Curlicue of Paints.Spread the paint creates bizarre shapes with Curlicue of Paints
Curlicue of Paints
Super slow motion of coloured powder explosion. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Loopable: Psychedelic clouds / floating paint / color smoke. Bright red, green and blue organic streaks move across the screen. (av28803c)
Time lapse sky with clouds background, thermal 4K video
Colorful Abstract Smoke Explosion 4k Video on Black Background, Smoke Background, Color Explosion
abstract animated twinkling stained background seamless loop video - watercolor splotch effect - neon rainbow full color spectrum

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Stains of color ink on the water. Abstract colored background footage, fluid design. Perfect for motion graphics.
Curlicue of Paints

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