sandy beach path to dune - HD
Beautiful view of the river through the trees, reflection of clouds on the water
View of nature and marsh in the Northwoods with audio of nature's sounds of birds and insects in Hayward, WI
Rare footage of destroyed hop garden after hailstorm „Felix“ 2009 near Wolnzach (Holledau, Hallertau), Bavaria, Germany.
Agriculture. Rows of apple trees grow. a little apple-tree grows in a garden. Young tree in a new apple orchard
Pan view of a fence and closed gate protecting a plantation of orange trees.
Squirrel bridge spanning road + traffic passing below - low angle. A squirrel bridge is a special bridge to prevent red squirrels being run over. N310, OTTERLO, THE NETHERLANDS.

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schnauzer jumps over fence, slow motion

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View of the river, timelapse
Autumn season in FFinland national park called Nuuksio.

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