Moon With Clouds In The Night Sky. Concept of a spooky theme and mystery.
Mysterious night sky with moon and dramatic clouds passing. Dark night with moon.
First quarter  of moon month in the sky.  Recorded in 4k
Half Moon with Clouds Passing Close Up 10bit ProresHQ, 4K
The rocky cold planet Mars animation with stars in the background.
The Half Moon in The Dark Night, in The Center of Frame
moon view in night sky
night footage of moon on cloudy sky

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Item ID: 342

Moon in first quarter phase with small clouds crossing its face.


  • 720 × 480 pixels • AVI

  • 324 × 240 pixels • MOV


Visually similar stock footage

First quarter  of moon month in the sky.  Recorded in 4k
Time-lapse of a soft-focused big moon as ites along behind sharply focused foliage with a creepy horrorie feel to it.

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