Automobiles and riders on scooters at busy intersection in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,
KYIV, UKRAINE - APRIL 20, 2017. Orchestra. A group of musicians play violin music
 This self-managed bazaar was locally called the Sunday  market. It had more than 12 thousand registered traders, most of them selling used items and a few selling new goods.
RUSSIA, NOVOSIBIRSK, MAY 9, 2016, Victory Day: Closeup Portrait of veteran of World War II
KRYVYI RIH, UKRAINE - MAY, 2019: People musicians sitting play wind instruments in municipal orchestra performing at festive concert open air.
A Rabbi studying the Talmud with his students outside military Prison 6, protesting after some students were arrested for failing to report to military authorities, Atlit Israel, OCT 25, 2017
Glasgow, United Kingdom - May, 2016: Members of a bagpipe band playing their instruments

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edith bowman at the 2006 Glamour magazine women of the year awards

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