Hanging flowers outside a house in the old English historic village of Great Budworth, Cheshire.
View of different colourful kinds of flowers in greenhouse 4K.
İstanbul \ Turkey 10.3.2015         footage of people traveling near near the bosphorus in İstanbul  , taken by handheld camera
Ciftlik nursery, Fethiye, Turkey - 3d of April 2019: 4K Colorful marigold and other flowering plants for sale in garden store
PATTAYA, THAILAND - DECEMBER 16, 2017: Various beautiful flowers in pots in a botanical garden or on a store shelves
Summer, butterfly on the garden flowers with green leaves near summer cottege.
CHENNAI, INDIA - APRIL 05, 2019: Decorative house plants in pots at supermarket. flower pot in the department of household goods.

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Stock Video ID: 2648927

TAMIL NADU, INDIA - JUNE 2012: Time lapse shot of garlands, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

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