Color powder particles exploding into dust cloud
Fast river underwater view
Seaweeds pasture on the seabed
green underwater wildlife
Invasive species, an invader in the Black Sea. Desmarestia viridis is a species of brown algae found worldwide. Ceramium, Enteromorpha, Polisiphonia.
Looking down the ocean - filmed from Herøy, Helgeland, Nordland, Norway
Photosynthesis in the sea, oxygen bubbles synthesized by algae. Green and red  algae on underwater rocks (Enteromorpha, Ulva, Ceramium, Polisiphonia). Gulf of Odessa, Black Sea

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Lake water grasses. Under the water you can see number of grasses that leaves under water. The view of the weeds underwater with the ray of the sun reflecting underneath.

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Green and brown algae seaweeds underwater in the Atlantic ocean, Spain, Galicia, Pontevedra
underwater world in north sea

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