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Hooded jogger getting his breath back after a run, in slow motion
Portrait of senior Asian male looking straight to camera
Portrait of a group of men in the city with beards looking to camera
Handsome male business man celebrates good news by dancing in the street, in slow motion
Portrait of young Indian male wearing a turban and smiling to camera, in slow motion
Close shot of females mouth talking directly to camera, vox pop style
Close up of young black female mouth talking to camera
Attractive male walks through the city with a cup of coffee, in slow motion
Soul Leaving Human Body Spirit Ghost Levitating Out of a Human Corpse Astral Projection Remote Viewing Out of Body Experience Full HD 1920 X 1080 Version 2
Confident man on a train journey using his phone, in slow motion
Young female seen looking at jewellery in a store, shot through glass
Blurred crowd of people passing by at a convention in a conference hall (HD)
Lone man at the beach one evening looking out to sea
Close portrait of beautiful black female talking directly to camera
DJ or podcast presenter talking to his audience over a microphone
Diverse group of joggers running together, in slow motion
TV news reporter in the city giving a report to camera
4K Personal trainer shows client his progress and both are pleased
Mature older black female talks on her phone as she walks through town
Close up shot of black womans eyes as she looks to camera and smiles
African Fish-Eagle, haliaeetus vocifer, Adult in flight, Flapping Wings, Baringo Lake in Kenya, slow motion
Basketball player dribbling the ball as he listens to music, in slow motion
Two Asian business men's hands come together for a handshake in the city, in slow motion
Profile steadicam shot of a hooded male athlete jogging in the city early morning, in slow motion
Clean and minimal top drone footage of two best friends or student young girls have fun outdoors. Play ping pong or table tennis in park playground. Laugh and smile in friendly competition game
4K Attractive woman at home relaxing with a hot drink and tv
Young man using his phone as he walks on the high street, in slow motion
Close up of shoe laces on sports shoes being tied up
Eyes of a young man opening and looking straight to camera
Bonefire, Fire flames in campfire, campsite at Masai Mara Park, Kenya, slow motion
Business man on a train checking share prices in a paper, in slow motion
Mature business man reading a newspaper and drinking as he walks in the city
Portrait of senior Asian male looking and smiling to camera
Portrait of attractive elderly Filipino female looking and smiling to camera
Hands of a man in a suit typing on his laptop in a coffee shop
Make-up Brush spreading blush powder on black background, Slow motion
Bald Eagle, haliaeetus leucocephalus, Adult in Flight, Taking off from Branch, Slow Motion
Light beam Rays with alpha channel, Full HD 1920 x 1080, It can be used as overly on visual effects shots.
4K Hooded athlete breathing heavily and tilting his head to the light as he regains his breath in slow motion, shot on RED EPIC
Male hands counting $50 notes in Australian dollars
4K Camera follows a man running in the city at night, in slow motion
Attractive young woman using her touch screen mobile cell phone and smiling to herself
Happy married couple on a video call on a digital tablet at home, in slow motion
4K Attractive business man using his phone outdoors, in slow motion
Popping red balloon
Attractive young black woman using her phone to record herself for social media
Close up of man's mouth talking directly to camera
Father holding his baby and rubbing his back as he looks out of the window at home
Blurred escalators in a convention building during a business conference being used by crowd of people (HD)
Young couple in the woods walk before the man makes a marriage proposal
Sporty beautiful young woman practicing yoga, sitting in cross legged position
Group of sports men put their hands together in a huddle
Half face portrait of young male looking to camera and smiling, with space for text
Portrait shot of androgynous male applying lip gloss in front of the mirror, in slow motion
Barman shaking cocktail and pouring it to an empty glass at a nightclub
African Fish-Eagle, haliaeetus vocifer, Adult in flight, Chobe River, Okavango Delta in Botswana, Slow motion
Young female selecting avocados at a fruit and vegetable stall in a street market, in slow motion
Muscular male skipping with a jump rope outdoors, in slow motion
Handshake between two men in the city, in slow motion
Camera moves around a confident black business man in the city as he smiles to camera, in slow motion
Camera moves around an attractive black female smiling as she uses her phone, in slow motion
Blurred crowd of people walking through shot in one direction at a business conference (HD)
Portrait of young woman walking along a city street and smiling to herself, in slow motion
Young asian business man working on his laptop on a train, in slow motion
Portrait of handsome asian man looking to camera and smiling, in slow motion
smal child in incubator , hospital , little feet and hand a newborn baby and newborn babies sleepiing at nursery,Neonatology,Cared doctor neonatologist  Medical devices cardiogram cannula tube.
Attractive mature female walking and texting on her phone, in slow motion
Young man looking to camera wondering about something before looking confidently to camera and smiling, in slow motion
Portrait of handsome black man turning to camera and smiling as he stands in the city, in slow motion
Handheld shot of attractive male skipping with a jump rope under a bridge, in slow motion
Static shot of external view of modern office building
Attractive professional Asian male stands confidently in the city as the camera moves around him, in slow motion
Retired senior male talking on a video call on a digital tablet in his back garden, in slow motion
Close portrait of transgender man smiling to camera
Handsome black man with dreadlocks checking his phone on a train at night
Middle aged couple walking their dog in the woods
4K Silhouette female doing a warrior yoga pose, in slow motion
Hands of a Doctor in a hospital ward writing notes on a clipboard
Politician or lawyer addressing the media
Close up of female solicitors mouth giving a press conference outside
Video footage of driving on a country road in the black forest in germany
Grant's Zebra, equus burchelli boehmi, group running through Savannah, Masai Mara Park in Kenya, slow motion
Two business professionals meet and shake hands, in slow motion
4K Young woman lifts her puppy and rests him on her chest as she strokes and plays with him, in slow motion
Male hands raise glasses of alcohol to toast in a bar
Young man misses his subway train
4K Hacker accessing and searching data files at night in the dark
Lemongrass farm in Thailand. Video 1920 x 1080  50 Fps
Young woman gets bumped in the street and drops her phone
Hooded jogger warming up before a jog early one morning in the city
French Flag Waving in the Wind, Caen City in Normandy, Slow Motion
Great Anglo-French White and Black Hound with Great Anglo-French Tricolour Hound, near Saint Malo in Brittany in France, Horse and Pack for Fox hunting, Slow motion
Close up of fluctuating share prices of crypto currency
Young female sat in coffee shop window using a digital tablet and drinking her hot drink
Mature black male in a suit using his phone outdoors in the city
Handsome black male reacts and laughs at something as he looks to camera, in slow motion
Asian news reporter reporting to camera in the city
Bytes Particles World with alpha channel
4K Feet of a skillful soccer player doing quick movements with his football
Abstract angle of female giving a speech to press holding microphones
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