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MADRID, SPAIN - MARCH 25 2020. Medical staff from the Fundacion Jimenez Diaz hospital who are fighting coronavirus applaud back the people of Madrid and police officers for their support
A view of the Earth and a spaceship. International space station is orbiting the Earth, Elements furnished by NASA.
American flag video. 3d United States American Flag Slow Motion video. US American Flag Blowing Close Up. US Flags Motion Loop HD resolution USA Background. USA flag Closeup 1080p Full HD video
A fast rising flaming explosion covers the screen for a second creating a fast revealer for a logo or an intro or outro effect. Can also be used as a transition effect.

1080p - 30 fps - Alpha Channel
HD Video clip of African woman farmer in traditional clothes standing in a field of crops, wheat or barley, in Africa at sunset or sunrise
NEW YORK - JUNE 5, 2020: Breonna Taylor tribute - say her name sign at Black Lives Matter rally in Washington Square Park, New York City, NYC.
4k black and white video footage of audio visualizer on black background. Black and white music equalizer on dark background.  Formats UHD, HD, 1080p 4K.
Red sunset sky nature background, fast timelapse motion video of orange clouds landscape move, run, fly, roll, pass high in heaven air, dramatic beautiful colorful evening blood dusk light, twilight.
overhead aerial cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC centered 4K and 1080 HD
Italy flag. National 3d Italian flag waving. Sign of Italy seamless loop animation. Italian flag HD Background. Italy flag Closeup 1080p Full HD video for presentation Rome, Colosseum, Milan, Venice
EVENING CLOUDS FAST MOVING AWAY, ROLLING DARK SUNSET SKY, Red purple orange blue pink cloudscape time lapse background. FULL HD.
Sunrise clouds in blue skies. Beautiful rainy mass with large, building white and sunset breaking through. Time lapse of bright sun shining with passing. FHD. 1080p
Chef woman's hands move fresh natural flour on kitchen background. Sifter and rolling pin on a background. Slow motion, Full HD video, 240fps, 1080p. Step by step homemade dough preparation. Top view.
Earth rotating on axis in space with stars - 4K seamless loop - realistic world globe spinning slowly - full rotation - all the way around. Elements furnished by Nasa
loopable footage of Programming code abstract technology background for  software developer and  Computer script concept
Person snowboarder snowboarding down slope closeup with gopro view white powder snow - winter extreme sports background
Movie Making Back View of Cameraman Shooting Film. Professional Filmmaker Woman Working with Camera at Dark Studio. Television Scene Production. Female Operator. Footage Shot Full HD 1080p
overhead aerial diagonal cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC 1080 HD
Nature Environment Dark huge cloud sky black stormy cloud motion big stormy rain day thunderstorm clouds dancing panorama horizon Time lapse blue cloud moving oxygen Storm giant moving fast movie time
Sparkling water in the glass bubbles going up slow-mo motion refreshing carbonated club soda drink.
United Nations waving flag. National 3d animation of  UN flag waving. Sign of United Nations seamless loop animation. UN flag HD resolution Background. United Nations flag 1080p Full HD video -New York,4 May 2019
Zoom out animation of a world map with interconnected links from the Synergy collection - Lower Third Video Element.
SERIES Red orange sunset sky orange video 4k cloud Red orange cloudscape time lapse background Dark red purple sunset sky cloud time lapse 4k evening clouds moving away rolling 4k dark sunset clouds
Super Slow Motion of Tennis Racket Hitting a Ball on Black Background
The cloud of economic transactions. Blockchain counts operations.Digital Data Points Network . Dark background, rotating flickering white light mesh cloud of connections.
Professional Dog Walker in park with many different Dogs
Top view of the glass container of the blender, into which falls a red, ripe strawberry fruit for making smoothies, a cocktail. Healthy organic food. Full HD video, 240fps,1080p.
Happy family- mother and Two kids lying down on the sofa and using tablet pc at night. Family watching movie on tablet computer in a dark room, playing games. HD 1080p, slow motion 240 fps
Red-blue neon animated VJ background
Governance Words Cloud Animation Set.  White and black background. 4 k resolution.
