CIRCA 1974 - The Lockheed YF-12 is compared in flight to the B-47 and X-15.
CUBA-1956: Urban Waterfront Commuter Route With Classic Cars
CIRCA 1960s - A missile is positioned for launching in 1962.
SEATLLE WASHINGTON 1974: a view from a boat looking over the city with its skyscrapers in the distance.
CIRCA 1950s - NASA astronauts train for space flight in the 1950's.
OCEAN CITY NEW JERSEY USA-1968: A Grey Ufo Being Filmed In The Distance Over Water
Panning blood trail on floor through door leading to human skeleton

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Item ID: 3525959

Seagulls on a railing


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SINGAPORE 1984: people in the distance sitting on a beach in front of a placid ocean
HONG KONG 1984: view of a very large body of water with buildings surrounding it

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