boston soldier statue 1
Italian Statue - Europe, Rome
BARI, ITALY - AUGUST 31, 2017 - The statue of Saint Nicolaus, a big religious Christian figure in Europe and Russia, at an important pilgrimage destination. Handheld close-up shot. Editorial.
Franklin Roosevelt Monument
A statue of former Prime Minister and founder of the Open University, Harold Wilson. Labour Politician, situated outside Huddersfield Railway Station, the town of his birth, on 13th November 2013
ISTANBUL - CIRCA 2013: Istanbul Archaeology Museum circa 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded by decree as the Imperial Museum in 1891. It was the first museum to feature Turkish art.
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - 7 OCTOBER 2015: Statue symbolizing the birth of the Republic of Korea, in front of the National Assembly hall in Seoul

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boston soldier statue 2

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