Two fighting men use drop kicks, punches, and shoving martial art techniques, in front of an abandoned camper trailer in moody lighting. Medium shot in 4K with an Alexa Mini camera
Handsome reporter sitting in pose of lotus shooting a video by himself on the street roof. 4K
Child have fun on playground in park on sunny weekend day. Little Boy In A Playground. Happy childhood time.
The girl is talking on the phone
Young woman rides on roller skates and whirl on asphalt road in city, slow motion, steadicam shot

the guy is riding a skateboard
The girl is talking on the phone

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skateboarder doing a kickflip onto manual pad and another kickflip off

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Skateboarding teenager man in skatepark extreme sport in slow motion 4K. Taken on Gopro 6 black
Homeless woman on the street. Shot in Riverside, California in January of 2013.

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