pair of white swans swim on st james's park lake in london, england
White swan floating in a pond. For a swan floating duck. The water reflects the green trees. Swan reflected in water.
White swans on the lake. swans are fed by people. Summer sunny day, the lake is filled with birds.
Ducks are refreshed in a pond in a city park, in the morning sun
White swan dives into the water for food. White swan dives into the water for food. Swan is. Past floats duck. Swan on a pond. The water reflected the trees
Two white swans on the water near lake shore
4k video of flamingo or flamingoes are resting in pond

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Beautifull white swan swimming in the lake

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a family of white swans swims on the lake, adult swans and chicks, beautiful white birds
Swans Swimming in the Pond. the Action in Real Time.

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