Lucent Zoom - Lens Flares

Truly cinematic lens flares

Take your aerial and long distance shots to the next level with Lucent Zoom’s premium lens flares. Captured using 3 high-end Angenieux parfocal lenses and featuring both spherical and anamorphic options, this premium collection opens up a world of epic lens flare styles and looks.

  • 120+ lens flares for aerial shots
  • Shot on Angenieux lenses
  • In stunning 4K resolution
Lucent Zoom - Lens Flares
Shutterstock Elements video effects

Lucent Zoom

120+ Parfocal Lens Flares

File type.mp4
Frame rate23.976
Package size9.04 GB
CompatibilityAll major NLE's
Music used in - Beautiful Minds

Lucent Zoom features a comprehensive tutorial video. Tutorials are only available in English.

Featured precise lens flares (of 120+)

Lucent Zoom - Spherical - 290 mm 28
Lucent Zoom - Spherical - 290 mm 19
Lucent Zoom - Spherical - 290 mm 06
Lucent Zoom - Anamorphic - 152 mm 02
Lucent Zoom - Anamorphic - 152 mm 08
Lucent Zoom - Anamorphic - 72 mm 02

Get up and running, fast

With a comprehensive video tutorial, you’ll be adding incredible lens flares to your footage in no time. We’ll take you step-by-step from initial setup all the way to the final cut.