Monkey catch bird, dove eating. White-headed Capuchin sitting on tree branch in the dark tropic forest, green tropic vegetation. Animal in the nature habitat. Wildlife of Costa Rica. Capuchin feeding.
Close-up of a bird nest with the mother panting from the heat. Species: Yellow-vented bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier). Location: Phuket, Thailand (Mai Khao).
Domino Roach and Orange Spotted Domino on crawling on a leaf.
Slow motion ant from up
alligator, shh he might hear you.
DEILEPHILA ELPENOR, the elephant hawk moth, is a moth in the family Sphingidae, butterfly,
caterpillar,eats up on the leaves on natural food plant,
DRAGONFLY,Aeshna cyanea,Southern hawker,short after when hatching from of the larvae, therefore unable to fly,needs be dried first,Close-up of head and thorax.

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Aeshna (Aeshna cyanea)

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