Lucent Panorama - Cold-hued Lens Flares

Modern Cold-Hued Lens Flares

Give your footage sharp, modern looks with the Lucent Panorama Elements Pack, featuring 150 4K anamorphic lens flares — all of them organically captured through ultra-high-end Cooke SF prime lenses. These pro video assets create the kind of crisp, clean lens flares that contemporary cinematographers covet. Brilliant bursts. Sweeping, slow-build beams. With a simple drag and drop, dazzling light transforms your image, casting icy hues across your footage. Authentic, cinematic, and elegant — captivate your audience with Lucent Panorama.

  • 150 4K anamorphic lens flares
  • Captured with state-of-the-art Cooke SF primes
  • Compatible with all major NLEs
Lucent Panorama - Cold-hued lens flares
Shutterstock Elements video effects

Lucent Panorama

150 anamorphic lens flares in 4K

File type.mp4
Frame rate23.976
Package size7.71 GB
CompatibilityAll major NLE's
Music used in - Bravery

Lucent Panorama features a comprehensive tutorial video. Tutorials are only available in English.

Featured lens flares (of 150)

Lucent_Panorama_Cooke_SF_100mm_Sub_01 - 01
Lucent_Panorama_Cooke_SF_32mm__Sub_01 - 02
Lucent_Panorama_Cooke_SF_50mm_Sub_47 - 03
Lucent_Panorama_Cooke_SF_75mm_Sub_01 - 04
Lucent_Panorama_Cooke_SF_75mm_Sub_29 - 05
Lucent_Panorama_Cooke_SF_75mm_Sub_34 - 06

Create ice-cold looks with Lucent Panorama.

Watch this in-depth video tutorial to learn everything you need to know about using Lucent Panorama lens flares.