Green and yellow fields with the road aerial view.
AERIAL: Flying above the road with passing cars among agricultural fields. Beautiful suburban landscape during sunset. Traveling, transportation, outdoors.
agriculture harvester working on a field on a sunny day in Germany late summer.
Aerial view of tractor cultivating soybean stubble field
Aerial view of tractor cultivating soybean stubble field
Beautiful nature in a small town of Bashkortostan
farmed wheat and sunflower fields aerial view landscape with drone

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Farm tractor plowing a green field, a lot of birds flying around him.Aerial view:tractor plowing the land in rural areas on the farmer's field.4K,UHD.

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aerial view over wheat fields in the province of Mantova. You can also see birds taking flight
Aerial shot of the bean fields in Estonia. The green beans on the other side and the brown field on the other side

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