OS - Screen Replacement VFX

Contemporary Screen Replacement VFX

Save time in post and nail authentic tech looks with the O/S Elements Pack, featuring 100+ 4K screen replacement VFX assets. Pre-cleared and totally legal, these graphic elements instantly capture the essence and on-screen animations of today’s best-known operating systems, search engines, and interfaces. With assets for devices and desktops of every dimension, O/S makes it easier than ever to reproduce “real-world” screen interactions that fit naturally into your scenes. Elements include icons, browsers, windows, desktops, dashboards, and more — all of them based on existing tech brands that your viewers use every day.

  • 105 4K screen replacement elements
  • 5 categories: Browsers, Desktops, Editors, Icons, and Mobile
  • Compatible with all major NLEs
OS - Screen replacement VFX
Shutterstock Elements video effects


100+ screen replacement VFX in 4K

File type.mov
Frame rate30
Package size30.4 GB
CompatibilityAll major NLE's
Music used in trailerPremiumbeat.com - Icelandish

OS features a comprehensive tutorial video. Tutorials are only available in English.

Featured screen replacements (of 105)

OS_Icon_01 - 01
OS_Mac_Browser_Search - 02
OS_Process_01 - 03
OS_Rounded_Desktop_Browser_Search - 04
OS_Squared_Desktop_Browser - 05
OS_Video_Editor_Play - 06

Create authentic screens with O/S

Get started now! Watch this video tutorial to learn everything you need to know about using O/S to fill your screens.