Cathedral of Saint Theresa of Lisieux from Victoria park. Hamilton, Bermuda
Puerto Rico - Rio Mar - Drone Aerial
Thailand. Aerial panoramic view of the tropical white sand beach and crystal blue sea water with white beach umbrellas and palm trees forest.
Helicopter races through Palm Trees with a blue sky as backdrop
A video showing movement of cumulus clouds above palm trees. Originally shot in 4K (Ultra HD) resolution and presented in real time.
Shadow of coconut palms, the resort.
Driving past tropical Coconut Palm trees against a blue sky in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida

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Panorama of the Tabatinga's beach in Joao Pessoa, Brazil

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Giant palm trees(coconut) towering against the blue sky with scattered clouds on sunny day, tropical island Seychelles. Slow motion 50p.
Passing by Playa Linda Beach Resort at Palm Beach on Aruba

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