CONSTANTA, ROMANIA - AUGUST 15, 2016: Fast Attack Missile Craft military boat at Navy Marine Day. Navy Day make presentations of combat equipment and weapons in the military Black sea port
SEAPORT ROTTERDAM - MAY 2016: LNG tanker Arctic Voyager with Moss Spherical cargo tanks for high pressure liquid gas at GATE (Gas access to Europe) terminal, nijlhaven - side view
SEVASTOPOL, RUSSIA. 15 SEPTEMBER 2014: Rescue ship EPRON of Russian Navy is preparing to lift the sunken ship.
ROTTERDAM - AUGUST 2015: Rear of iron ore carrier Berge Fjord - medium shot, navigates into sea port assisted by tugs Smit Ebro and Smit Cheetah. Container ship Contessa inbound in background.
Cargo ship in Southampton, England, Europe
Battleships At The Valparaiso Harbor, Chile. This clip is available in different gradings - this is the cine grade.
ISTANBUL - MAY 2: A large cargo ship sails in Bosporus Sea on May 2, 2012 in Istanbul. Some 50,000 ships pass through the Straits every year.

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Coast Guard to secure the same accident scene

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long and heavy ships coming from the Black sea and going to Marmara sea toward Mediterranean sea in order to reach other countries. (this video is taken from Istanbul)
CIRCA 2010s - A Colombian Navy ship at sail.

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