A plastic bottle lies on the beach and pollutes the sea and the life of marine life.
Water Monitor is dead
Rainwater drop on the ground.
Logging in the spring, autumn forest. Technique and people sawing trees. Ecological catastrophe destruction of nature. Firewood for heating
Lion fish (Broadbarred firefish  Pterois antennatahunting) during night dive On North Red Sea safari in July
Plastic bottles on the shore close-up. Pollution of the environment.
Close up of boa constrictor head opening it's mouth.

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Bark beetle walking

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A Mountain River Shoreline among Stones and Rocks. Filmed in Patagonia, Argentina.
Red Handed Shrimp (Palaemon serenus) feeding and fighting off intruders.

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Bark beetle walking
Bark beetle walking
Bark beetle walking

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