Orso bianco natale
Salmon sulphur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis), also known as the Moluccan or umbrella cockatoo. Portrait of white parrot, exotic endemic bird to tropical rainforest on islands of Indonesia
Tilapia buttikoferi, fish close-up, underwater, real time
Two giant male polar bears wrestle, push, and bight in a friendly sparring session in the frosty willows of the tundra.
Slow motion closeup of tufted titmouse bird jumping, perched on window feeder perch, taking in beak sunflower seeds, flying away, falling snow, snowing, winter Virginia
Pair of cockatoos on a boat
cows on a modern farm receive feeding

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Mourning Dove. (Zenaida macroura) eating--23 seconds

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mouse feeding
Portrait of a sleeping polar bear in a zoo

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