Happy family- Father, mother and Two kids lying down on the sofa and using tablet pc at night. Family watching movie on tablet computer in a dark room. HD 1080p, slow motion 240 fps, high speed camera
A young beautiful female vet inspects a white horse. Love, medicine, pet care, trust, happiness, health. Damage to the leg, knee, sprain. Pain, suffering an old horse. lameness.
Aerial view of the airplane on take-off approach at the airport runway. top view
Closeup at moving sub-woofer. Speaker part music. Background.
Earth Zoom Animation to Abu Dhabi UAE
Young woman standing on rock contemplating tropical rainforest, beautiful light coming from above making sunbeams- Slow motion video- people travel nature beauty concept
Animation of a pondering emoji emoticon with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin, thinking, wondering. Including alpha channel.
United Kingdom flag video waving in wind Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Realistic Union Jack Flag background. British UK Flag Looping Closeup 1080p Full HD 1920X1080 footage. EU Brexit film
White Flower Background
Two young men discuss the project plan. Drawing on white background, hands close-up. 4K
Opening champagne bottle closeup. Sparkling Wine over Holiday Bokeh Blinking Background. Slow motion 240 fps.. Full HD 1080p.
France flag. National flag of France 3d. French Flags Slow Motion video. France Flag tricolor Blowing Close Up. Flags Motion Loop HD resolution France Background. French flag Closeup 1080p HD video
PUFFY CLOUDS, Puffy fluffy white clouds blue sky time lapse motion background. Bright blue sky puffy fluffy white cloud cloudscape cloudy heaven. Puffy fluffy white cloud blue sky background. FHD.
W4, w2, and/or 1095-a health insurance marketplace tax forms
Sunset reflected on wet beach sand with incoming ocean waves and seagulls. A beached foreground log adds interest. Seamless loop. Shot at 1080p.
European Union flags waving in the wind in front of European Commission. Brussels, Belgium. Slider shot, full HD, 1080p
Original pride rainbow flag gay. Rainbow Gay America lesbian USA lgbtq flag video waving in wind. USA Gay Pride flag background. Rainbow Philly Flag Looping 1080p Full HD.Rainbow color Pride flags
Meteor. Video Footage, FHD 1080p
NEW YORK CITY - FEB 2, 2018: Brooklyn Bridge aerial over American flag toward Freedom Tower Manhattan skyline in NYC. The famous suspension bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the US.
Illustrated animation of raised arms and hands of multiethnic and multicultural men women girls and boys. Happy people. Diversity people. Participation.Teamwork. Different culture
Bees fly to Blossoming Tree, slow motion
Group of people toasting and drinking champagne on the restaurant terrace over sunset. Celebrating. Glasses with Sparkling Champagne over nature Background. Resort. Slow motion full hd 1080p
Axe throwing target cages with two people throwing axes in slow motion
Ink Brush Stroke Set whit Alpha (transparency) channel. Perfect for motion graphics, digital composition. Perfect for masks, transitions, fades, mattes, reveals. UHD, HD, 1080p, 4K
Qatar flag. Motion Loop video waving in wind. Qatar Doha Flag background. Qatar Flag Looping Closeup 1080p Full HD footage. Qatar middle east country flags footage video for film,news
Close up of a man using an extra large rubber stamp. Add anything you want underneath like "approved" or "rejected"
Water surface. animation of water fills the screen HD 1080.
Senior man and woman applauding people who are fighting against coronavirus (covid19) from home
Time lapse: Aerial cityscape view during dusk overlooking the Kuala Lumpur city center skyline and construction area at sunset in Malaysia. Day to night. High Quality 4K
Shockwave Explosions Set of 6 color variations. Alpha channel. HD 1080. Overlay template
Mom and dad hands on pregnant tummy. Pregnant couple caressing pregnant belly. Expectant mother care. Maternity concept. Pregnancy. Happy family. Slow motion 60 fps. Hd 1080p. High speed camera
Statue Of Liberty Silhouette with Beautiful Colorful Orange Sky Sunset - Aerial Circling - Manhattan New York City Skyline In Background NYC 4K and 1080 HD
High quality video of taking coffee beans in real 1080p slow motion 250fps
Moving clouds in horizon in summer sunny clean blue skies & white building, formating cloudscape in horizon, relaxing beautiful season. after thunderstorm, rainy day.  UHD.
