60 second clip.  Flying over the ocean at sunset.  Watching the water pass by and the clouds overhead.  Filmed in cinemascope widescreen.
Arctic sunset, Zoom out time lapse of a orange evening dusk, on the top of kaunispaa tunturi fjeld fell, in urho kekkonen national park, lapland, in Lappi, Finland
Window seat view from an airline jet looking out over the leading edge of the wing during a brilliant colorful sunset in flight.
Trans-Siberian Railway from beijing china to ulaanbaatar mongolia
Scenic Aerial View of Epic Colorful Sunset, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
silhouette of excavator bulldozer  site on sunset  ,Motion Balanced Steady shot
Aerial shoot of sunset through the trees.

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30 second clip, no audio, flying over the ocean at a fast pace. The clouds going by fast, just before sunset . Filmed for widescreen, cinemascope.

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Placid Sunrise. Sunrise colors painted on middle and high level clouds
clouds time lapse. mountain landscape. global warming. Photo long exposure with noise.

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