermont.
CIRCA 1950 - At a town meeting in Pittsford, Vermont, a woman proposes increasing the school budget for a hot lunch program.
CIRCA 1950 - Annual budget reports of local organizations are shared at a town hall meeting in Pittsford, Vermont.
CIRCA 1950 - Children are dressed warmly to walk to school in the snow in Pittsford, Vermont, and they warm up by the furnace.
CIRCA 1950s - Russian communism and American democracy are two major conflicting forces in the world in 1950.
CIRCA 1950 - Miss America winner Yolande Betbeze is celebrated in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama with a parade and a fireworks display at night.
CIRCA 1950 - Children of different ages learn math and spelling at a one room schoolhouse in Pittsford, Vermont.
CIRCA 1950 - A teacher in snowy Pittsford, Vermont gets parents interested in helping start a hot lunch program for the students.
CIRCA 1950 - People arrive at a town hall for a meeting in Pittsford, Vermont.
CIRCA 1950 - As students break for lunch in a one-room schoolhouse in Vermont, their teacher wishes they could have hot food.
CIRCA 1950 - Increasing the school budget for a hot lunch program is debated at a town meeting in Pittsford, Vermont.
CIRCA 1950 - Votes are tallied at a town meeting, and the initiative to increase the school budget is thus passed.
CIRCA 1950 - At a meeting about the feasibility of starting a hot lunch program, a Vermont teacher decides to forgo getting a new desk.
CIRCA 1950 - A couple arrives at the schoolhouse where they work in Pittsford, Vermont, and the husband turns on the furnace.
CIRCA 1950 - Parents in the wintry town of Pittsford, Vermont speak to others in the community to vote for a higher school budget.
CIRCA 1950 - People depart for a town meeting on a wintry day in Pittsford, Vermont.
CIRCA 1950 - The wintry town of Pittsford, Vermont is introduced as one where people can rely on each other for help.
CIRCA 1950 - A couple leaves their home with their dog in the wintry town of Pittsford, Vermont to walk to work in the snow.
CIRCA 1950 - People at a town meeting in Pittsford, Vermont write down their votes on whether to increase the school budget.
CIRCA 1950 - Teachers of a one-room schoolhouse approach the mother of a pupil on a snowy street to ask about starting a hot lunch program.
CIRCA 1950 - A teacher shows the janitor a new desk she's planning to buy for the schoolhouse.
CIRCA 1957 - In this commercial a couple dances around refrigerators in a showroom, showing how well the freezers preserve ice trays.
CIRCA 1950 - A doctor at a town meeting weighs in on a debate about increasing the school budget for a hot lunch program.
CIRCA 1960s - A woman dances among different models of air conditioners as a narrator describes their top-of-the-line nature in 1966.
1950's Men look into Extremely Large Telescope from Astronomical Observatory.  Close-Up of Moon and Large Sun Flare. 4K Scan of Vintage 16mm Film
CIRCA 1950s - A housewife shops for bananas and later slices them over cereal in 1950.
CIRCA 1950 - A woman helps her teenage daughter prepare tuna melts and snacks for her friends.
CIRCA 1950 - A teenager tries to steal a kiss from his date while they dance at a party.
CIRCA 1950 - A teenage boy is angry when he comes to a dance and sees the girl who turned him down dancing with someone else. He cuts in.
CIRCA 1950 - A teenage boy tries to get a girl to ditch her date at a dance for him.
CIRCA 1950 - A teenager and her date arrive at a dance.
CIRCA 1950 - A teenage boy convinces a girl to leave a dance for a little fun with him.
CIRCA 1950s - UFO's cause speculation and mystery in the 1950's.
CIRCA 1950 - A teenage girl gets her tuna melts out of the oven and her mother helps put the finishing touches on the dishes.
1950s - Great footage of switchboard operators at work at the phone company in 1950.
CIRCA 1950s - An overview of the 1920's biggest celebrities includes Eugene Debbs, Al Capone and Amy Semple McPherson amongst many others.
CIRCA 1950 - In this animated film, an owl teacher of rowdy students is very excited for summer vacation to begin.
CIRCA 1950s - A model village is blown away by a nuclear bomb blast in the Nevada desert.
1950's Paris France. A Hotel utilizes Solar Panels and Geo-Thermal Energy to produce Energy. A Couple Inspects Solar Panels on the Roof of a Hotel. 4K Scan of Archival 16mm Film
CIRCA 1950s - A narrator explains the importance and simplicity of rhythmic exercises as boys complete them in 1950.
CIRCA 1950s - A farmer comes up with the idea to put rubber tires on his tractors and it becomes an industry standard.
CIRCA 1950s - A very good montage of 1950's sports, at schools and professionally.
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