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Launch your project into orbit

Create cosmic title sequences and inject stunning space elements into your scene with Nephos. Captured in 4K, every element was crafted using fluid dynamics and macro photography processes. Add organic space elements to create environments, titles, backgrounds and more.

  • 80 organic space-inspired environments
  • Created using fluid dynamics and macro photography processes.
  • In full 4K UHD resolution.
Nephos - Organically captured space environments
Shutterstock Elements video effects


80 organically captured space environments

File type.mp4
Frame rate23.976
Package size9.82 GB
CompatibilityAll major NLE's
Music used in - Drifting Tide

Nephos features a comprehensive tutorial video. Tutorials are only available in English.

Featured organically captured space environments

Nephos 01
Nephos 02
Nephos 73
Nephos 58
Nephos 60
Nephos 79

Get up and running, fast

Create spectacular cosmic scenes. To help you get started, we’ve included an in-depth video tutorial. We’ll take you from setup to customization and beyond.