Jellyfish in the deep blue ocean with bright illuminance
Squids dancing in the light of the camera
medusa underwater diving video
Jellyfish swim slowly in the sea.
Underwater shot of a bioluminescent comb jelly floating in the depths of the Arctic Ocean
Close-up Jellyfish, Medusa in fish tank with neon light. Jellyfish is free-swimming marine coelenterate with a jellylike bell- or saucer-shaped body that is typically transparent and has stinging tent
Underwater video with jellyfish medusas in blue aquarium color water

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New Year's Eve 2011 (Ice figures, HD video)

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A young specimen of jellyfish in the Black Sea, Rhizostoma pulmo, floating in the water column. A scyphomedusa in the family Rhizostomatidae
colorful air bubble with Jellyfish floating background in aquarium

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