Detonate - Explosion Video Effects

The action essentials

Create jaw-dropping action scenes with this pulse-pounding collection of 50 explosion effects for video. Shot on set using cutting-edge RED cameras and Zeiss Master Prime lenses, and with the largest explosion reaching 200 feet, this set is truly epic. Add incredible explosions to your video without worrying about filming them yourself.

  • 50 practical explosion effects
  • Shot on RED cameras
  • In stunning 4K resolution
Detonate - Explosion Video Effects
Shutterstock Elements video effects


50+ Explosion Video Effects

File type.mp4
Frame rate23.976
Package size1.36 GB
CompatibilityAll major NLE's
Music used in - Through Space and Time

Detonate features a comprehensive tutorial video. Tutorials are only available in English.

Featured explosion effects (of 50+)

Detonate - Ground Sparks 60fps - 17
Detonate - Ground Sparks 60fps - 13
Detonate - Ground Sparks 60fps - 04
Detonate - Giant 60fps - 04
Detonate - Giant 60fps - 03
Detonate - Giant 60fps - 02

Behind the Scenes

Explore the work and skill that went into crafting this Shutterstock elements pack.

Get set up fast

Our detailed video tutorial will walk you through how to incorporate Detonate’s explosion effects into your project. We’ll show you how to customize your elements, add them to your timeline, and more.