icicle meting on an eroded limestone cliff during a warm winter day on the island of Gotland in Sweden
construction worker working with a jackhammer
A beautiful married couple walking down the park and holding their hands.  Wedding dress. Green trees and a building on the background.
Making whipped cream by hand with whisk.
1920s: Man does handstand. Man does front flip. Man tries to push woman's skirt up. Women stand by flowers. Man mows grass.
Icicle (Stalactite) Hanging Inside the Rocky Caves, panoramic view, Lake Baikal
1950s: UNITED STATES: camera view of ear drum and middle ear bones. Ear drum vibrates as sound waves enter.

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carving winter ice sculpture 2

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The process of milling a metal part on a CNC machine. The workpiece is machined when a lubricating-cooling liquid is supplied.
The Japanese Macaque (Snow) Monkeys enjoying a bath in the Onsen of Jigokudani Yaenkoen ,

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