Control room digital timer clock counting up rack focus
4k colorful bokeh overlay pack of 5 clips on black background - Apply screen overlay
Blurred color party lights on a dark background
Multicolored light leaks 4k footage on black background. Lens studio flare leak burst overlays. Natural lighting lamp rays bokeh effect. For compositing over your footage, stylizing video, transitions
Colorful Bokeh of Lights. Blurred Lights in the Night. Car lights out of focus.
Christmas Illuminations
Video Art Multicolor Abstract Shapes & Signal Noise Feedback Manipulation

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Item ID: 3523538

Magical and colorful box ( Series 2 - Version from 1 to 6 )


  • 1920 × 1080 pixels • MOV

  • 852 × 480 pixels • MOV

  • 426 × 240 pixels • MOV


Visually similar stock footage

4K Light Leaks Footage for different events and projects!!! Drop it over your current footage & composite using Add or Screen blend modes. lens flare light transition lens flare light leaks overlays .
Large Lighting Bokeh Shining Soft Dof Pink

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