Mojave - Dust Video Effects

Dust particle effects

Add extra realism and texture to your footage with Mojave’s versatile dust elements. Professionally shot in-studio on RED cameras, this collection features an array of styles from subtle rolling sand to large-scale detonation debris effects that’ll give your work a high-quality, cinematic look.

  • 100 cinema-quality dust effects
  • Shot on RED cameras
  • Captured on set with practical elements
Mojave - Dust Video Effects
Shutterstock Elements video effects


100 Dust Video Effects

File type.mp4
Frame rate23.976
Package size5.8 GB
CompatibilityAll major NLE's
Music used in - Elapse

Mojave features a comprehensive tutorial video. Tutorials are only available in English.

Featured dust effects (of 100)

Mojave - Surface 60 fps - 13
Mojave - Surface 60 fps - 05
Mojave - Surface 120 fps - 09
Mojave - Surface 120 fps - 05
Mojave - Hit Side Big 60 fps - 03b
Mojave - Hit Side Big 60 fps - 01b

Behind the Scenes

Explore the work and skill that went into crafting this Shutterstock elements pack.

Super-fast setup

From setup to customization and beyond, our included video tutorial will show you how to get the most of Mojave.