Ocean wave in slow motion, big huge giant extreme surf sea wave, break, crash, spray, splash of waves water. Blue wave nature power background. Epic rough big storm barrel ocean wave slow crash video
4K Aerial footage of Liverpool. Amazing fly around of the city
Business owner work at home wrapping parcel box, Alpha generation life style. Business woman entrepreneurial successful. Sales Online Parcel delivery. New generation life style of young entrepreneur.
World blockchain performs operations. Seamless loop.Digital Data Points Network . Dark background, rotating flickering white light mesh cloud of connections.
Sharp splash of cocktail from the bowl into table. Preparation of helathy organic milkshake, smoothies from strawberries, milk cream, chia seeds. Top view. Full HD video,240fps,1080p. Slow motion.
Asian troubled man in an empty room is hopeless. Blurred and silhouette shot.
Tealight candles burning macro slow motion
Humming bird on white and black backgrounds with an alpha matte, 3d animation
A beautiful flight in space to the Earth from the moon
Aerial view of summer countryside with wind turbines and agricultural fields. Full HD, 1080p
Time-lapse video of an intense rotating supercell thunderstorm, with impressive lightning strikes, dark skies and mesocyclone storm structure.
CLOUDS TIME LAPSE, BUILDING MOTION WITH BLUE SKY. Puffy fluffy white big building mass move, background FULL HD. 1080p.
Pour white wine over clear glass glasses at sunset. HD, 1920x1080. slow motion
Subscribe, stroke animation with flares and glow
Businessman touching Brain CPU chip, grow artificial intelligence
Two high quality videos of man jumping on the bed in real 1080p slow motion 250fps
United Nations Climate change flag. National 3d UN flag waving. Sign of United Nations global warming. UN Climate change flag HD  Background. United Nations flag 1080p HD video -New York,4 May 2019
Dandelion. The wind blows away dandelion seeds in the setting sun.  Slow motion 240 fps. High speed camera shot. Full HD 1080p.
Priest reading the Bible in church
Harvest in organic garden. Farmer washing bunch of fresh organic colorful beets, carrots vegetables with water, closeup. Slow motion.
A large scale splash of a clean fresh water.

1080p – 30 fps – Alpha Channel
Bright Floodlights Flashing Vj Loop Background
Video 1080p - Crowns of trees with bright afternoon sun and rays.
 Apricot flower blossoming time lapse. Branch with blooming flowers apricot tree. Time lapse. High speed camera shot. Full HD 1080p. Timelapse
NEW YORK - JUNE 10, 2020: people marching in Black Lives Matter protest with signs chanting no justice no peace. Aerial drone view overhead on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, NYC.
Moving Time Lapse Hyper Lapse over New York City Central Park at Night Towards Skyline of Manhattan Skyscraper with glowing City lights, Aerial Hyperlapse
Hand waving, saying goodbye gesture isolated on white background. HD 1080p
Old style letters / characters flying over old white paper. High quality animation. Great for your book / literature projects.  Seamless loop, 1080p, 30fps
Brain CPU chip, 4K size movie, grow artificial intelligence
Screen displays popular online shopping websites (Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Asos, Wallmart, Ikea, Etsy, Zappos, Nasty Gal, Bhphotovideo). Internet surfing timelapse, 25 seconds, hd 1080p video footage
4k pink paint drop falling in slow motion in pink paint and making beautiful crown splash, top view (uhd 3840x2160, ultra high definition, 1920x1080, 1080p)
Humming bird, four 3d animations. alpha-channel is integrated into the footage, you can easily change the background. copy bird layer if you want to make the wings more sharp
Canadian flag waving in wind video footage Full HD. Realistic Canadian Flag background. Canada Flag Looping Closeup 1080p Full HD 1920X1080 footage. Canada North American country flags Full HD
Beautiful young woman walking on field with wildflowers, enjoying nature outdoors. Slow motion 240 fps. Full HD 1080p
Happy kid playing with toy airplane against summer sky background
Hong Kong Chinese New Year fireworks at the Victoria Harbour
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